Month: February 2005

Potential top student seminar

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The seminar at Macpherson ITE today was so inspiring I could die. They were talking about all the different kinds of awards and bursaries/scholarships available but I was busy doodling away inside the notebook that they’d given us.

I was only looking forward to the tea reception at the end of the seminar!

Then after the tea reception, I realized that I didn’t know how to go home! Its my first time at Macpherson ITE and I didn’t even know what bus number to take?

Luckily got Haida and Hidaya there to bring me to the MRT!

Last day of ite open house

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It’s finally the last day of the ITE Open House!  The SC are busy guiding and showing the visitors round the school.

Luckily I’m with Retail Hub today so a bit less busy.  I only have to wait for my fellow councilors to bring the visitors to the Retail Hub than we’ll do the introduction and explain to them about the Retail Course.

There’s quite a few visitors who wanted to try on and buy our apparels but they were surprised when we told them that nothing is for sale because the Retail Hub is only used for training purposes.  There are two ladies who even enquired about dressmaking and whether the office-wear in the shop is made by our own students!

While waiting for the MP to arrive, we went to Hana’s stall to buy the imitation Oreo chocolate biscuit and Sanjani’s stall to buy the Cookies N Cream ice cream.  Mr Yeo commented that each time he sees us, we are ALWAYS eating!  Haha!

I got tired of waiting for the MP so I went to join the councilors at the foyer to make balloons for the children.

When I returned to the Retail Hub, Mr Yeo said that the MP has already left!  At that time, only Haida and him are in the shop while Sali and I are nowhere to be seen!

Towards the end, the councilors were dragged to do a health check at the canteen by NKF and James dragged me along.

Everything is alright except my BP is slightly high. Gotta cut down on those soft drinks!!

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Pictures galore at the Retail Hub‘s official opening! I like the first picture… Looks like I’m getting married!! *blush*

These are thumbnails. Click for a bigger pictures.

ite open house

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Yesterday was the first day of the ITE Open House and it was opened to the secondary school students.  I was in charge of Marsiling Secondary and it’s exasperating because they don’t listen to instructions at all!  I almost vomit blood while bringing them around the school. 

Today was Day Two of the Open House and it’s open to the public.  I was one of the many tour guides at the 10 am time slot to show the visitors round the school but the bout of rain earlier kept them late. 

There were not many people and most of them prefers to free-and-easy and walk around on their own.  This makes our work a lot easier as we don’t have to climb up and down with them and repeat our scripts over and over again.

I helped with the ushering and distributed balloons to the kids.  Surprisingly, most of the kids I approached didn’t want the balloons at all but on the contrary, it’s the adults who wanted!!

The whole day was so tiring walking and running around the school and we finally gets to eat at the reception at the Roof Garden

Tomorrow will be the last day and Mrs Foo said the Bishan MP and grassroot leaders will be coming to visit however, I will not be doing SC duties as I’ll be at the Retail Hub aka 8th Avenue instead. 

YES, we HAVE a name already!!


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Today, we went to Seletar Camp for an excursion and it invokes fond memories from my post-BMT days.

I was attached to STTS for quite a few months while awaiting my driving course after my BMT.  Then after going to my unit, I went back there for my Comms Supply I and Comms Supply II course.

Oh, and who could forget about Picadilly Circus?  It s the name of the roundabout that you see when you pass through the sentry at the gate.  The one that’s beautifully adorn with shrubs and flowers of pink, blue, white…

i’m in!

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I was chosen to be in the Organizing Committee for the January intake of SC Camp

This means that I don’t need to take care of any probation groups and run around with them during the games.

Stayed back after school for a meeting to brainstorm the games and to tekan them jialat jialat.  I volunteered to be in charge of the food section but I hope it won’t be mee siam again like the last time!!

Meeting ended at 6 pm and I slept all the way from Bishan to CCK.   When I was alighting, someone tapped my shoulder.  It was Sali standing by the MRT door going to Bukit Batok

People going out to cheong already and I haven’t even reach home from school.

So sad…


it’s coming!

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After school, went to Retail Hub for the last minute touch up.  Finally, after months of preparation, the official opening is next Monday! So happiieee!

No more staying back after school till 6pm!! Yippiiee!!

We can finally show off our precious baby to the whole school and the other campuses.  Everything was done in complete secrecy as the glass panels were all covered with brown papers.

Nobody has ever seen how our shop looks like and we can finally unveil the secrets within on Monday!!

Shall take some pix on Monday when the GOH comes to give his speech and cut lebbin.

Can’t wait!!

helping with the blood donation drive

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There’s a blood donation drive in school today and the SC was in charge of the logistics and manpower.

After the BSA lesson, it was time for our shift so Haida, Rizwan and I went to help out with the blood donation duty.

The turnout was much better than what I had expected. I didn’t know the students were really so kind-hearted to donate blood or are they just trying to get AL from class?  Haha!  Anyway, it’s still a good opportunity for them to help the patients who need blood urgently.

I didn’t expect the students to form such a long queue outside the SC room and I had a hard time trying to do crowd control.

There were three girls who felt giddy and fainted on the bed right after donating their blood.  The nurse then raised their legs and let them rest for a while.

When the crowd got lesser, I went to mann the refreshment area and we drank the milo and eat the biscuits.

After that, I accompanied my Manager and Aruna to the canteen for lunch.  When we returned, I found Haida and Rizwan missing.  Someone told me that they had went back to class already.  Gosh, I had forgotten to return to class when my shift has ended already!

I have already missed one hour lesson!! I immediately rush to the AVA room but just as I opened the door, everyone were getting up ready to go!  Today’s lesson has ended one hour earlier as Mr Yeo has something to attend to.