On This Day Of Great Celebrations…

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Yesterday, I had an early celebration with my Mum, Brother and Sister-In-Law. Dad is at work while my sister didn’t came over as she had to take care of her sons.

You may find me weird but I do not like people to sing me the Birthday song.

Whenever this happen, I would cringe and freak out, wishing it would quickly end.

So, yesterday, my Mum, brother and sis-in-law just sang me the last sentence of the Birthday song and I proceeded with the cake cutting.

After having the cake, everyone just went back to doing what they were doing and that, is my Birthday celebration in five minutes.

As you can
my Birthday is quite

In my family, we do not have the habit to celebrate
birthdays because everyone is busy with work.

When we were kids, the adults were busy making ends meet so
there is no time to celebrate and no spare cash for presents, much less a party.

we grew up, the ‘tradition’ sort of continues.

most we will do is to have a meal together and that is it

guess, that is the reason why I’m so paranoid of having people singing me the
Birthday song because I didn’t know how to react with me being in the limelight.

for my Birthday this year, we didn’t even have a meal together because
everyone were still busy with work.

Today, I just spend the day celebrating
with me, myself and I.

And here’s me wishing I a Happy Birthday!
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That Pants Dropping Incident…

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Initially, I had no intention to blog about
this celebrity pants dropping incident but the matter has been blown way out of proportions and getting
on my nerves. I tried ignoring it but
wherever I go, I was kept reminded about it – people are talking about it, the headlines are
screaming about it and even the Radio and TV are broadcasting it.

YES, he is a fool to have wrecked his own blissful marriage and
destroying the happy family they have painstakingly built up over the
last 27 years.

Indeed, he owed his loved ones an apology and begging for their forgiveness is the least he could do.


I don’t see why he should apologize to his mistress(es).

He is in the wrong but it’s not like she is any less guilty than him?

It takes two to tango, no?

she knew that he is a married man
right from the start and despite that, is still willing to enter an illicit relationship with
him says something about her, doesn’t it?

What would a young girl want from a married man who is double her age? For his yummy good looks? His muscular physique? Or his passion for Cosplay?

I mean, like, seriously?

There must be something that she wants from him, right?

I’m not siding with him but why is everyone blaming the man?

he made the first move on her but she could always reject his advances.
Is he able to force her if she is not a willing party?

Everyone loves justice in the affairs of others but seriously speaking, who are we to interfere if his wife is magnanimous enough to forgive him?

His infidelity has hurt his family but does it hurt you? Or me?

Therefore, I think he owes nobody an explanation except his family.

It’s punishment enough for a public figure to be disgraced till this state.

He has jeopardized his own career, tarnished his wholesome, good family man image and not to mention the ripple effects of this incident which will continue to haunt him in the future.

I could foresee him spending
the next couple of years trying to regain his wife’s trust and mending the crack in their marriage which, I think is not going to be a easy task so, let us just live and let live.

Please allow the family to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives.

There are bigger stories out there.

This fella would agree with me.
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When March Gets in2it!

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To act or pretend in order to impress others or escape being given extra duties or responsibilities.
1. “Don’t chao keng lah, we know you very good, leow.”
2. “No need to chao keng anymore… the other guy oreddy kena arrow.”


word that is all too familiar to us; especially the guys because it is
part of our everyday life during our two years conscription in the

Any deva ju emotions at the following scenario?

Most NSman would have keng-ed at least once or twice to escape from certain trainings or duties but there is this famous unwritten rule in the SAF that says YOU CAN DO ANYTHING BUT DO NOT GET CAUGHT!

There was this guy from my unit who was notorious for keng-ing.

He would report sick for the slightest problems till the point that he sees the M.O more than seeing his own mother each week!

Whenever there is work to be done, he would relegate his work to the “new birds”
and if he can’t find anyone to push his work to, he would report sick.
It has gotten so bad that he became the number one public enemy of the
whole platoon.

