I NOt stupid 2

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Сº¢¶ùÃǶ¼³¤´óÁË¡£ÉùÒô²»µ«±äÁË£¬ ¾ÍÁ¬Ñù×Ó¶¼¶àÁ˼¸·Ö³ÉÊì¡£µçÓ°µÄÇ°°ë¶Î·Ç³£ÈÇЦ£¬µ½Á˺ó°ë¶ÎȴΪϷÀïÍ·µÄ½ÇÉ«¶ø¸Ð¶¯µ½ÂäÀá¡£



Got free tickets from the school for I Not Stupid 2.  The show was starting at 3.15 pm but Henvey and Edmund only finished lesson at around 2.40 pm.

We only managed to hail a cab at 3 pm and we piah down to Shaw Tower.  Reached there at exactly 3.15 pm and upon entering the theatre, Jack Neo was there addressing the audience.

I didn’t know it was a special screening for ITE students and staffs.  The theatre was literally booked by the ITE! 

After finishing his speech, Jack Neo walked back to his seat and walked passed me.  He paused for a while to turn and looked at me.  Got a role to offer me a role is it?

After the show ended, we went to wait for the lift but when the lift door opened, Jack Neo was inside with some other people.

We didn’t enter but took the stairs instead. 

I don’t usually like Jack Neo‘s movies, but this one was particularly very nice.  In fact, it was much nicer than the prequel.  Perhaps it’s because Mark Lee and Marcus Chin are NOT in this movie?

2 thoughts on “I NOt stupid 2

    spiderfornicator said:
    January 27, 2006 at 6:37 pm

    good to hear that the sequel is not a flop! hehequite a sad story about the cat at the MRT station.. i remember once when i was a kid i was on my way to school..while i was walking in the carpark i saw this angmoh guy get into his car and start the car..when he drove off i could this terrifying screeching and a cat and her kittens ran out from beneath the car..when he had driven off i saw the body a dead kitten lying there with half of its head smashed flat..i wish i could have done something to prevent that from happening…but i guess i didnt even know they were under the car

    dead_cockroach said:
    January 27, 2006 at 6:50 pm

    Ya, this is even better compared to the first one.

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