Month: September 2005

the fall of a hero

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After a fruitless fight, the hero has succumbed into the hands of the dark lord.

Rest in peace, Budgie.



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I’m dropping a short note today, to mark the events that had happened. The past few weeks, I could feel the stress level escalating. I have quite a number of sleepless nights and even the GoodAire didn’t helped much.

Things to plan/organise:

Graduation Party ’05

Investiture ’06

Youth Carnival ’06

I’m getting breathless.  It’s not a good feeling to associate with.  I’m overstretched during the weekdays & when its the weekends, I tend to slow my pace such that I am wondering what was I doing for the rest of the weekends that passed.
Whatever could go wrong just went so wrong.  I think I am being too lenient to certain people much to the point that they are forgetting where they stand and showing me disrespect.

I’m very depress.

I’ll see you guys soon, take care.

EXCOs Outing

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Today was the 14th EXCO‘s outing.  We went to the Dharul Ihsan Orphanage near Macpherson to handthem the cheque which we had raised while selling food and playing song dedications in school.

(Un)fortunately, all the kids were out and we didn’t had the chance to interact with them at all. I’m rather annoyed with the mak cik  who received us because throughout our visit there, her expression(less) was so solemn as if we owed her money.

Even when we handed her the cheque, she didn’t smile at all. 

I can’t accept the way she scrutinized each and everyone of us from head to toe as if we are some criminals!

Hello!  We are delivering moo-lah  to your home and I expect better treatment than this!!

Of course I’m not expecting to be treated like king but the very least she could do was to smile?

After that, we went to Funan for dinner at KFC before going home.

macpherson to tampines

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Took AL and went to Macpherson ITE to help out with the PA for the National Education Racial Harmony. Bishan ITE won first prize for Skit competition and second place for Cheerleading. (YAY!)

The event ended at four plus THEN, went to Tampines ITE for meeting with the councilors from all the College Central Campuses regarding the Youth Carnival Fiesta thingy at 6 pm.

I will be the Asst Event Co-Coordinator so I must do NYAA for this if not dui bu qi myself!

It is going to be a BIG event held over two weekends at the open space near Eunos or Tampines MRT station. More details later when everything is finalized but the public are welcomed.

I almost died on the journey home. I took bus number 168 outside Tampines ITE and it went all the way to Seletar Camp, then to Woodlands Bus Interchange.

Reached home almost 9 pm and I haven’t done my Accounts homework and the dialogue for the Customer Service script for my Business Fundamental project.

Only managed to complete the script at 1 am plus and my eyelids couldn’t open anymore…


flight of the budgie

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Just rescued a budgie from the clutches of a crow this morning.  The poor little tyke was trying to escafligpe from the pursuit of the crow which was right behind its trail. 

They were flying quite low and the crow, which was more than 15 times larger than the budgie, pinned it down to the ground.  The crow then held the powerless budgie in its powerful beak and flew up to the branches above. 

The poor little budgie was shrieking its lungs out and as I looked up, feathers were being plucked out and came floating down like a blizzard.  The budgie fluttered hard with its life and manages to plummet down from the tree but the crow was soon swooping down after his prey again. 

Taking this chance, I quickly ran over and shoo the vicious crow away.  The poor budgie was terrified and fluttering it wings about but it couldn’t fly at all.  It hobbles to a corner at the void deck and I picked it up.

It bit my thumb real hard and a little blood was seen.  I’m friend; not foe, that silly bird!

When I reached home with the bird in my hands, my mum chided me for disturbing the crow.  

“What if the crow come after you!!?”

The budgie is now resting inside my hamster’s Space Station cage.  It is still in shock, I guess. 


shit ah!

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This morning was suppose to bring Dexter’s stool sample to Dr Heng for analysis but he has gotten rid of the evidence by the time I woke up. There’s only a stain on the floor but that’s not enough…

This is the container used to contain the poo-poo

I have been giving Dexter pumpkin porridge for two days now as Mark told me that pumpkin could help to firm up loose stools. Plus porridge is easily digestable so it is gentle on his irritable stomach and this is what I found in the kitchen this evening…

SHIT arhhh…

I picked up the piping-hot solid poo and I’m so happy that I went round the house showing it to everyone. They all siam me like what siah
I must be NUTS to be high on dog shit! Haha…

I don’t know is it Dr Heng’s charcoal pills or my pumpkin porridgethat worked? This is the first time in months that I see solid solid poo!


It’s so fresh I could still feel the warmth in my hands!

results of probation interview

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The results of the Probation Councilors were released today and some of them are now fully pledged Student Councilors.  Speculations were rife about the acceptance of Emmanuel into the SC

I feel they really need to change their mindset about people.  Nasty remarks are totally uncalled for at this moment of time.  Who doesn’t have a past?  Why must we judge a person by his looks or past? 