One day, he was standing below
our bunks and bragging to us as usual. All of a sudden, a water bomb
fell from above and hit him on the head. The water bomb goes SPLAT, and
he was drenched from head to toe.

We could
not contain our laughter and laughed so hard till our sides ached! We
laughed even harder when we later realized that the broken rubber lying
beside his feet was not a balloon but a condom instead!

I felt sorry for him yet at the same time I think he quite deserved it!

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Return to The Dead Cockroach

Snapshots: Little Guilin

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I went to Little Guilin this week!

Alright, this is a very backdated post.

This entry was written way back in January, I think, and I never get round to publishing it.

Although having moved into the nearby neighborhood for almost twelve years, this was just my second visit to this unused Quarry.

Little Guilin

Lake Placid

Have you heard of the drowning incidents relating to this lake?

Who knows… what lies beneath?

Reminds me of the “vertical climb” at Gunung Panti

Something pissed me while taking the next photo.

See anything?


Let’s zoom in.

Rubbish hanging on for dear life at the cliff

If one can take the trouble to climb up there, will they lose an arm or leg just to bring their own trash down with them?

Why can’t people be matured enough to clear up the mess they have created? Spare a thought for the poor fella who’s gonna fish the trash out from the water! It’s dangerous!

I remembered a sign that I saw from one of Sarawak’s Nature Park many years ago:

Take Nothing But Photographs;
Leave Nothing But Footprints

Our environment will be a better place only if everyone does their part!

Watching Alice In Wonderland: An Afterthought

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I had the privilege to attend the Premiere Gala of Alice in Wonderland at Shaw Lido last evening.

When I arrived, I was intimidated by the sheer number of people there.

I think I was late because there was no queue when I collected my tickets from the Nuffnang booth. However, another queue of people waiting to enter the theater has already formed, and snaking around the place.

The turnout was greater than I had expected and silly me had initially thought that this Premiere was exclusive to Nuffnangers. Then, it dawn upon me that there could be people who got tickets through other sources.

Because it was the Premiere, we had to surrender our mobile phones, cameras and even MP3s to security. As long you have a device that could record, it has to be turned in.

Security was tight and no bags were left unturned.

But it did not stop there.

Even while watching the show, there were security personnel patrolling along the aisle, making sure no one is filming secretly so that pirated copies could not reach the makeshift stalls before the movie officially hit the theaters on the Fourth of March.

the show ended, there was a mad rush to collect our gadgets from the security. Due to the number of people, I’m mentally prepared for some confusions to arise and the waiting time would be long but on the
contrary, they were quite efficient and I got mine back in less than five
minutes after joining the queue.

I have to mention that Anne Hathaway’s portrayal as the White Queen was hilarious.

Unlike the graceful Queen that all good Queens should be, there’s something awkward about her “graceful ways”. The way she carries herself and the little gestures she display (turning nauseous at the sight of the
severed Jabberwocky head) was funny and reminds us that she’s only human just like the rest of
(A Queen’s still gonna eat and shit like us, no?)

All in all, Tim Burton didn’t disappoint but the only letdown was that we didn’t get to enjoy the show in 3D.
I would be thrilled to fall through the rabbit hole together with Alice or
to have a teacup flung into my face by the paranoid March Hare.

Nevertheless, thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation!

Joo Seng Teochew Porridge

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Received an impromptu dinner date with my brother at Upper Bukit Timah and I thought that we would be going to the Bukit Timah Food Centre (Mien!) but unknowingly, he has already ‘choped’ a table at Joo Seng Teochew Porridge located at Cheong Chin Nam Road (where Al Ameem is).

I’m not really a fan of Teochew Porridge but I was left with little choice as Mum was craving for it while
sis-in-law had two wisdom teeth extracted two days before and porridge was all that she could

As soon as the rice is cooked, the porridge was scooped and served thus, the physical shape of the grains is still there (as shown above) which is a typical characteristic of Teochew Porridge.

If you have been following my blog, you would have known that I don’t like my porridge this way. I preferred my porridge smooth and flavorful, with the grains ‘flowered’ like those Cantonese Porridge.

