The Outburst

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The whole SC was rebuked by me in front of the whole school during morning briefing. Initially, I only intended to reprimand them but somehow, the more I say, the angrier I get and the whole amphitheatre was booming with my voice.

The whole school went dead quiet suddenly and all eyes were fixed on me. As I speak, my hands trembled violently because I was seething with anger. I’m so furious that I felt blood rushing to my face.

I guess the sudden outburst was the release of grievances built up since 3 years ago. The quality of the Councilors have deteriorated greatly and it’s a shame that things have to turn out this way. I don’t see any commitment and sense of responsibility among most of the members.

Normally, I do not like to raise my voice and I certainly do not enjoy scolding people. It’s even rare to see me flare up for no rhyme or reason but, it breaks my heart to hear negative comments about my Councilors from teachers and friends.

As a student leader, they should have the initiativeness and leadership by setting a exemplary example of themselves to the rest of the school.

Regrettably, I have Councilors who were caught jay-walking as well as some who removed their ties the moment they step out of school. What would the other students or teachers say about us? There are people who can’t wait to see us fail and make a fool of ourselves so why are some of my Councilors such letdowns?

Do we want to walk with our heads held high or do we want to be subjected to their mockery and finger-pointing? 

I believe there are some Councilors who are only making use of the Council as a stepping stone to get that 2.0 GPA cut-off point to get into the Polytechnic and they are not really committed to the Council at all.  I am extremely exhausted. This burden is really way too much for me to bear and I’m suffocating under its weight.

Having been with the Council for the past 3 years, I’ll be deceiving myself to say that I don’t feel anything for it. I will be stepping down in a couple of months more and I know there are people who can’t wait for us to get lost so that they could take over our positions.

If they think being an EXCO is an easy job, think again. There are only 11 EXCOS but nearly 100 members. The ratio is 1:10. If each member gives us just one  problem, it’s enough to drive us crazy.  When I recollect what Edmund advised me before he graduated, my heart really aches. But till then, as long as I am around, I’ll do all I can to unite the Council, and not to let this family crumble.

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