Month: August 2006

What Have I Been Up To?

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Basically, I have been doing manual work for the two weekends. I’ve repainted my room from purple to the current sandy brown (one wall) and white (three walls).

During Saturday, I spent the whole day painting but I’ve only managed to paint 2 coats of white to cover the purple walls. Painting was damn shag and that night, both my arms were aching so badly that I couldn’t sleep at all. There’s this nagging pain in my arm and I could feel the pain all the way in my bones.

There was a tingling sensation running from the index finger to my thumb and the pain shot all the way right to my lower arm. I guess its due to the lack of using my arm muscles for a long time already and I had to drown two panadol pills and rub on the heat balm to control the pain.

Then this morning, I started painting one of the walls brown. This time, it’s easier as it’s only one wall which took me only half a day.?

All these work just to match the colour of my new wardrobe.

Hit and Run: Appealing for witness

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Hershey, our beloved Jack Russell was a victim of a hit-and-run accident on 8 August 2006 (Tuesday) at approximately at 12 noon at Bedok Road, near Eastwood Center. He is currently fighting for his life in Mt Pleasant Pet Hospital and is in critical condition for the next 48 hours. The vet says that he is suffering from brain haemorrhage and brain trauma due to severe injuries.

The little fella passed away after a strong fight for his life on 9 August 2006 @ 2030 hrs. We hope anyone who reads this can pray for our little one and also, if you do have any information regarding the accident, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

The Lees

National Day Concert

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I woke up at 5am and reached the school at 6.45am to set up the PA for the National Day Celebration. I was still downloading National Day songs off the NDP website till 3am the previous night so technically speaking, I only managed to have two hours of sleep.

It was really a mad rush against time. The system has to be up and ready before morning assembly but I was the only person setting up the whole bloody thing. WHERE IS THE LOGISTIC MANAGER  AND HIS PA MEMBERS??? Non of them are in sight and I’m doing all the work myself!  I was perspiring like mad trying to set up everything and rushing against time!

In the end, it was the new intake councilors who came to help me. Everything went on smoothly with the arrival of the Principal and some school Directors. After settling down, the morning assembly, the concert started.

The first two items were a contemporary dance and a play by ACT 3, both by external performers. Then, it was SC‘s singing ‘Together, We Make A Difference‘ and followed by the motivators performance.

After the concert ended, everyone went back inside the SC Room to have fun and went for the reception at the Roof Garden while I’m still stuck outside at the foyer, to look after the PA system.

The Course Manager came by and commended me for a good job done. I’ve been working non-stop for the whole morning but nobody seems to remember that I’m alone out there without any help. WHERE HAVE THE LOGISTICS MANAGER AND HIS PA MEMBERS GONE??? I have already stepped down and it’s not my job to do PA anymore!  I’ve left my phone inside the SC Room and I can’t call anyone!

Nobody cares that I’m dying of thirst and nobody cares that I have a bursting bladder that requires immediate release!

Luckily, Mr Chua saw me from the Roof Garden and he came down some puffs and cakes. I have to ask him to help me look after the system before I could make a mad dash to the toilet! If not, you people would have found me spasm-ing under the table, lying in my own pool of urine.

I’m very pissed with the Logistics Manager but what’s most maddening of all was that non of my EXCOs even realised that I’m missing in the SC Room!

Arrgh!! I wanna comprrrrrain!

Class T-Shirt: A sense of identity?

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The class t-shirt that we’ve ordered has arrived and it was found out that the design on the back was too small and that our names could hardly be seen without having to squint our eyes.

In the beginning, when Aziah was suggesting making a class t-shirt, I was offended by the way she ordered me to come up with a few designs for her hence, I couldn’t care less and didn’t do anything. If she needs my help, she jolly well talk nicely to me in a polite manner and I’ll see how we can proceed from there.

But if she’s rude (which I feel she is) and starts screaming and yelling at me, then I’m afraid there’s no more room for negotiation. I have better things to do and I’m not at her beck and call.

If I may ask, what’s the rationale behind making a class t-shirt anyway? Was it to bond the class together or simply to have a common identity?

I have been so busy with SC stuffs that I hardly had any free time for myself so why should I sacrifice my time for her?

On the contrary, instead of bonding everyone together, the saga has made the whole class even more divided!

We were given the options of not making the t-shirt anymore and get back the money, or, pay $2 more and they would reprint for us and we get two pieces of the shirt.

Half of the class have chosen not to make the t-shirt anymore, but I still went ahead it. Frankly speaking, I am not that enthuse about the t-shirt since day one but as the whole class has agreed to make it the other time, it would seem awkward of me to be the odd one out.

The reason why I still go ahead with it now is because since I had already given the green light in the first place, I should honor my words as I believed a man should keep his promise.

