horrible petshop!

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I was at Pets Station at Jurong Point today, intending to buy a drinking bottle for my hamsters but, I left without any purchases after witnessing the conditions of their hamsters.

I was reminded by what one of them gerbil seller said to a hamster seller at MOP:

U can sell them to Jurong Point’s Pet’s Station, they take good care of them, they use thongs to handle the gerbil lightly on their body whatz more they are taking in all of them at the same price u r offering here. Hope that this can help both of us.  Or I will not be able to sell my gerbils online, thankz!

What were these people thinking? If Pets Station have been taking good care of their animals, then the hamsters wouldn’t be eating cat food, drinking from algae infested water bottles AND THEIR STAFFS WOULDN’T BE HANDLING THE HAMSTERS WITH THONGS!

One thought on “horrible petshop!

    skiiergurl1102 said:
    March 9, 2004 at 10:05 am

    hey, haven’t commented you in a while. i hate pet stores. they do everything wrong and all the cages are really dirty.

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