Happy Teachers’ Day

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Yesterday morning, I was on AL to attend a Dialogue Session with Dr Law at HQ but my group member keep messaging me repeatively about the damn project. I don’t know is she a moron or plain inconsiderate? Can’t she wait till I finished my meeting?

Didn’t she had the brains to think at all? I really hate to be disturbed with trivial matters when I’m in the midst of doing something important.

Anyway, after the meeting, I went home to pack my bag and went back to school as we are staying over at school to put up the decorations for the Teachers’ Day Celebrations the next day.

The decorations would only start at 4.30pm after most of the teachers had gone home. Around evening time, Bad and I needed to get to the Concourse to buy some wrist garlands for our dance com, coconut shells for the decoration and a fresh garland for Ms Vivienne Teo.

Unfortunately, it started to drizzle but Mr Ang was kind enough to drive us there despite him having to teach night class at 7pm. As we drove towards the Concourse, the rain became heavier.

As Mr Ang drove us through the little lanes along Tekka/Little India, we strained our eyes peering into the dimly lit street as the heavy downpour affected visibility. Bad and I decided to go in search for the coconuts and fresh garland on foot instead while Mr Ang waited for us in the car. It was freezing cold and both Bad and I were drenched when we ran over to the other lanes.

After a futile search in a few lanes, Mr Ang suddenly appeared behind us with umbrellas in one hand and two hot packets of Teh Tarik hanging off his fingers on the other hand. The Teh Tarik had lots of ginger added to keep ourselves warm. At that moment, I really felt so touched. Although it was just a little gesture on his part but it really brought a smile to my face.

With our tummy glowing with Mr Ang‘s love, we had the spirit to carry on our search and we finally found the fresh garland we wanted.?There was almost half a hour left for us to rush back to school as Mr Ang still had night class. Despite the slow traffic, we managed to reach school in time.

When I stepped into the SC Room, I was upset to learn that nobody actually bothered to keep some Polar Sugar Rolls for Bad and me while we were away as we hadn’t had a decent meal since morning and we were both cold and hungry. There was enough Sugar Rolls to go round for everyone as Mrs Ng actually bought 30 pieces extra but they just finished up everything.

I’m not saying that we’re big shots and that it’s a must to keep food for us but if anyone actually had the initiative to do this for us without asking, just like what Mr Ang had done for us ealier, it would really bring warmth to my heart on such a cold, wet night.

Due to the rain, we had to delay our time to hang up the banners. After the rain finally ended, we hung up the banners and worked through the night touching up on the gifts for the teachers and Guest of Honour.

With less than 3 hours of sleep, we woke up at 5am to put up the remainder starfish, crab and clam at the amphitheatre as the theme this year was Hawaii.? Everything seems to go smoothly and as according to the plan.? However, when I was about to set up the PA system, it started to drizzle again.

To our dismay, the drizzling advanced into a heavy downpour and the whole amphitheatre was flooded with rainwater. The decorations were wet and we had to remove everything and shift them to the hall. It was really a race against time as we had less than an hour to the celebrations.? All our hard work the previous night has come to naught.

Fortunately, the celebrations went well and we received alot of complimentary from Ms Vivienne Teo and some of the teachers. The many months of planning, staying back late, rehearsals and hardwork finally paid off.

Hard at work

Warrior Ben

Token of Appreciation for the Judges.

Tiramisu from Mr Chua.

Some old friends back for a visit…

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