Secondly, on my part, I do not want to take advantage of a person when she’s down. Yes, I do not like her but I understand that as a business, they are already making a loss by reprinting for us and if I were to withdraw my order, even though I could take back my $15, my conscience would come haunting me for quite a while. Hence, for a peace of mind, I’ll rather pay her the money and let her be the one feeling bad about the whole saga.

Why create so many problems for herself and get stuck between the family business and her classmates?   This is what I call jiak bao bo sai pang.   It doesn’t matter to me whether the t-shirt is printed correctly the second round or not as I’m not going to wear it anyway.

I’m only making it out of obligation.

Probation Councilors’ Interview

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The interview with the probation councilors last Thursday and Friday has left me physically drained and exhausted. I’m so tired of asking the same questions over and over again but then!

It’s interesting to see their reactions when we set up the chair formation to test them on their EQ and initiativeness.

The whole idea of the interview was to filter out those undesirable ones and retain the good ones. There are some who really impressed us and there are some who are obviously trying to lie through their teeth.

For those who turned up for the interview in short skirts, colored contact lenses and dyed hair, please think about it. How high is their chance of passing the interview with a disciplined body with that kind of dressing?

Dressing appropriately is a form of basic respect for their interviewers and if they didn’t even bother to do that, how can we entrust the future of the Student Council to them? It goes to show how sincere they are with the interview.

I can’t be certain if we have made the right choice in the selection process as past experiences tells me that appearances could be deceiving so it is really a game of heng suay.

For all you know, it could be a false front that they are putting up for us to see. They can promise you the whole world during the interview but after they have gotten their tie, all their true colors will start surfacing.

But then, if this batch of new councilors is really a problematic group, we’ll leave them to the hands of the 16th Excos. It would be a good experience for the new EXCOs to go through what the 14th/15th EXCOs have gone through before.


BEST Entrepreneur Challenge 2006

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Took part in the qualifying round of the BEST Entrepreneur Challenge 2006 that was held at the Republic Polytechnic yesterday. The majority of the teams were made up of ITE students with a couple more teams from the Temasek Polytechnic and SIM.

During the self-introduction of SIM and TP, I could sense an air of arrogance coming from the way they speak, and their holier-than-thou attitude irks me totally!

Which institution of higher learning produces snobs like these creatures with their noses up in the air??

During the briefing by the organizer, the 3 jokers from SIM were busy talking loudly amongst themselves and planning their strategy, oblivious to the existence of the other teams. This was totally uncalled for, very inconsiderate, AND in my opinion, very rude to the other participants.

These ugly Singaporeans had disregard for other people’s feelings and had absolutely no sense of shame.

They would have no qualms making more noises if the organizer had not stopped them in time.

The BEST Entrepreneur Challenge 2006 was an interesting game whereby we would be given different forecast based on the economic outlook and we have to deem what’s the necessary actions we have to take for our company based on our judgments.

With each different teams acting as rival companies, we have to try to niche a larger share of the market without compromising on our profits.

At the end of each 5-minute game, with each game representing one financial year, each team would be ranked according to their profits, and market share.

At the tenth financial year, the 5 teams with the highest profits win the game and proceeds to the semi-finals to compete again.

Unfortunately, my team was the last on the ranking and it was real disappointment. Nevertheless, Sam’s group managed to get into the qualifying rounds and that made us ITE proud!

The most gratifying factor was that the snobs from SIM did not make it too despite it being their second time taking part in this event. Disgruntled, they left shortly after the results were announced.
This goes to show that ITE students could do just as well, if not better than University undergradutes.

Losers with such condescending attitude do not deserve my respect at all.

Seventh Month

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In the wake of the current seventh month of the Lunar Calendar, here is a repeated post of what’s happened last year:

The annual month long Hungry Ghost Festival has finally come to an end pyesterday. I have decided that it is now safe to blog about the ‘hou heng dai’ since most of them’ should have returned back to where they come from? Nevertheless, still have to show respect to those who are still lingering about (maybe they extend visa or AWOL) if not

I experienced something queer just this morning. Yes, it happened THIS morning around 9am in broad daylight! I was walking Dexter and he was about to poo. Because of his weak legs, he couldn’t balance himself so I bend down to hold him.

Just at this moment, I felt something. It felt like someone running his finger up and down the crack of my butt. I knew something was amiss so I also don’t dare to turn around abruptly. I casually looked through my legs (I’m still bending) but I didn’t see anything there? (thankfully!)

I don’t think that I’m imagining it because it felt so real… Besides, I’m bending so my butt is quite taut hence, I don’t think it’s my bermudas flapping in the wind leh
So… Now the question is: Who was the joker that teased my butt??