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Regarding the National Achiever’s Congress 2006…

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We appeared on SUCCESS RESOURCE‘s photo gallery!!

A sea of human heads bobbing up and down…

Tha’s Rolf de Roos

The Super Teens made us do the Hamster Dance with the Funky Chicken music…

Doing the Cheekflesh

Spastic Hamster Dance

and drumroll please…

Haida and her abangs


Bad, Ivan and… ME!


The Incredible Tales…

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And so, I was watching The Incredible Tales (episode 4) on the TV last night which totally freak me out! (especially when you are watching it alone at night…)

It was about how a pregnant lady escaped an attack by a flying head which was trying to get the blood of her first-born child.

As the story goes, this pregnant lady was staying at her friend’s house in the kampong (you know, the kind on stilts) while awaiting delivery.

One night, while she was resting in her room, she heard some persistent bangings on the walls and floorboards.

Her screams for help sent her friend and the domestic helper rushing into the room to see what was going on. The three of them were petrified by what they had seen!

The domestic helper wasted no time to hammer some nails into the floorboards much to the bewilderment of the friend. Strangely, the bangings stopped and all was quiet again after the nails were driven into the floorboards.

The domestic helper later revealed that something evil was after the baby but it was dismissed by the friend as pure nonsense who sent her packing for scaring everyone in the house. Before she left, the domestic helper advised the pregnant lady to protect herself against the flying head with sharp objects.

A few nights (or myabe it was a few months) later, the pregnant lady was resting in her room when the bangings came again. Once again, her screams send the friend and the new domestic helper running into the room. The friend asks the domestic helper to check what is making all that noise.

The domestic helper opened the windows but did not see anything unusual. That is, until she turned to look upwards and saw a flying head there on the roof, staring back at her with bloodshot eyes!

The windows were quickly closed but the flying head began banging on it, demanding to be let in!

Now comes the part that scares me! Crying or Very sad

The friend suddenly remembered that the windows on the veranda were opened thus, she quickly sprinted out of the room to close it. Just as she was about to shut the window, the flying head suddenly appeared before her and uses it’s entrails to grab tightly around the friend’s arms!

“The baby is mine, it belongs to me!” it shrieked.

The pregnant lady grabbed a nail and stabbed repeatedly at the entrails! Stricken by pain, the flying head released it’s grip and disappeared into the darkness…

Isn’t that scary? The story didn’t end there of course, but it was up to here that gave me the goosebumps.

After the show ended, my mind keeps wondering what if that kotex showed up outside my window? 

The reason why this thought came into mind was because my bed and PC were just beside the windows. Should the flying head decide to attack me with it’s entrails, I was quite easily within reach! 


I’m so going to shift my furniture far, far away from the windows!

A Shoulder To Cry On

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 Tommy Page

Life is full of lots of up and downs
but the distance feels further
when it’s headed for the ground
and there’s nothing more painful
than to let your feeling take you down
It’s so hard to know
the way you feel inside
when there’s many thoughts
and feeling that you hide
but you might feel better
if you let me walk with you
by your side
And when you need A shoulder to cry on
when you need a friend to rely on
and when the whole world is gone
you won’t be alone
cause i’ll be there
i’ll be your shoulder to cry on
i’ll be there
i’ll be yur friend to rely on
when the whole world is gone
you won’t be alone cause i’ll be there
All of the times
when everything is wrong
and you’re feeling like
there’s no use going on
you can’t give it up
i’ll help you work it out
and carry on
Side by side
with you till the end
i’ll always be the one to firmly hold your hand
no matter what there said or done
our love will always continue on
Everyone need a shoulder to cry on
everyone need a friend to rely on
when the whole world is gone
you won’t be alone
cause i’ll be there
i’ll be your shoulder to cry on
i’ll be there
i’ll be your friend to rely on

National Achievers Congress 2006

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I was away from school today, representing ITE College Central to attend this National Achievers Congress (NAC) Seminar, held at the Singapore Expo.

The directional sign outside Expo MRT Station.

