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cause of nugget’s death

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I’m inside my bedroom when Dexter started yapping noisily at the door. There’s a man outside yelling ‘hello, hello’ but I bo-hiew-lan, thinking it’s some saleman trying to promote a Multi-Function Kitchen Knife from Japan with 20 years warranty or a Award-Winning Vacuum Cleaner from Germany which sucks everything from dust to the nastiest bug alive.

I must say that this salesman is very stubborn. Dexter had been yapping at him for at least a minute but he is still hello-ing outside, with no intention of leaving. “What a persistent fellow”, I thought, so, putting on the smelliest look on my face, I stormed out of the room to meet him.

This salesman turns out to be an official from the Ministry of Environment, who’s here to inform the residents about the rising number of dengue fever cases in our estate recently and that they will be fogging the area tomorrow and advised us to cover up all food and close the windows as the fogging can be quite poisonous.


Nuggets was dead. DEAD as a doornail. She died a few weeks ago, two days after I came back from Bangkok. Apparently, there has been some fogging done during my absence at Bangkok but nobody was home at that time to close the windows.

After I came back, I did noticed something abnormal about her but I didn’t take it to heart. I was still wondering why isn’t she touching any of her hay at all and the next thing I knew, she was lying motionless in the cage!

She did NOT die of unknown causes. She died of poisoning. She died because of the FOGGING!


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Starring: Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett-Smith, David Schwimmer
Directed by: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath, Conrad Vernon
Release date: 27-May

This movie focuses on four residents and “stars” of the Central Park Zoo in New York City who are also best friends: a lion (Stiller), a zebra (Rock), a giraffe (Schwimmer) and a pregnant hippo (Smith). When one of them goes missing, the other three break out of the zoo looking for him, and eventually all four are captured and put in boxes to ship them back to the continent their species are originally from: Africa.
An accident at sea, however, strands them on the shore of Madagascar. Having had humans take care of them their entire life, the four know nothing of surviving in the wild, or that one of them, the lion, is genetically predisposed to eat his three best friends. Exploring their surroundings, the four friends soon meet the Malagasy locals (a type of lemur given to having loud “rave-like” dance parties) and their carnivorous enemies, the fousas.
As the two sides try to use these four new, strange (and large) friends to their benefit, our heroes are also confronted with the reality of their predestined roles in nature.

Official Website:

Okay, anybody wanna watch?

philips event trial run and cemetery with gm

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Today is the third day that I went back to school this holiday. There’s a trial run for the Philips Event. The trial run was at 3 pm but I deliberately went to school two hours earlier so that I can settle my pushcart accounts with Ms Tan.

To do that, I have to first get the SC Room keys from Mrs Wee as I’ve kept the receipts inside unfortunately, she has gone out for lunch.

I waited for her outside the staff room for almost an hour but there is still no sign of her. In the end, I have to approach Mrs Foo to help me get the keys. By that time, almost all the councilors have reached and I have no more time to do the bloody accounts already.

I hate all sorts of last minutes arrangements and I don’t like to be rushed to doing something. I wasn’t informed that the dress code has been changed from casual wear to SW shirt and jeans and I also wasn’t informed that the meeting has been carried forward from 3 pm to 2.15 pm.

Only half of the SC turned up for the meeting but what angers me more was that even some of the EXCOs didn’t turn up!  Whatever happened to their commitment and responsibility?

I seriously have no idea why the Philips Event has got to do with us? It’s their own company thingy but why do they have to implicate us? They can always go to Outward Bound if they want to do team-building and bonding but why at our school? As if we do not have enough activities on our hands with the upcoming CSSP Camp at NTU and the Special Olympics at NUS.

It’s the school holidays for goodness sake but with so many events and meetings, half of my holiday is gone already. What is a holiday if I have to return back to school almost everyday??

After the whole thing ended, GM drove Rachel and I home. Along the way, he drove us to Mount Faber and we saw a vertical rainbow!

Unlike the typical semi-circle, this rainbow is like a ray of beam shooting down from the heavens. How unique!

The beauty is beyond what words can describe.  After dropping Rachel off near Jurong Point, I suggested driving to my previous NS unit which is just nearby at Lim Chu Kang.

The sky is getting dark and we drove pass the Chinese Cemetery along the runway all the way to the deserted Neo Tiew estate and stopped at the small pier at the end of the road.

All this while, I was scaring GM with the stories about this stretch of road.  As we drove back, we really encountered the mysterious fog which had told him earlier! This fog always disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.

GM was convinced about what I had told him and I think he was getting jittery. He proposed that we drive into the Chinese Cemetery and explore what it’s like at night. The car stopped at one of the entrance to the cemetery.

We peered into the darkness in front of us, and there were nothing but pitch darkness. There wasn’t any illumination inside and the headlights from our car didn’t prove very useful. An indescribable fear for the unknown has silently crept its way into our hearts and the boldness we had just a while ago has ebbed away without our knowledge.

