Month: December 2005

the hurting ‘truth’

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I’m soooooo freaking pissed off by someone’s comments over MSN last night. 

“I’m speaking the truth?”

So what exactly do you know about the truth?  Were you even there to witnessed the ‘truth’ yourself or is this ‘truth’ something that you heard from a buddy’s girlfriend at some godamn chalet?  Dare you say that your judgment about the 14th EXCOs is fair and without bias?

Just because the 14th are running things differently from the 13th doesn’t mean you can criticize us? 

Are you an EXCO?  Do you know the responsibilities involved?  Do you know what we do for the members behind the scene?  Do you know what problems that we are facing?  Do you know our sacrifices? 

Which EXCO  doesn’t like to be popular and well-liked among the members?  We also wish to be respected by our peers but when it comes to discipline, someone’s gotta do the dirty job!

What’s most painful is that all these badmouthing are done by the very seniors whom I once respected at your chalet.  Every single word said is like a dagger being plunged into my heart.  Fatally.

Do yo know how hurt that feels?

Do you understand my pain?  Did you ever tried putting yourself in my shoes?  I don’t deny that the 14th are facing a lot of problems but have we NOT tried our bests to solve them?  How many times have we stayed back in school, meetings after meetings, sometimes even till 9PM, trying to think of a solution to these problems?

Are you or the members even aware of this? Are they even appreciative of what the EXCOs have done for them?

As a senior, shouldn’t you be on our side, encouraging and giving us advices if we’ve done something wrong instead of badmouthing against us?

I shudder to know that the Ex-VP and a current member are part of this uneccesary badmouthing session in YOUR chalet! 

As an Ex-EXCO, she should have known better than to conspire with the members to badmouth us?  How then are we going to gain their respect and co-operation in future? Isn’t she making things even more difficult for us?

I have pinned very high hopes for this current member and how I was actually looking forward for her return to the SC when she came back for HNitec but I guess, I have to really re-evaluate about her now.

It makes my blood boil to hear your accusations that my P and VP ‘sucks‘.  I KNEW they had done their best and I won’t put up with it if someone were to accuse them unfairly.  If you think you can do better than my EXCOs, then please come and take over the job.  We’ll see how well you do it!

Aren’t SC suppose to be ONE BIG FAMILY?  Shouldn’t family be there for one another in times of need instead?  I recalled YOUR dad was operating the Chinese Rice Stall at our canteen and I was like, hey, let’s go eat at the Chinese Rice Stall today!  Let’s go and support!

I didn’t know if the stallholder is indeed your dad but still, I made it a point to promote the stall to my classmates and friends! 

Why am I doing this for? It’s not even my dad’s stall, why should I bother so much? It’s none of my business and I don’t even get any of the profits?  Yet, I am doing this all in the name of the SC Spirit.

Although you have already graduated, I still feel ‘Once a SC, Always a SC‘ thus, I feel obligated to help you out by promoting your dad’s business.

Sad to say, this is how you bite the hand that once helped you.


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“It hurts, I know,
 It’s time to rest.
When you get to heaven, tell them that you are our Quill.
Farewell, Quill ”   
Quill died aged 12 years and 25 days.