I’m rather upset and disappointed with some of the senior councilors.  They should fulfill their role as a senior and disperse any negative mindset of the juniors instead of gossiping together with them! 

At least Emmanuel is willing to come clean with us and the most important thing is that he has the heart to change.  All he needs is someone to give him a chance and guide him along.

A very good example would be Darbakh.  Didn’t Mrs Tahir believed in him and gave him a chance to change?  He has quit smoking (at least not in school uniform) and even made it Higher Nitec.

My emotions were stirred by what Emmanuel said during his interview and I am convinced by his sincerity.  Although he can’t promise that he won’t go back to his old ways, but he will try his best to remain in the straight path. 

Hence, the EXCOs have decided that Edmund and I will be his mentor to monitor his progress.  If he didn’t live up to our expectations, we can still remove his tie but as long as he has tried, we will still treat him like one of us.

At least his character is way much better compared than one female probation who didn’t even have the patience to wait for her turn and kicked up a big fuss.  If she can’t even spare a few minutes of her precious time to wait for her interview, how else can we expect her to be committed to the SC?  

Then there are some who were being dishonest with us.  The are Probations who lied about being a non-smoker but we knew that they smoke at the back gate in their school uniform and wearing our badge.  How could we accept such people if they aren’t being honest with us in the first place?? 


Second Opinion with Dr Heng

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Was supposed to have the third round of interview with the Probation Councilors today but I couldn’t stay to help because I needed to bring Dexter back to the vet for his review. Actually, I should have brought him back last Saturday but I didn’t have the time to go down. 

We waited for a long time at the clinic because we walked-in without appointment. Dr Prithiba couldn’t diagnose what’s wrong with Dexter. Although he’s been on medication for so long, his condition is still on and off.

She recommended me to see Dr Grace Heng for a second opinion at the other clinic round the corner. Dr Heng was a pretty jovial person and she talked to me in Singlish. When I was with Dr Prithiba, I would get tongue-tied because I could only speak in English with her and it was hard to describe certain terms in English. However, with Dr Heng, we could communicate in Mandarin and dialects which is alot easier.

I could now better described Dexter‘s symptoms and abnormal behavior to the vet. Dr Heng prescribed new medications for Dexter and she also wrote me a prescription to buy human grade stroke medicine at my clinic.

Will see how he reacts to the new course of medicine. In the meantime, please include Dexter in your prayers please?


interviewing probation councilors

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Today is the first day of interview for the probation councilors.  It started at 4.30 pm and ended around 8 plus…  *tiredness*

We ordered pizza for dinner and the moment the last probation councilor left the room, all of us rush to the pizza like a pack of starving dogs… 

Everyone had a long day and is hungry and tired and four hours of interviewing is no mean feat!  I had more than four cups of 3-in-1 coffee just to keep myself sober…

I slept all the way home on the train and it was almost 10 pm when I reached home. 

Haiz… tomorrow still got another batch to interview…

March of the Penguins

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Each winter, alone in the pitiless ice deserts of Antarctica, deep in the most inhospitable terrain on Earth, a truly remarkable journey takes place as it has done for millennia. Emperor penguins in their thousands abandon the deep blue security of their ocean home and clamber onto the frozen ice to begin their long journey into a region so bleak, so extreme, it supports no other wildlife at this time of year.  In single file, the penguins march blinded by blizzards, buffeted by gale force winds. Resolute, indomitable, driven by the overpowering urge to reproduce, to assure the survival of the species.

Guided by instinct, by the otherworldly radiance of the Southern Cross, they head unerringly for their traditional breeding ground where – after a ritual courtship of intricate dances and delicate maneuvering, accompanied by a cacophony of ecstatic song – they will pair off into monogamous couples and mate.

The days grow shorter, the weather ever more bitter. The females remain long enough only to lay a single egg. Once this is accomplished, exhausted by weeks without nourishment, they begin their return journey across the ice-field to the fish-filled seas. The journey is hazardous, and rapacious leopard seals a predatory threat. The male emperors are left behind to guard and hatch the precious eggs, which they cradle at all times on top of their feet.  Subjected to subzero temperatures and the terrible trials of the polar winter, they too face great dangers.

After two long months during which the males eat nothing, the eggs begin to hatch. Once they have emerged into their ghostly white new world, the chicks can not survive for long on their fathers’ limited food reserves. If their mothers are late returning from the ocean with food, the newly-hatched young will die.

Once the families are reunited, the roles reverse, the mothers remaining with their new young while their mates head, exhausted and starved, for the sea, and food. While the adults fish, the chicks face the ever-present threat of attack by prowling giant petrels.  As the weather grows warmer and the ice floes finally begin to crack and melt, the adults will repeat their arduous journey countless times, marching many hundreds of miles over some of the most treacherous territory on Earth, until the chicks are ready to take their first faltering dive into the deep blue waters of the Antarctic.

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