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teachers’ day celebration 2005

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I’m dead tired.  I have had less than 6 hours of sleep for the past 2 days.  Monday night was spent cramming 7 Chapters of Business Fundamentals into my brain as the CA was on Tuesday morning.  Luckily, we already had a Mock Test before the school holidays and I had studied abit.  So this was just to refresh my memory.

The CA was relatively easy as compared to the Mock Test.  I believed I had done well.  If I’m not wrong, I only had 2 ~ 3 mistakes for MCQ and 1 mistake for structured questions so, getting an A or B grade shouldn’t  be a problem. *prays hard*

And yesterday after school, we stayed back to do the deco and rehearsals for the Teacher’s Day Celebration.  We only finished everything at 10 pm!  My eyelids were so heavy that I had difficulty opening them and I slept all the way from Bishan to CCK on the MRT.

By the time I reached home, I’m so tired that I just plonked onto my bed but… I can’t sleep!  I toss and turn in my bed and finally fell into a deep slumber at around 2 am.  However, I was wide awake again at 4.30am because we had to be in school by 6.45 am this morning to set up the PA system. :`(

The Teacher’s Day Celebration was a success!  Alot of teachers were complementing us, the Councilors and I even overheard some of the Bridge Leaders saying that this was one of the best Teacher’s Day Celebration which they had attended.

Our theme for this year was ‘The Grammys and Oscars‘ so the whole foyer was decorated like one big presentation stage.  We hid the teachers inside the auditorium at the 2nd floor and upon the cue from the emcees, we opened the door and the teachers emerged from within, amid to the thunderous applause and wolf-whistles from the students.

After the teachers had settled down, 
Ghim Meng drove the Guest of Honour, Campus Manager, Mr Steven Low into the foyer with Mrs Foo‘s convertible.

It was a very grand entrance and it attracted alot of attention from the audience.  We had the usual fanfare of songs and dances but in between, we made up some silly awards and gave away prizes to the teachers.

Some of the awards are: Mr & Ms Congeniality, The Most Sporting Teacher, etc… 

At the end of the celebration, everyone could finally have a good rest.  We are all tired after organising some major events like the National Day, SC Orientation Camp and Teachers’ Day which are almost back to back. 

Now all I WANT is my sleep.

An update on Dexter’s Recovery

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Dexter’s getting much better now with regular medication. The poo has been solid for the past two days so I believe the diarrhea is finally clearing up. Other than that, the seizure is pretty much under control. The rate of recurrence isn’t that frequent though he sometimes might still have cramps with his left hind leg and can’t walk properly.

The angle of the head tilt is also getting lesser. With the advice of some forumers, I have been massaging his neck as and whenever I can to prevent the muscles from becoming lazy and stiff.

Dexter is also gaining back some weight. I can feel the layer of fats surrounding the chest span once more and the hollows between the ribs are being filled up. I would like to thank the people who helped me tide over this difficult period with their words of encouragement and sms-es. I couldn’t have found the strength to carry on if it wasn’t for you guys.



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Since the Intergrated Resort has been approved, the underworld is looking for recruits.  This one – CHAP SAR TIAM SECRET SOCIETY, a Geylang-based organization for youth, is now recruiting members to fulfill a tender they are submitting to the new casi? Sorry, sorry, integrated resort.

Please fill in the form below and mail to:

Mr. Chao Ah Beng
Membership Occifer
Chap Sar Tiam Secret Society
69 Geylang Lorong 69
Singapore 696969

Reference code:


1. NRIC No.: _________________

2. Surname: __________________

3. First name: (please X)
[ ] Johnson
[ ] Benson
[ ] Samson
[ ] Hamson
[ ] Janson
[ ] Other: _________________ (if not ending in son, please explain why)

4. Chinese Name: Ah __________(if not beginning with Ah, please explain why)

5. Age: [ ] Under 35 [ ] Lau Beng

6. Sex: [ ] M [ ] F [ ] at Geylang

7. Length of Last Fingernail: ________ (cm)

8. Ability to squat for:
[ ] 1 hour
[ ] 2 hours
[ ] more than 2 hours (wah, steady!)

9. Hairstyle:
[ ] Spiky
[ ] Dyed with streaks of blond
[ ] Dyed with streaks of red
[ ] Two strands dangling in front of eyes
[ ] Kana mop like that
[ ] Perm (please state which saloon in JB you

10. Tattoo of:
[ ] Tiger
[ ] Dragon
[ ] Snake
[ ] Eagle
[ ] Hello Kitty

11. Work experience: (please X all that apply)
[ ] KTV Launge Bouncer
[ ] Snooker Hall Attendant
[ ] Unlicensed Contractor
[ ] Freelance debt collector
[ ] Unlicensed bookie
[ ] Dispute Resolution and Settlement Professional
[ ] Unemployed

12. Spouse’s Name: _________________________
2nd Spouse’s Name: _________________________
3rd Spouse’s Name: (the one in Batam, that one)
Lover’s Name: _________________________
2nd Lover’s Name: (Lorong 69, that pooi-pooi one)