The ticket was prized at $250 per head and someone from the ITE Alumni was kind enough to sponsor us.

The ticket for both days.

The moment I stepped into the Hall, I was overwhelmed by the scale of this Seminar! The entire Hall was filled with chairs and much grander than I thought!

Inside Expo Hall 3. What you see in the picture was just a miniscale of the actual place!

I would be hearing from some of the finest speakers (at least that’s what they claimed) from around the world during this Seminar:

Jim Rohn

Some interesting quotes from him:

“Getting independent people to work together is like herding cats…” (All will go in different directions)
“Be so busy giving recognition to other people that you had non for yourself”
“If you survived the first heart attack, you’ll live longer the next time” (This means that we had to encounter setbacks in order to appreciate the sweetness of success)

Ron Kaufman

This man has a funny bone and he specializes in the Customer Service sector. Having been a Singapore PR for the last decade, Ron is familiar with our local customer service standard. These could be clearly seen in his ‘re-enactments’.

He also raised some good points about the steps to having good Customer Service in Singapore which I could learn from.

Singlish is not alien to him as he affectionately introduces himself to us as “The Botak Ang Moh”! This leaves the audience in laughter. It’s interesting to see how Ron presents his speech. I have learnt that it’s easier to engage your audience’s attention if you had something similar in common which can help to ‘connect’ both parties.

When I was still a retail sudent the last time, I was taught that it costs cheaper to retain old and faithful customers rather than to spend time (and money!) prospecting for new ones. This was again mentioned today. So it’s all true!

Brett McFall & Tom Hua

These two speakers have taught me how to “create money out of thin air” simply by doing a business on the internet! All we have to do was to know how to write a powerful sales copy, develop a product, put them on the internet, get all the traffic you want and the money is yours!

Dolf de Roos

Dolf is a very ‘humble’ man. He may be small in size but he’s BIG on ideas! It’s amazing to hear how easy it was for him to earn money through Real Estates when he showed us pictures of the properties that had gone through his hands. He also showed us pictures of some of the projects which he had undertaken.

There’s a big oyster out there in the Real Estates line!

Scott Friedman

I must admit that Scott is one of my favourite speaker next to Ron Kaufman!! Be Positive!! I’ve learnt and will try how to face everyday with humor.

Faced any setbacks recently? Just laugh it off and you’ll feel better!

“The Spirit of laughter encourages the inner belief that there is something good in bad situations”

The poster. Jim Rohn reminded me of that fella who starred in Naked Gun 2 1/2.

That’s Rolf de Roos, sharing with us how to make a ‘bundle’ investing in Real Estate.

These are the notes I had taken down…

The organisors invited this visually-challenged man to come sing for us and share with us about how he overcome his inabilities to see.

Overall, the two days (20 hours of it!) Seminar was good and beneficial. It opened my eyes (and mind) and helped me to see things from a different perspective. I have already learnt some useful lessons that I could apply on in my future career or life.

Already, tickets for next year’s NAC 2007 is selling like hotcakes! One of the main speaker is Mark Victor Hansen, best selling author of the Chicken Soup Series.

Eco Camp

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Img_3893 (528 x 396)
That’s Branden and I

I have just returned from a two days and one night Eco Camp organized by the Ngee Ann Poly ERS (Environmental Rangers Society).

On Saturday morning, we went to Ngee Ann Poly for the camp briefing. After the briefing, we were split into three groups and we played Treasure Hunt. Frankly speaking, the Treasure Hunt wasn’t much fun as the area was far too big. Furthermore, the campus was totally new to us and we actually had difficulty locating the clues. It was impossible for us to cover 9 stations in three hours.

In fact, the facilitators who took the three groups couldn’t find the clues themselves and by the end of the game, all the groups had managed to cover only 4-5 stations.

I almost died from all that running as I was still recovering from a asthma relapse?

After the game, we had a quick shower and by late afternoon, we’re already on the chartered bus going to Sentosa’s Underwater World.

Upon reaching, we were welcomed by our guides and ushered to a room where we watched some videos about the Pink Dolphins and Shark Conservation.

