Month: March 2004

bake cake

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I’m extremely tired…

I woke up at 2 am to go toilet make cake…After finish baking, I’m too alert to sleep liao…

Then I started playing games on my mobilephone until my eylids become very tired…

Just when?I’m about to fall asleep, the contractions start again…

I lie in bed until 5 am when I finally dozed off but I woke up at 8am again…

grocery shopping at giant

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I went to Giant today to buy some ingredients for the steamboat dinner on Saturday night. I bought some mushroom balls, fishballs, pork, chicken, wong bok, hotdogs, crabsticks, etc…

Bought quite alot of stuffs and the grocery were very heavy! A heely kid banged into me and I purposely burst his ballon! I hate those heely kids!

They keep wheeling around in those stupid shoes and making a nuisance of themselves everywhere they go! I wonder what’s the use for their legs if they don’t start walking? Soon, their legs will start to degenerate and become shorter and shorter until their legs disappear…

Then, I went to Daiso on the 3rd floor and I found some Dome shaped feeding bowls for the hamsters!!

I bought 3 of them and I will go back to get some more!!!

what breed of hamster are you?

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You are a Teddy Bear Hamster!

What Breed of Hamster Are You?
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respects to my ancestors

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Today is the first death annivesary of my granny.

In the morning, we went to pray at Tze Tor Aum at Sin Ming Drive where her urn was placed alongside with my grandpa’s.

Then we went to Tai Pei Temple at Balestier to pray to my godfather who’s in fact my uncle. He died when he was still a baby so I was ‘adopted’ to be his ‘son’…

While burning the offerings, my arm was scalded by the joss sticks some bastards left sticking around and nowI got a ugly boil there!

Then we had lunch at Boon Tong Kee across the road. We ordered a Steamed Chicken($26), Bean sprouts with salted fish($12!!!), Fried Tofu, Fish Head in Salted Bean Paste and Chilli Kang Kong

The bill total up $120!

maintenence fees for condo owners

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One particular condominium in the east is deciding whether to impose a fee levy on dog owners. Those with more than one toy breed or large breed (10kg and above) will be required to pay a yearly fee for ‘maintenance’.

Their reasons for imposing the fees are:

1. The dogs defecate/urinated on the pavement/lifts and dirty the place
2. The dogs frightened children
3. The dogs are not leashed

How could kids not be fearful of the dogs if all along the adults have taught them to behave that way? Have you not ever encountered parents who pulled their child away or frightened into leaving a dog alone by saying, “Don’t go over, the dog bites…”

This could instill a fear in the kids that all dogs bite!

By imposing a fee could cause some errant dog owners to be even less civic conscious. Why should they bother to pick up after their dog now if they have already paid for somebody else to do it?

No doubt that there are some black sheeps around but it is not fair to impose a levy on all dog owners. The condo committee should work with dog owners to improve the situation and not to aggravate it further.


horrible petshop!

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I was at Pets Station at Jurong Point today, intending to buy a drinking bottle for my hamsters but, I left without any purchases after witnessing the conditions of their hamsters.

I was reminded by what one of them gerbil seller said to a hamster seller at MOP:

U can sell them to Jurong Point’s Pet’s Station, they take good care of them, they use thongs to handle the gerbil lightly on their body whatz more they are taking in all of them at the same price u r offering here. Hope that this can help both of us.  Or I will not be able to sell my gerbils online, thankz!

What were these people thinking? If Pets Station have been taking good care of their animals, then the hamsters wouldn’t be eating cat food, drinking from algae infested water bottles AND THEIR STAFFS WOULDN’T BE HANDLING THE HAMSTERS WITH THONGS!