13. Number of children living in household: ____
Number of children living in foster care: ____
Number of children that are actually yours: ____

14. Mother’s Name: _________________________ (If not sure, leave blank)
15. Father’s Name: _________________________ (If not sure, leave blank)

16. Education: (Circle how many years it took you to finish primary school)
8 9 10 11 12

17. Ability to swear: (please X all that apply)
[ ] Hokkien
[ ] English
[ ] Malay
[ ] Tamil
[ ] Cantonese
[ ] rude hand gestures

18. Service performed in previous secret society:
[ ] Leadership/Tua Tao
[ ] Junior management/Suay Tao
[ ] Physical activities/Hooting
[ ] Dispute Resolution and settlement/Cham Siong
[ ] Lookout/Kuah Chui

With your application, please also enclose sample of blood (need not be your own).

I ish slimmer now?

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Tonight’s dinner was a bunch of seedless grapes and three pieces of sushi… So healthy hor...

People have been telling me that I looked slimmer now. The 13th EXCOs told me that when they came back during the Orienation Camp.

I couldn’t believe it when they said that but today, even Mrs Foo asked me whether I had slimmed down after being the Logistic Manager?

Ha! Had I really slimmed down??? How not to slim down with all that running around and heavy equipments to carry?

the maid

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Watched The Maid with Mizu at Lot One just now.  Found the storyline so-so only although some of the scenes were quite scary. 
Example, when Rosa sat at the first row watching the Opera, the ‘old man asks her, “Why are you sitting at my wife’s seat?

Another is the boy who asks her to help him pick up his ball then he suddenly glide through between her legs lying face down then the head slowly turned around all bloodied!


And there’s the scene where a group of ‘them were crowding around the devotees waiting to lay their hands on the offerings! Most of the time, I wasn’t freak out by the maid  but by the girls sitting at the row behind me.

These girls virtually screams at anything that moves and started screaming even before any  ghost appeared!

I have come to watch a show, not to get a heart attack!

quit or stay

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I have not been feeling too well these two days.  I’m having asthma and a blocked nose.  It must be due to the weather and the haze from Indonesia.

I vomited like the Merlion last night and almost hugged the toilet bowl to sleep.  Feel a bit guilty for not able to go help out with the Teacher’s Day preparation in school.  It’s the school holidays now but the SC still returned to school every day with the deco and rehearsals.

I hope the school appreciates  what we had done for them.  Seriously speaking, SC = NO LIFE.  All our available time are dedicated to the school and even our holidays are not spared.
Sometimes, I do wonder is it really worth sacrificing so much?  We do everything with the school in mind (even at the expense of our studies) yet, sometimes all we get are being mocked at as dogs by the students.

How disheartening can it get…

Then at the end of our service, all we get is a self-printed cert thanking us for our contributions.  What good does it do??

Now the question is: QUIT or STAY??

Stubborn boy refuses to take his Medicine

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Dexter wasn’t feeling too good today and his legs were wobbly. Brought him out for his walk but it seems his legs couldn’t coordinate with each other. His hind legs were faster than the forelegs and as a result, he walks in a zigzag motion and keeps colliding into my legs.

Went home to feed him his medication but he stubbornly refuses to swallow no matter how long I held his muzzle. His gums were quite pale and that worries me. 

The moment I release my grip (thinking that he has swallowed), he pushes the pills out with his tongue. I’m so worried and angry at the same time. He looks as if he’s half dead yet he still doesn’t want to take his medicine!

In my anxiety, I removed all the pills from his mouth and threw it into his kibbles and pour all his drinking water (containing electrolytes) into one big bowl and squash everything up!!

Using a syringe, I force all the liquid down his throat. After a while, he seems alright and he proceeded to eat up the remaining dregs left in the bowl. 

That boy really scares me to death…

which bag?

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I can’t decide between these two:
A) Free Image Hosting at B)Free Image Hosting at

I’m looking for something that allows me to bring Dexter around to the vet easily. The current crate I had was too big to be put onto the car seat and on the floor. I need something that’s big enough for the dog yet small enough to be put onto the seat or on my lap. I’m stuck between two choices.

Personally, I prefer the bag. It’s collapsible and doesn’t take up too much space HOWEVER, isn’t it a bit gu-niang (red some more!!) for a big guy to carry this bag? Yet, if I were to get the crate, that means I’ll have 3 crates (inc 2 humongous ones) at home! Then, I’ll kenna left, right, center from my dad…

Further more, I need something cozy so that I can hug Dexter during the ride. Whenever he’s inside the crate, he’ll start shivering. I don’t know whether is he feeling cold or feeling insecure. Either that, or he gets thrown about whenever the car turns or goes over a hump.

Errrrr… did I just convinced myself to get the bag? Oh well!

Sissy or not, for the sake of Dexter, here I come!

doggy poo

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Oooooh…  This is too cute I simply had to share!