Month: October 2004

Peiqi… why was it you again?

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After I got home from school, I was so tired that I collapsed on my bed and promptly fell asleep.  I had barely slept for a while when my phone starts ringing.

It was Peiqi.

Instinct warns me that I’ll be digging my own grave if I were to answer that call because this girl is nothing but trouble!

I couldn’t be bothered with her and went back to sleep but my phone didn’t stop ringing at all.  I had 10 missed calls from her in just less than 5 minutes!

Is she a moron?  If someone didn’t pick up your call then the wisest thing to do is to hang up and call back again later.  Why keep calling non-stop?

She is really being a pain in my arse!

I’ve lost all mood to sleep and I just lay in bed feeling very pissed.

Did I owe her something in my previous life and she has now come back to haunt me?  Why can’t she just fucking leave me alone? 

I’m not her classmate and I didn’t even know her that well!  I just happened to have the same CCA as her and lives nearby her, that’s all!

She’s always doing things which proved too much for her to handle and in the end have to ask me for help.  I’ve told her countless times to gauge her own limits before embarking on anything but she simply refuses to heed my advice and just dash blindly into whatever fuck she wants to do.

Then why bother asking me for help if she doesn’t listens at all?

discover dogs

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Just came back from DISCOVER DOGS at Expo. Ran into Pauline, Louis and Carole respectively!

Pauline had a booth and is selling Nature‘s Variety. Pauline brought Francesca and Bella along and its the first time that I saw both mother and daughter together.

So cuuute!

Louis is showing Cloey, his rough-coated Parson Terrier and Carole was showing her Samoyed and Saluki.

I bought a can of the Nature‘s Variety (Venison flavoured) from Pauline at $12 a can!! That IS the most expensive can of canned food I have ever brought!! *Heart Squeezed!!*

I can buy 4 cans of Addiction liao lor plus Possum meat some more!

But I also bought the large Nylabone at just $3! Really pian yi dao siao!!

I used the wrong mode when I took the pictures and now all are in movie modes so I cannot post them here. I got some very chio pix leh…


Clarence the ‘canon’

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Clarence was a pathetic attention-seeker from my class.

He came to class one day with a eye-patch over one of his eyes. He said that he was knocked down by a bicycle and that impact caused his eyeballs to roll out from it’s sockets! He also said that occasionally, his eyes will bleed and he will need to run to the toilet to remove his eyes to wash under the running tap.

I told him that the next time it happens again, I will go with him to the toilet to help him but he declined, saying that he did not want to frighten me.

So sweet…

He said that he wanted to go NUH at Orchard for his checkup and I asked, “isn’t NUH at ITE Dover that side?” He said that there are two NUHs and the other one is at Orchard. I almost burst out laughing! I told him that I used to work in the medical line and the only hospitals in Orchard area is either Gleneagles or Mount E.

He rolled his eyes and said that he’s confused which hospital he goes to. I think he needs to have his brain checked.

In the past, he has also told me many heroic stories of him during his secondary school time. One story was about this girl and her gang who doesn’t like the look of him and they keep finding fault with him. Once, they had stolen his bag and hid it away but when he approached them, they denied taking his bag and this got him reeeal mad.

According to him, he “threw tables and chairs and over 20 of his classmates got injured. Two of them even died of multiple injuries!”

I was so impressed that I begged for more.

He said that on another occassion, he scolded his Principal for not running the school properly and he was going to be caned for being unruly. However, he grabbed the cane from the Principal and whipped the Principal instead!

The Principal tried to escape but he ran after him with the cane! He made up with the girl who didn’t like him and they combined forces to make the Principal quit. First, they put rat poison into his tea and after drinking the tea, the Principal keep running to the toilet but they had put the TOILET SPOILT sign at all the boys toilet. (I asked him didn’t the Principal died after drinking rat poison and he said that there are two types of rat poison. One type is for diarrhea and the other is for killing)

The Principal had no choice but to go to the girls toilet but a girl was already inside waiting to seduce him!

Then, the Discipline Mistress came to the toilet and was shocked to find them having sex inside! The Principal then ran away without his pants and the next day, he quitted.


We should have really awarded him with an Oscar for best director of the year!