Month: June 2005

car crash

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I reached school at 7 am and was in the SC room waiting for the rest of the councilors to report for morning duty when Huixian came barging in, breathless, asking Zarina in a flustered tone, “Is your father’s car number XXXX?”



All the councilors sprinted out of the room immediately to check it out. A few staff from the admin office were already there and Mrs Foo also came running across school the car park to find out what has happened.

It seems after dropping Zarina off at school, her father was turning right to the lane opposite but was crashed into by a taxi. Zarina‘s father’s car was badly damaged at the drivers seat as the entire door was caved-in!

Luckily, her father escaped with only minor injuries. What a narrow escape!

How very lucky!

draw a pig

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Draw a pix of a pig and know your personality!

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breaking barriers

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I’m on AL from school for the whole day. In the morning, the EXCOs  had to attend the launch of the book BREAKING BARRIERS at the National Library @ Orchard.  This marks the end of the Lifeskills Program which we had taken part since last year whereby we invited Team Singapore sports athletes to have a workshop with us.

Thinking back, we had Marc Lim (Tennis), Travis Neo (Body Builder), Kelvin Chen (Fin Swimmer), etc

Ms Janet Xavier drove me to Takashimaya where I helped her to set up the banners before the event started. Among the guests, other than ITE College Central Principal, Mr Yek, Director of Business Studies, Mr Chua, and some teachers from our school, we also had the VIP from the Singapore Sports Council.

Eileen Chai, a Hurdler, performed the ¦Ñ¹«·R¤j¦Ì(Lao Shu Ai Da Mi) on the Violin. Lim Tong Hai (Soccer ) was there and he looked a lot like Wushu  expert Vincent Ng!  Marc Lim was also there and so was Dr William Tan.

He was a Wheelchair-bound Marathoner who suffered from Polio when he was young and had lost the use of his legs but that didn’t stopped him from becoming a Neurosurgeon and a Marathoner! I really admired his strength and courage to overcome all odds to achieve what he had today! (I’ve gotten his signature on my copy of BREAKING BARRIERS!)

We mingled around with the guests (and the food!) and we took pictures with them but too bad I didn’t managed to take one with Lim Tong Hai.  He left before I could have the chance.

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1. The newspaper report
2. The books that were launched
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It’s the second day of Orientation and its PA for me as usual.  Jerry is at the Audi, GM is doing the outdoor system, JJ is taking care of the PA at the games area and I’m running between these three areas to make sure everything’s fine. 

The various CCAs have set up booths at the Foyer and the Chinese Orchestra is no exception either.  I went and helped out while having a break from my PA duties.

Surprise! Surprise! I accidentally learnt how to play the Cello without any coaching!  Not the Yoyo Mah standard lah… but smelly smelly also can play Memories, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  and Huang Fei Hong hor! 

hur hur hur

Anyway, today my class went to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.   I have never been there before although its quite near to my house. We climbed all the way to the peak then we took a group photo up there and we came down again…

It isn’t as bad as I thought  as its only about half an hour to the top.  At least it is much easier  to climb compared to Gunung Panti!!

That guy standing on the extreme right is my form TO, Mr Sim.  He is a marathon runner.  Don’t pray pray!

school reopens

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Today is the day! The day when school reopens!!

I just got my results a few days ago. I’ve passed my Nitec in Retail and did pretty well! I’ve got ‘A‘s for Effective Writing, Retail Operations, Basics in Personal Finance and a ‘B‘ for Business Software Application.

My GPA is 3.7 and I am confirmed of a place in Higher Nitec in Accounting!

As I have to be in charge of the PA, I can’t join my class for Orientation but I managed to join them for a short while.

Mr Sim, my form TO, told us that our class has been selected to go Bukit Timah Nature Reserve tomorrow with the Horticultural Club.

philips event

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Philips (the company that manufacture electronics appliances) used our school premises for their annual sports event today.  They were playing competitive games to encourage team spirit and cohesiveness and we had to be their time-keepers and umpire.

We even had to double up as cheerleaders? *faintz*

After finishing their games, their people started leaving and they left our tables vandalized with the stains from their markers.  We had to do the dirty job of cleaning it up if not, we are going to get hell from Mr Teo!

Rubbish were strewn all over the Games Area and I’m appalled at the civic mindedness of the employees of this company!  I walked up to one of their organizers and told him as-a-matter-of-factly to get his own men to dispose of the mountains of trash that their people had conveniently left behind at a corner of the games area and I also asked them to return the benches back to the MPH pronto

I didn’t know how I get the guts to say all that but I’m in a rather foul mood (maybe the bottled-up emotions from the CSSP Camp finally exploded) and I didn’t want them to treat us as dirt-cheap-free-labor.  Who cares since I’m not going for an interview with them anyway?

I had to look after my member’s welfare for they had worked hard for me. 

Since Philips had the manpower, we might as well fully utilize it right?  More hands mean lesser work for us.  I must admit that there’s a sense of satisfaction from ordering people about, especially high executives of that company who had to be at my beck and call! 

a)   b) 

a) Forming words
b) Gina and me at SC Room

cssp camp

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I’ve finally reached home from the CSSP Camp (Community Safety & Security Programme).  It was organized by Heartware and volunteers comes from Hwa Chong JC and ITE Bishan.  
I was in charge of the volunteers from ITE College Central (Bishan) while Alvin, a student from Hwa Chong JC, was in charge of the volunteers from his school.  Basically, we will be leading a group of secondary school students to have a camp at NTU.  

