Month: January 2005

Stupid Ari

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I am getting increasingly annoyed with Ari.  What the fuck is he trying to prove?

So what if he is the Assistant Window Display Manager?  Does the mannequin belongs to him and can only be touched by him alone??

Did he seriously think that the term ‘Manager’ is really big fuck?  If it is, then don’t forget that I am the Floor Manager!! I HAVE more power than him!

People in the Hub can’t tahan him and prays fervently that he will quit on his own accord but he’s hanging on tightly to his post.  Anyway, whether he stays or hang around also doesn’t make a difference because he’s just a manager in name.

He only knows how to talk big yet no action plus he doesn’t contribute much to the Hub and only wants to show-off his Manager status.  If the status thingy really matters so much to him, he can jolly well go collect $0.20 outside toilets and call himself the CEO.

poor shelties!

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I saw these horrifying pictures from a forum. This is SICK!!  My heart bleeds for the two poor Shelties tied outside the window in the sun, stepping all over their feces!
I CURSE the godamn owners go to bloody hell and have maggots crawling all over their rotten flesh. How could anyone be cold blooded enough to leave 2 Shelties out in the sun with no shelter, food AND water?

With such thick coats, they are just begging for trouble with hotspots and skin allergies! Furthermore, both are tied to the same post and on a choke chain somemore! 

The leashes could entangle and strangled them to death!  The Sable Sheltie has severe skin irritation and the fur are almost gone!  He needs to see the vet immediately!!

God, what are those sickos thinking about??  If no time to keep, then do themselves and the dog a favor; DON’T keep!  Grrrrr…

gongxi raya

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Pix from today’s Gongxi Raya Celebration Concert in school.

With Yanling, Lala and Suriyati

I reached school at around 6.30 am because I have to open the Music Room before 7 am for the CO and Band people to come in.

The second level where the Music Room was is so creepy. The entire coridoor from the staircase all the way to the Music Room did not have any lights and each step I took was filled with uneasiness.

It’s not easy to see which was the correct key to open the door due to the lack of illumination.  I fumbled a bit before I managed to open the door.  It was worst when I entered the room as it was in total darkness.  I can’t even see my own hands in front of me and I had to feel my way around looking for the electrical switch which was in the middle of the room.

The haunting incident from the last Seventh Month remained fresh in my mind!  The hair at the back of my neck started to stand!  AM I BEING WATCHED? By whom? By what?

Once again, I fumbled in total darkness for the key to switch on the air-con.  My heart is thumping wildly and I curse the bloody idiot who built the switch in the middle of the room instead of beside the entrance!

Finally found the right key and switched on the air-con and lights.  Felt an instant relief when the brightness of the lights filled up every corner of the room.

Anyway, our performance was a disaster.  Don’t know which idiotic asshole pulled out the connection from the PA and all the mikes didn’t receive any sounds at all when we were performing.

We only discovered only after the first song ended because the music was so soft!  At the second song, without the use of mikes, we played with all our might to increase the volume from the instruments.

Next time, can we have our concert in the hall, please?

After school, Sul, Soon Ho, Wanni and I went to PS to look for ideas to decorate the Retail Hub.

In case you’re wondering, she’s NOT my darling hor…

That’s Wanni.  We went to SPOTLIGHT and we dressed her up like a fairy complete with wings, magic wand and even a halo on her head.

I almost died from laughing too much…


d.i.y hay rack

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My D.I.Y Hay Rack

Materials: Plastic container, Scissors and some wire/or cable ties.

Cut off one side of the ‘wall’.

Make a hole at each of the four corners.

Insert wires/cable ties into the four holes.

Fix the wire/cable ties to the bars of the cage and Voila!


retail hub interview

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Yippee! \^o^// I finally found my notebook  inside my classroom locker! 

When I was walking to school this morning, I was still praying fervently that maybe I had left it in my pigeon hole at the SC room so imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it wasn’t there.

My heart is so painful over the loss of the notebook.  Its not a matter of how cheap the notebook is but the fact that I had to slog without dignity for an hour at POPULAR to be able to afford that book!