After that, we had a guided tour of the Underwater World and being the urban swakus that we are, our mouths were wide open, gaping in awe at the huge Stingrays and vicious looking Sharks.

I was enthralled by the beauty of the exhibits such as the Jellyfishes and the Sea Angels. I was also stunned to see the sizes of the Groupers. They are not just very, very big. They were enormous!

After the tour ended, it was already dark and we went to watch the Musical Fountain performance. It has been more than 19 years since I last watched it! It brought back many childhood memories as I watched jets of water being squirted high into the air in different directions and angles, all in perfect synchronism with the music.

And that, together with the use of special lighting and lasers, added some vibrancy to the lively display. The contrast of the colors against the night sky in the background seems like a gigantic piece of canvas, filled with splashes of colors.

The show ended amid a thunderous applause from the audiences.

The most anticipating moment of this camp was that we were able to spend the night sleeping inside the Underwater World! How cool is that?! I mean, how often do you get to sleep with Sharks and giant Stingrays swimming around you??

So, armed with a sleeping bag each, all of us found ourselves a ‘premium?spot to sleep on.

I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep right away. I was lying inside my sleeping bag looking at the top of the tunnel, and holding on to my camera, trying to snap some awesome pictures of the sharks swimming overhead.

Img_3813 (528 x 396)
The picture above is the topview of where I slept!

This morning, the other highlight of the camp was waiting for us and that is, to see the Pink Dolphins. First, we watched the Pink Dolphins perform the usual stunts and tricks and after the show, special arrangements were made for us to touch and take pictures with the Pink Dolphin at the other end of the beach.

The Dolphin’s skin felt quite wrinkly and rather rough, quite different from what I had thought.

Img_3960 (450 x 600)
We got to pet the male Pink Dolphin, Jumbo

Some things I have learnt from this camp:

Sharks helps to control the population of the fishes in the sea by eating the dead or injured fishes.
A Dolphin is not a fish; it is a mammal.
A fish (Shark) swims by swinging its tail left and right whereas a Mammal (Dolphin) swims by swinging its tail up and down.
Domesticated Dolphins may seem friendly and harmless but those in the wild may not be that friendly at all.
Dolphins can be found in the waters around Singapore!
Both Sharks and Dolphins can only swim forward but not backward so they are unable to untangle themselves from the fishermen’s net.
Sharks caught by the fishermen had their pectoral and dorsal fins cruelly sliced off while they are still alive after which, the ‘finless?sharks would be thrown back into the ocean where it would sink into the bottom where it would drown or be eaten by other sharks.

    I have brought back with me, a wealth of knowledge and I have learnt the importance of keeping our environment clean!

    Img_3968 (528 x 396)
    Everybody just love the turtle man!

    “When there is a will, there is a way”

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    When someone tells you that you can’t do something…

    Look around…

    Consider all options…

    Then GO for it!

    Use all the things God gave you!

    Be creative!

    In the end, you will succeed and prove them wrong!

    Always remember

    “When there is a will, there is a way”

    Look what I found!!

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    I thought I would never see it again after two years…

    Noticed the author’s name at the bottom right?

    Click the pix for bigger view.

    Ah Yong, my new MP

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    Ah Yong came by with his friends today, to thank us for the support rendered yesterday.

    Here comes Ah Yong and his entourage…

    Grrr….I’ve always hated that fiaking CB tree!

    Ah Yong and his friends standing on the back of a moving lorry.

    Is it legal to do so?

    Poor Steve

    …all alone

    I have my reservations about the men-in-white ‘monopolizing?the entire political scene in Singapore.

    Don’t get me wrong. I DO recognize the effort and hard work put in by them who had dedicated much of their life in governing this country, and I applaud them for raising it from a third world country to the world-class status it has today.

    I must commend that the men-in-white have indeed done an excellent job since our separation from Malaya and gaining Self-Independence in 1965. It was not easy during our early days of nation building, especially the problems of Racial Riots but who would have thought that we are now a multi-racial society living side by side in harmony, and making us unique to the rest of the world!

