Month: March 2005

contenders for the top post

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The results were finally out this morning. Edmund, Nisha, Wee Kuang, Esther and Khai will be ‘fighting’ for the top position. One thing I’m not pleased is that why are we being kept in the dark about the results until today?

Why the secrecy? I mean, there’s nothing wrong in letting the rest of the 6 of us know right??

Just let us know whether we are in or out mah. Not that I want the post but I just don’t like to be kept in suspense afterall, we’re all involved what?

Its finally over and I don’t have to worry anymore.

How Will You Die??

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You scored as Suicide. Your death will be suicide. What more can I say?
Fact: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.























Natural Causes


Cut Throat


How Will You Die??
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aro hunting

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Went Aro hunting at Qianhu today.  I would loved to have a Violet Fusion or a maybe a RTG but a small fish could easily cost at least a few hundred bucks!  Guess I could only afford a Silver at the moment.

So disappointed not to find any good-looking Silver today.  They only had a tank of about 5-7 semi adults.  The fishes are quite big already and looks congested in the tank.  

I missed my ‘Little Dragon’.  I had a Silver Aro before but sadly, he had a premature death due to something stupid which my father did.

You can see his picture below.  Haiz, miss him lots…

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Regal and graceful

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Little Dragon prowling for food…

the things kids do…

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Come, Jie Jie touch touch

Come, Jie Jie hug hug

Come, Jie Jie kiss kiss

Come, put your arms around Jie Jie

You better not tell anyone OR ELSE


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Caught SWING GIRLS with Mizu at Causeway today.  So farnie!!  It’s a very good show, die, die MUST SEE!!  If you love WATERBOYS, you’ll definitely fall in love with SWING GIRLS!!  Incidentally, the two shows are by the same Director, therefore the similarities in the plots. 

I love the part where they are picking mushrooms in the mountains and run into the wild boar!  MATRIX, siah!  I shall not go into details.  Haha!  Go watch!  Its really worth the price.  It’s way BETTER than SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

After the show, ran into Edmund at one of the shops and he told me something that I’m not suppose to know.  He only said that there is something that I should know which I wasn’t supposed to know yet ~ at least till Monday when I’m officially suppose to know. Sounds complicated, ya?

I more or less can guess what it is already lah but well, whatever the outcome is, I shall not dwell too much on it.  It’s not a big issue to me. 

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retail hub meeting

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Today went back to school again for Retail Hub.  Saw Sallee and Haida at Mac then we tapau McMuffin to school for breakfast… 

Reached school and we went to eat at the Cobra CoveWanni came and she made bread with Nutella and cheese for all of us.

Mr Yeo was late and when he came, he suggested we all to go Mac to discuss the plans for the Jumble Sale and Fashion Show so we all walk out of school to Mac again and Mr Yeo treated us Mac breakfast!!  We order, he pay but I didn’t order anything lah because I have just eaten only mah and still full lor.

After discussing, we went back to school and started to redecorate the Retail Hub to give it a new theme.  We also removed all the sponsored items and pack them into boxes to return to the teachers…

Then we had fun undressing the mannequins and dressing them up again…

After Retail Hub, we went back to Mac to continue discussing  about the Jumble Sale and Fashion Show.