Luckily, I managed to find it.  I must have accidentally put it in together with the BSA books as it was in the middle.

We were supposed to interview the January intake Retail students who wanted to join the Retail Hub.  We had an overwhelming response and had about 42 names in the name list. We were only recruiting 8 members to fill 4 posts and we were still worrying about how to reject the remainder 34 but in the end, only 6 persons turned up for the interview!!

 Of these 6, only 2 were satisfactory whereas the rest all failed the interview?  They have committed most of the interview booboos. Eg, no eye contact, speaking in monotone, bad body language, etc…

We were trying very hard not to laugh at some of their replies. (we had to be professional, you know?). Here’s some:

Me: Use three words to describe yourself.
Applicant: |I’M|VERY|HELPFUL|

Me: What qualities do you possess that might be beneficial to us?
Applicant: I don’t want to praise myself but I am very helpful.

Me: Why do you want to be in the Retail Line?
Applicant: It’s because I walk in the shopping center and I see the salesman and I wished to be like them.

Hilarious, isn’t it?


the pill

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I woke up this morning feeling breathless and also having a slight flu so I took the medicine before leaving for school.  During morning assembly, it was my duty to do COM 1 and I was standing in front of the school.

The medicine has started to take effect and I am feeling very drowsy.  Everything is spinning in front of me and I felt my body swaying involuntarily.  I was so delirious that I even forgot what I was doing out there in front of everybody!

Luckily, my Manager was standing right at my side to help me!

After finish singing the National Anthem and Pledge, Mrs Lum, made the latecomers declare the reason for their late coming using the mike right in front of the whole school!

She is coming down hard on those who are breaking the school rules and she really means business! The way she embarrasses them may seem a bit ruthless but then, I think the errant offenders really deserves it.

One thing that she said really makes it hard for me NOT to stand on her side. She said, “If a sixty years old cleaner could come in at 6.30 am, I don’t see why able-bodied nineteen years old can’t make it to school at 7.50 am??

She also conducted an impromptu spot check for improper uniform and hair color class by class.  As a result of this, I was late for my BAS class by about half an hour!

During the BPF test, my mind went totally blank and I don’t know what the heck I was calculating at all! My Income Statement was still all right but I think my Net Worth Statement may have some mis-calculations because my brain can’t think properly.

I was feeling very sleepy for the entire day and I even nodded off right in front of Mrs Tan!

While on my way home in the MRT, there wasn’t any seats and I was standing half asleep.  One of my legs suddenly gave way when I fell asleep!  Luckily, I managed regain my balance with the other leg and didn’t fell flat on my face in front of so many people!

The stupid flu medicine made me so miserable. Didn’t expect one pill can be so powerful as to make me unable to pay attention in class for the whole day!!


leisure day

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Free Image Hosting at This was my original schedule (it’s a thumbnail. You can click on it for a clearer view) for this weekend but end up spending my time doing other things. I’m supposed to study for my BPF test which is on Tuesday as well as do some research on Global Warming for the powerpoint presentation project.  Guess my ‘last minute grab Buddha‘s leg’ habit is hard to kick, eh? No wonder they say a leopard never change its spots! Lol!

Went with my mum to the market for breakfast and run into my aunt and cousin.  After breakfast,    we went to the shops to look-look-see-see. We entered one shop, the kind that always say ‘closing down sale but close for a few years liao the shop is still around?

It was here where I finally found an electronic calculator which I have been searching for a long, long time!!  I’m looking for a medium sized one but Popular only had those tua leng gong types when I went there a few days ago.

I hate to use digital calculators as the buttons are very small.  I got HUGE fingers!  I keep pressing the wrong digits with the old calculator but now with the new electronic calculator, I can count faster during BPF classes!

After reaching home, mum played the Long Piao Piao New Year album and I was like

 The lyrics goes something like this:

Lai, lai, lai, wo men guo xin niiiiiiaaaaaaaann, blah, blah, blah, blah YUUUUUUM SENG! YUUUUUUM SENG!