    Furthermore, who could deny the fact that under their leadership, our very own Changi Airport, PSA, and Healthcare services, among other factors, is gaining world reputation as being one of the best around the region?

    However, I believe that having a little Opposition in the Parliament is essential to upkeep the standards of the men-in-white in the Parliament. My theory was that having an on-going competition between the Parties actually encourages both sides to constantly improve on their ?b>Visions and Beliefs?they had for the Republic.

    And who benefits from this? The citizens, of course!

    No matter which Party they represent, ain’t their ultimate aim in fighting for a seat in Parliament the same? Which was to serve and to improve the life of its?people? Or was it actually for the $10 – 15K monthly salary??

    In my constituency, the ‘fight?between Ah Yong and Steve finally came to an end. Ah Yong, a new-comer emerged as the winner, bagging more than half of the votes more than Steve, who had failed to clinched the post for the last 3 GEs.

    I guess his chances would have been slightly higher if he had not been involved in the scandal involving his maid some years back and for crashing into a bus while beating the red lights near Braddell earlier this year. Another candidate from another Opposition  Party who is contesting in another constituency accused the Election Office of losing his Minority Application Form.

    When the footage from the Election Office’s CCTV was released, it showed the candidate shoving the form inside an envelope and later into his briefcase before leaving the Election Office without submitting it in.

    This probably caused some voters to lose confidence in this Party’s credibility who actually had members of such dubious characters.

    Nonetheless, the purpose of the GE is to improve the lives of its?people. I only pray hard that the people in my constituency have made the right choice because like it or not, Ah Yong is here to stay for the next five years till the next GE!

    Recently, my white MP,
    Kok on my door, and very kek ki..
    Say ‘I’ve worked so hard, so vote for me?
    ‘Or rubbish won’t be cleared, in your vicinty’..

    I said ‘Dear MP of my GRC?
    ‘Dun remember u, so please pardon me?.
    ‘I only saw you on TV?
    ‘Dozing off and jiak liao bee?.

    Last GE I voted for thee,
    2% up in GST..
    Cut CPF and up utility,
    Are still very clear in my memory..

    5 years later, then you come to me,
    Fresh from your slumber of ivory..
    Say that only, you can help me,
    Escape from a life of poverty..

    Just take a drive on CTE,
    Count the number, of all the gantries..
    Or squeeze a ride on the MRT,
    That has not been cleared for ye..

    My life since the last GE,
    Has been downhill though I voted PAP..
    If I vote the same for your sleeping spree,
    I can expect the same misery..

    So this time round, I vote for somebody,
    Who will kachiao you, to productivity..
    Forms fill wrong, no big deal to me,
    If there’s someone to speak up for Ah Bee..

    So dear MP of GRC,
    If life no improve, vote u cho simi?

    by Ong Ah Bee

    guay nee

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    Plump, juicy guay-nees begging to be devoured…

    Qianhu Fish Farm

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    Yesterday went to the fish farm with my brother to look for guppies. 



    I like this fish!
    (it looks like Lord Voldermort from The Socceror’s Stone!)

    They looked like some mutants spawning en mass


    Aren’t these little submarines cute?

    ai The condition of the bunnies at the kiddies area is rather worrying.  A few cages of rabbits are displayed on a waist-level rack near the counter where you can buy fish food to feed the Kois.  I didn’t know whether the bunnies are for sale or just for display?  A fan sitting on the counter was blowing at the bunnies’ direction, perhaps to disperse the smell away from the counter.

    The current from the fan was quite powerful and I couldn’t tell if the wind was ruffling through the bunnies’ fur or were they actually shivering from the cold? But one thing I could be certain of was that the bunnies were lying there motionless and looking very listless.

    On the other end of the kiddies area was an open enclosure where two other larger bunnies were staying.  The enclosure had just been washed and the two bunnies were sitting on the damp floor.  Obviously, their rumps were wet and they are trying to dry it.

    Seriously, I didn’t know if the bunnies were even  removed from the enclosure at all during the washing?  Am I being paranoid?  Perhaps HRSS can go take a look.