“You really want to go in or not?? he asked nervously
“You know how to come out right? I gulped
“I don’t know lah! I thought you knew? he exclaimed
“How do I know? You think my house inside? I protested
“Then how? You still want to go inside?
“I anything one. I only scared 2 person go in but 5 ‘persons’ coming out…
“Fuck lar, let’s get out of here!!? his voice trembling



And there you have it – two macho looking guys but with the courage of a mouse, driving off at a very fast speed. GM auto-locked the doors and I laughed that if those things had wanted to come in, locking the door doesn’t make any difference. I think he hated me for saying that! Hurhurhur!!

We took the Tengah Airbase route and drove to the Keat Hong Tze Char stall. I tapau-ed some very famous BBQ chicken wings to my house and eat. We chitchat for a while then he left to pick up his friend home.

talk with Mr chua

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Mr Chua held a combined talk at the auditorium with the SC and Bridge Leaders this morning.

He invited Mr Samuel Ang to share with us about choosing our career path. He’s the very same person who came and helped us choreograph our fashion show for the Retail Hub.

On the pretext of controlling the PA system, GM and I hid in the PA Room to chitchat. We waited for the talk to finish then had our tea reception at the Roof Garden.

After the buffet, we went back to the auditorium for another talk by Mr Chua about being a student leader and how it would help mould our character in the future. When the talk ended, I went to look for Ms Tan to continue the previous day accounts but alas, she’s out for lunch again!!

Mr Yeo saw me and exclaimed, “I thought I saw you in school yesterday? Why are you back here, again???

The time was nearly 12 noon and I wouldn’t want to wait for her until 2?pm just like yesterday so I went back home and will probably come to school earlier tomorrow since I also had yet another meeting for the Philips Event.

perverse nursery rhymes

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Let’s learn a perverse nursery rhyme today.

Ding, dong, bell, <– what kinda ding dongs? *drools*
Pussy’s in the well. <– ooo.. she’s wet isnt she?

Who put her in? <– hee hee.. put it in!
Little Johnny Green. <– little?? aww come on…

Who pulled her out? <– yeah baby, pull it out~
Little Tommy Stout. <– little and stout… umnn.. ok… i prefer stout… 😀

What a naughty boy was that,
To try to drown poor pussy cat, <– oooh yes.. naughty naughty! u make the pussy wet!
Who never did him any harm,
And killed the mice in his father’s barn. <– gosh.. the pussy’s so vicious…… she DESERVES to be wet! meooowwww!

Sounds innocent enough? Now, lets highlight this whole rhyme!

Wicked? Haha, I’m feeling horny today…

abandoned hamster

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Some sicko has abandoned a dwarf hamster at the staircase landing.  It looks like a Albino Campbell to me.  Poor hammy has a bald patch on one side of the body and it’s not difficult to guess why because there’s a piece of buttered cracker inside the cage! 

What sorts of rubbish have they been feeding the poor little tyke??  And it’s not even a proper cage!  The base is not even deep enough to contain bedding.  The poor hamster only had a piece of toilet paper for comfort!

I feel so sorry for the little hamster but my parents wouldn’t let me bring him home.  They say that he looks diseased.  Period.

My father knew that I would surely sneak back to bring the hammy home and hide it somewhere in my room so he ordered my mum to march me straight home while he brought the hammy to the void deck, hoping other people would pick it up.

But my father is no simpleton.  He makes sure he left the hamster somewhere I couldn’t find and he wouldn’t reveal where he left him.  My father really took great pains to make sure that I stay away from the hammy!

I really don’t know what to say about these idiots who goes round dumping the poor animals.  Didn’t they know that having a pet is a big RESPONSIBILITY of a LIFETIME?  The hamster is now paying for his owner’s deadly sins with HIS life through no fault of his!!

This reminds me of the SPCA slogan:

What you pay with your money; the pet paid with its life!

I curse the owners to suffer the same fate through the law of cause and effect. 

last paper

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I sat for my EFW (Effective Writing) yesterday.  It is not too difficult but I took a very long time to complete as I had a hard time focusing. In fact, I was one of the last few to leave the classroom.

Reason being my brain was running at a very low speed as I only had 4 hours of sleep the previous night. I had 6 different formats to memorize:

– Letter of Enquiry
– Reply to Letter of Enquiry
– Memorandum
– Email
– Fax
– Minutes of Meeting

I had no one to blame but myself. As a matter of fact, I had a lot of time to prepare for this paper but I keep telling myself, “its just a couple of formats only. I can always study tomorrow instead”

As a result of my self-complacent, I keep pushing off the revision to the next day and the next and the next… and before I knew it, I only had less than 24 hours to study for the exam! Then I started to kan cheong and grab the Buddha’s feet at the last minute.

But I am glad that everything is finally over because this is my last paper.  This signifies that I have completed my NITEC in Service Skills (Retail) Course.  I’ll just have to wait for my final GPA to be released to see if I qualify for progression to the Higher NITEC in Accounting Course.

I can see more challenges ahead but then, life has never been a easy path. Looking back the past year, there had been lots of ups and downs. I pity the classmates who dropped out of school halfway.