Here’s a list of the dishes we ordered.

Fried Pomfret
Cod Fish (steak)
Braised Duck
Fried Spareribs
Braised Innards (pork) with Taupok
‘Hairy’ Gourd
Egg Tofu

As these dishes were prepared as accompaniment to plain porridge, they were a little on the salty side so go easy on the sauces. My brother and sis-in-law has been here a couple of times but it was the first for my parents and I.

My favorite are the Braised Duck, Cod Fish, Braised Innards and the ‘Hairy’ Gourd.

No bone was left unturned

We were half expecting the bill to be around S$50 but it turns out to be S$70 exactly.

A little pricey for Teochew Porridge but it’s expected since we ordered fish (Fried Pomfret and Cod Fish) and meat (Braised Duck) which were the more expensive items.

My Verdict:

Joo Seng Teochew Porridge
16 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599740

Alice In Wonderland

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Being a fan of Tim Burton, there is no reason for me to skip his latest collaboration with Disney.

Google-ing results reveal that this movie will not be a straight adaptation of the original novel written by Lewis Carroll.

Instead, this will be Alice’s second visit to the Wonderland, who, as the years gone by, has completely forgotten about her previous encounter down the rabbit hole 10 years ago.

And Alice’s return raises some hope for the inhabitants of Wonderland because this time, she have to free her friends from the evil reign of The Red Queen!

Which character do I like best?

Do I still have to spell it out?

It has got to be the Cheshire Cat!

When I read the book years ago, I was intrigued by that strange cat with the big eyes. Grinning from ear-to-ear, this cat has the ability to appear and disappear at whim. Sometimes, the body would disappear, leaving the head visible while at times, the whole cat would disappear, leaving only a grin behind in mid-air.

Whenever people mention “Alice in Wonderland”, the character that first comes to mind is not Alice, but the Cheshire Cat. This is how deep the impression the Cheshire Cat has on me.

Catch Alice in Wonderland Movie
starting from 4th
March 2010
and join the official
Facebook and Twitter page!

Malacca Trip Day Two Part Four

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(a continuation from my Malacca Trip Day Two Part 3…)

At last, we have come to the last installment of my Malacca trip.

That’s a bit long for a two days one night trip, I must say.

Anyway, after boarding the coach at Mahkota Parade, we are finally leaving Malacca and headed for dinner at Kulai.

With nothing to do on a long journey, I nodded off like most of the people on board who got tired of chatting with their neighbors and karaoke-ing.

We must have traveled for quite a while when the coach came to a stop.

“What’s going on? Why are we stopping by the roadside? Are we there already?”

It’s for this!

Delicious yellow fruit!

The smell of the durians have aroused every senses in us! Everyone felt tired no more instantly!

Why spend thousands on gym packages when you can train your chest opening durians?

After durians, we were on the road again

It didn’t take me long to realize what a bad idea it was to have durians on a long journey

I smelled durian farts and we are all trapped in the coach! Cannot open windows somemore! *fan for air*

After more hours of traveling (I’ve lost track of time) on the endless highway, we finally reached Kulai!

Dinner was at this double-storey building and we climbed the stairs to the second floor. The room wasn’t that big but the deco was nice and cosy.

I loved the wallpaper!

Very classy, very elegant! I like!


Chants: Sharksfin is cruel

This is nice but the sauce is barely enough

Very fatty but very nice!

I don’t usually eat fatty meat but this one just melt in your mouth…

I think this is Lemon Chicken

This is uber nice!

The knotty thingy is Fu Chok! Anyone know the recipe or the name of this dish?

The dishes

After dinner, it’s time to hit the road again

This time, we are headed for the immigration checkpoint.

The sky is turning dark


Thank goodness traffic was smooth and we managed to clear the custom without a hitch!

I’m glad to be able to spend quality time with Mum but at the same time, I’m not very happy with the itinerary.