This camp is to encourage these students to be more proactive in their community and to develop them into community champions.  On the first day, when we stepped into the MPH, we were greeted by that Chairman (a NTU student) giving his speech. 

My heart sank a little because from the way he talk, I had a bad feeling that he will be very difficult person to work with.  Indeed, in the days that followed, I don’t feel we’re being respected and I don’t look forward to serving with my HEART at all. 

Heartware indeed!  More likely he made my ‘heart’ turned cold!

I feedback to Wee Kuang about it but he told me that the Chairman has changed the lives of many people.  Yeah right, I couldn’t agree more because he has turned my life into a living hell!

During one of the activity, some of us were sitting outside LT5 and that Chairman asked Alvin who was also one of the EXCOs to sent some people down to the the car park at the basement to welcome the Guest-of-Honour, Dr Maliki, Member of Parliament up to the Lecture Theatre. The Chairman was already at the car park and they were communicating with each other via the walkie-talkie. 

He probably didn’t know that Alvin was standing right in front of us when they were having that conservation and he probably also didn’t expect that we were listening to their conservation the whole time as well.  Alvin asked whether he can send us down or not. 

The reply that comes next is really insulting.  His reply was:

NO.  They are NOT big shots enough.  I WANT EXCOS!


All of us heard it loud and clear.  There was a moment of silence before we recover from the shock and Alvin stood there, looking embarrased. 


As if we are desperate to lick the asshole of some parliament guy. 

So Alvin went inside the LT5 to look for his EXCOs but they were nowhere to be found.  He came out again and after some exchanges with the Chairman, he told us to go welcome the Minister.

I was bemused and I exclaimed loudly, “Wow! We have suddenly upgraded from small fries to big shots in such a fast time huh?” 

Anyway, as we walked towards the car park, I keep reaffirming with Alvin, whether he really wants US to welcome the Minister?  However, when we reached there, I was turned away by the Chairman because he said that I was inappropriately dressed. 

What’s so inappropriate about my SC shirt? The only inappropriate thing I could find were the three letters on my shirt which spelled ITE.

At that very moment, I had the urge to pack up my bags and go home straight away, however, I suppressed that thought when I thought of the reputation of ITE as a whole. 

I didn’t want that Chairman to have the opportunity to say anything negative about us and this spoiled my mood for the rest of the evening.  I couldn’t be bothered with what the Minister was saying at all and I just slept throughout during the talk as a form of silent protest.

Another incident happened the next morning.  The caterer has just delivered our breakfast and the EXCO in charge of the food told us that we could start eating already so, we started queuing up but a while later, someone tapped my shoulders and it was the Chairman

He simply said, “Did I say you all can eat?” 

I simply throw him a dirty look and said, “Eat lah! Then what? Wait for Christmas ah?”

So what if I insist to eat?  If he want to find someone to pick on, then scold his EXCO lah!  It’s his beloved EXCO who said that we could eat what? 


If he wanted to be guai lan, so can I.  There is something that I had no wish to mention initially because I thought that I was just being too sensitive but after what happened at the camp, I felt that we, ITE students were really being looked down upon. 

This was what happens.  I received a sms from Alvin, who asked me whether our school is sending a teacher to collect the Token of Appreciation from the Guest of Honor.  After I told him that our side is probably not sending anyone over, he replied, “Oh good, we didn’t expect anyone from your school to come either!”

Whatever is that suppose to mean?  I have done a lot of volunteer work but this has got to be one of the most fucking discriminated one.  I see no point in working so hard for those highly-educated but low EQ baboons who doesn’t appreciate it!

What a waste of my time only.


phua chu kang

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This entry is for yesterday:

Okie, PCK was funny but the plot is rather disappointing.? More than half of the show is about Chu Kang lamenting about his family forgetting about his 40th birthday and the climax of the show (the part about Frankie Foo cheating his business and properties) ends so abruptly in such a short time.

I felt the whole cast are not given the opportunity to develop their full potential.? Except for Chu Kang, Frankie Foo and Margaret who gets to sing solo, the rest of the Phua family had to share and sing the same songs.? I’m sure King Kong and Ah Boon can also make the audience laugh in their own special way?

There’s a lot of dancing (or should I say prancing?) and singing and I must admit that Gurmit has a flair for singing.? I like the part where Margaret sings about taking charge of Chu Kang‘s birthday when suddenly King Kong and Ah Boon jumps out from nowhere dressed in tutus and starts jumping around like elephants!?

There’s even a sleazy nightclub singer singing Ai Pia Jia Eh Yia (Must fight then can win).? It was simply hilarious!? My seat is at the extreme side and I can only see half of the stage because from where I was seating, my view was obscured by the decorations.?

I was looking all over the place for the ‘live’ orchestra (as mentioned in the promotional leaflet) and I felt so cheated when couldn’t find them!? It was only until the end of the musical that I saw them at the very top of the stage!

phua chu kang

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I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s PCK Musical!! Tomorrow’s show is a private show for PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Charity Show.

But I not PAP leh, will they let me enter?  Perhaps I should wear white shirt and white pants and hold PAP banners screaming I love Kuan Yew & Hsien Loong“?

*Scratch head*

Will be posting piccies.  Check back tomorrow, please?


Dun prray prray, ah!


What Breed of Hamster Are You?

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You are a Teddy Bear Hamster!

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