Just like the Indian girl from my class. She quitted school because she wanted to become a Nursery TeacherMrs Tahir persuaded her to at least complete this course first but she declined because she simply adores children. The last I met her a few months back at the MRT station, she has already resigned from the Nursery as the kids drives her crazy and she wished she could slap them upside-down.

Now, she’s working at 7-11 with no cert to her name.

If she had persevere, she would have gotten her NITEC in Service Skills (Retail) Certificate like all of us in just a few more days time. Seeing the mentality and attitude of my younger classmates sometimes saddens me.

They had the chance to study but did not cherish it. Only when they reach my age, would they understand the importance of a cert.

the magic touch

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It’s a MIRACLE! 

My PC which has crashed for slightly more than a month now has suddenly come alive!

The past month, I’ve been trying to restart and rebooting it for at least a zillionth times but all that has proved futile.  I have already given up all hopes of ever reviving it again.

However, today, my nephew Brien came to my room and started his mischievous ‘adventures again.  His itchy fingers started touching the things on my study table and very soon, his fingers came to the big green button on the CPU


At first nothing happened.  Then, the monitor started to flicker.  Hooray!  Brien is a GEENIUS!!  So CLEFER!!

That’s a picture of him when he’s a lot younger.  He’s 3 years old now.  Isn’t he cute? J 

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retail hub’s bangkok trip

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I’m back from Bangkok!

The trip was very enriching and I have discovered a newfound perspective for that dickhead. 

I came out from the bathroom and saw Robin asleep on the bed but that dickhead Ari wasn’t in the room.  He has gone out without telling us but he left the door wide open. How could he be so irresponsible? We are not in his Indonesia kampong for goodness sake!

What if someone came in and steal our things? Or worse still hold us at knifepoint? He didn’t even inform us that he’s going out and its not the first time he’s doing that! He keeps leaving the door wide open on several occasions despite my constant reminder. 

Once, he didn’t even close the door when all three of us are going out! 

We were were about to enter the lift going down, Robin asked him, “you did close the door, didn’t you?” and that son-of-dickhead exclaimed, “oh, ya hor!” and he quickly ran back to close the door!

However, what infuriates me most is he keeps bringing Robin go gallivanting elsewhere without telling Haida or me. I don’t care what the fuck happened to him.  My main concern is Robin‘s safety. He is my fellow SC junior, and it is his first trip abroad so I feel obliged to take care of him. I do not want that dickhead to lead him astray.

We were at this bazaar beside a very busy road and the teachers were selecting some jewellry for the Retail Hub. I remembered very clearly that Robin’s was just beside me but when I turned away for just a second, he was gone!

I was so anxious when Robin suddenly vanished from my sight! Bangkok is notoriously famous for its horrible traffic – both vehicular and human.  What if he gets knocked down by a car or even kidnapped? Haida and I really panicked! We looked and searched everywhere but we just can’t find him!

At that moment, horrible images of mute and maimed child beggars begging for money in the streets started flashing in my mind. What would we tell his parents? How should we answer to the school? 

After a frantic search of almost 10 minutes up and down the street, Robin and the dickhead finally showed up. Apparently, that dickhead has brought Robin to the 7-11 which is a few streets away.

I was very mad but I suppressed my anger. I wish I could strangle that dickhead right there and then on the spot but I didn’t want to blow up the matter in case the teachers get to know about it. 

Mrs Tahir will NOT be very pleased with this!

Bangkok is not exactly very safe to travel alone at night and we should stick around in a group instead of straying around on our own.  If they need to go anywhere, they should inform someone else because in case something happens, at least we will know where to go to look for them!

The dickhead is from a neighboring country where riots and demonstrations are a common sight. He is exposed and used to these social unrest and he is street-smart enough to protect himself but Robin and I are not like him. 

We grew up in a totally different environment and we were taught different values. What’s acceptable to him maybe too much of a burden for us to bear. Besides, that dickhead is not the kind who would look out for you should anything happens. He would save his own skin first, which is why, I didn’t like Robin to hang out with him too much.

Robin has his freedom and rights to choose and make his own friends and he is old enough to differentiate what’s right and wrong and what can be done and what can’t be done. I do not want to interfere with his choice of friends but as I mentioned earlier, I see him as a younger brother and I feel I have the obligation to take care of him. 

We are now on a school trip representing ITE College Central Bishan and not on our own leisurely trip. Should anything happened to us, the teachers will have to answer to the school and the school will have to answer to our parents. Then, the name of ITE College Central Bishan will be smeared and there goes the chances of our future trips!

Call me scaredy cat if you please, but I wouldn’t want any untoward to happen to anyone on this trip. Especially so when we are in another country which is not as peaceful and safe as our own country. 

1.Free Image Hosting at 2.Free Image Hosting at 3.Free Image Hosting at 4.Free Image Hosting at 5.Free Image Hosting at 6.Free Image Hosting at
1. Group photo at Jatuchak Market
2. Sunrise from my hotel window. Looks like Armaggedon?
3. Me and the Dragon
4. Chao Praya River
5. Still at Chao Praya River
6. Last group photo of the Retail Hubbers