How could I tell people that I have been to Malacca when I have not tasted Chicken Rice Balls or even visited Christchurch? (I have to make my own way there but I still didn’t get to see the Stadhuys and St Paul’s hill due to the lack of time)

It’s like going to China without seeing the Great Wall and leaving England without taking a picture with the Big Ben!

I would love to visit Malacca again for their Chicken Rice Balls and the Cendol from Dessert 88 at Jonker Street. I also hope to return with a better camera so I could snap better pictures of the architecture especially the Orangutan House which I failed to locate.

And with that, I conclude the end of my two days and one night trip to Malacca.

Movie: 72 Tenants Of Prosperity *Spoilers Alert*

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The House of 72 Tenants (1973)

I’ve watched the original House of 72 Tenants starring Hu Ching (胡锦) as the landlady and Lydia Sum (沈殿霞) as the Shanghainese washer lady numerous times on cable.

A 1973 production, this movie was a big hit then because it reflected the current situation (eg, corrupted Government) of Hong Kong at that time, thus striking a chord with the audience, especially those from the lower end of society.

However, you would be pleased to know that 72 Tenants of Prosperity is NOT an exact replica of the House of 72 Tenants. Directed by Eric Tsang, new elements and unexpected surprises have been added along the way.

Here are some scenes from the original film that you can expect to see in the new remake.

This scene in the new movie was played by Lydia Sum’s daughter, Joyce Cheng

The unreasonable landlady. The new role was played by Charmaine Sheh

Firemen asking for bribes before turning on the hose

The 72 Tenants of Prosperity would be better if shown in Cantonese because the effects of the jokes are lost in translation.

For example, you’ll only get the Try Your Best” joke if you watch it in Cantonese but nonetheless, it will still let you leave the theater laughing.

My Verdict:

Gong Xi Huat Cai!

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How is your preparation for the Chinese New Year coming along?

Luckily for us, we started Spring Cleaning early this year. We spread the chores
over the span of several weekends so it wasn’t really a chore to us.

There is no point pushing everything off till the last minute because we still have to do it in the end and not to mention that it’s hard work having to finish off everything at one shot.

Recently, my Dad was diagnosed with diabetes but thank God his was just a minor one. No medication needed but he has to watch his diet to keep his condition under control

As a result, we didn’t buy a lot of festive goodies this year
due to health reasons

That means, n
o Pineapple Tarts, no Bah Kwa and no tainted Melon Seeds from China

Except for our salary,
everything else is going up which includes our glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure

Therefore, go easy on those Bah Kwa and soft drinks, will you?

Afterall, health is wealth, right?

Now, what is Chinese New Year without walking through the sights, the sounds, and the smells of Chinatown? I believe it’s the only way to fully immerse oneself in the festive mood!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Pearl’s Center, the tallest landmark in Chinatown

Come to think of it, whose idea was it to paint Pearl Center with red, yellow and green? It’s so painful to the eyes…

You can find this stall selling waxed items at the Chinatown New Year Bazaar every year without fail. They are almost like the anchor tenant!

You can find waxed-anything here…

From Lup Cheong (Waxed Sausages)…

…to Waxed Duck and Fish

Okay, maybe NOT everything

What do you call 佛手瓜 in English?

Buddha’s Hand Gourd? 有点牵强吧?哈哈哈!


It’s a family tradition to place a pair of Kumquats beside the pillow for good luck.


Accessories for you to hang on the Pussy Willow

Somehow, I feel I’ve just said a dirty word.

Customized car plates!

I loved these little tigers!

I find them very adorable but didn’t buy any because I have no use for them. But still, I took a picture to serve as a momento. I even had a name for my imaginary friend – 虎儿!

What are these?

They sprout!

Festive red everywhere!


Trishaw outside the Chinatown Heritage Centre

People queuing up for Bah Kwa outside Lim Chee Guan

Even foreign workers are queuing!

I think they were under orders from their boss to queue for the BBQ pork.

Here’s wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Are you ready for…

The Annual Interrogation-tion-tion-tion-tion