Month: November 2006

A Special Treat…

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Introducing to my loyal readers, the latest music video with superb dance choreography, angelic voices, hunk and babes with to-die-for looks and a out-of-this-world visual treat you’ve never experienced before!

Enjoy! (on your speakers loud loud)

Now, wasn’t that good? Don’t you feel better already?

decorating retail hub for christmas

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retail_hub 007

After school, tidied up the Retail Hub and hung up all the Christmasy balls for the window display. Tomorrow, we’ll be expecting 4 groups of visitors from the Pathlight Special School who would be taking over our campus when we shifted to the new one.


This would probably be the last time that I’m touching up the Retail Hub and it evoked some tinge of sadness in me. The Retail Hub has been our ‘baby?since we first set it up 3 years ago and I’m feeling a little reluctant to leave it. However, I guess it’s time we learn how to let go and let the new Retail Students take over.


After finishing up the window display, I went for lunch with Keith and Jason at J8’s food court. We walked past Minitoons and I saw a few Swissroll soft toys that are so cute! *hint hint!*

I realized that I had not been having my meals regularly. Often, I skipped breakfast and I only had lunch, my first meal of the day at around 3 or 4PM.


I loved the Japanese stall at J8 food court.

These Abled People…

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After the meeting ended yesterday, we were waiting for the train home when we saw the partially visually-impaired man who busks outside the Bishan MRT Station also waiting for the same train. Soon, the train was approaching but the screen was showing the DO NOT BOARD sign. The man was moving forward with his trolley of keyboard and speakers preparing to board as the train pulls into the station.

We ran towards him and I got to him first. I held his shoulder and told him not to board and that the next train would be coming in three more minutes. He thanked and chatted with us. He asked us where we are from and that we looked smart and neat in our uniforms with the tie and all. When he knew we were from the ITE, he encouraged us not to feel inferior or disgraced as it’s a common misconception from the general public that students who ended up in the ITE are usually hopeless and with no future.

He went on to say that people discriminated him because of his disability and though he had a degree, he had no job. Thus, he had no choice but to bask to earn a living. There are some people who looked down on baskers like him but he is earning his own keep with his own talent and skills. He didn’t rob or steal from anyone so who are those people to dispise on him? I felt motivated by what he has said and I’m kind of reminded that there is always someone in a worser predicament than me so who am I to complain about this and that?

This brings to mind about what happend in school on Monday. The SC was getting ready for their morning briefing when I heard a familiar voice calling out my name. It was Navim, the Indian guy who moved around with a wheeler. He said that his classroom was on the third floor but the lift was out of order. He had problems going up the stairs on his own and that he needed help. I told him to wait for me at the foyer after the morning assembly and I assured him that I would help him to get to his classroom come what may.

After the assembly has ended, I noticed that he was sitting all alone at the foyer. I was wondering where has all his classmates gone to and why isn’t there anyone to help him? Shouldn’t there be a class buddy assigned to help him and what he said astonished me! To quote him in his own words, he said that “they didn’t want to help me”. His form teacher, Mr Ganesan has spoken to his class about it but nobody wanted to help Navim and there is nothing that Mr Ganesan can do about it. How could anyone NOT lend a helping hand to someone who needs their help? And this poor boy is their very own classmate! I’m so disgusted by the moral ethics of people nowadays.

As I mentioned earlier, Navim‘s classroom was on the third floor but he could only use the toilet at the canteen which is on the ground floor. Imagined the long distance he had to travel and the time taken for him to get to where he wanted to go? My heart goes out to him! I gave him my number and told him to call or send me a message should he need my help anytime and I will go to help him.

So, the next time anyone of you see Navim moving along the corridoor all by himself, please say hi to him and be his friend. Or, if you see him in need of help, please offer him your assistance, can?

What I would like to say is that it is always a blessing to be able to help others. I don’t ask for anything in return but being able to see their heartfelt gratitude and sincere smile is all it takes to brighten up my day because I knew I had done something good that my mother would approve and be so proud of.

meeting with bridge leaders for orientation programme

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After class ended, I went to the SC Room to wait for the Managers’ Meeting to start at 2 pm where we planned the new duty list for the next month after which, we had a debrief with the Graduation Party‘s Organising Committee. Certain issues were brought up and I would like to say that to my dearest members, whatever was discussed today, do not take it personally.

There are bound to be friction and misunderstandings in every event as conflicts and disagreements are unavoidable. Everyone would have wanted their opinions to be heard and ideas carried out but then, we also have to respect the views of other members too so we should all learn to compromise sometimes.  It is human to err so, it is okay to make mistakes but the important thing is to admit your mistake, learn from it and never repeat it again.

Always be positive and learn to accept criticisms with an open mind. Take it as a learning experience and learn from each other’s mistakes.  Like what the poster in the SC Room says:

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

At 5 pm, while the meeting with the Organising Committee is still going on, Bad, Khai, Fizah and I went out to have a short meeting with the Bridge Leaders at the Cobra Cove regarding the Orientation Program next year. They have requested for our assistance in the CCA Roadshow and PA support because they are short of manpower.

It’s really great to work with them again as it’s a thrilling and enriching experience though I hope they would feel the same way about us too as it has always been the wish of the previous batch EXCOs from both sides to work together. People like Faiz from the BL and Nisha from SC, I too hope it can help strengthen the bonds between the two CCAs together as ONE.

I know there are some unhappiness between the SC and BL due to some misunderstandings that happened during the past but why hold tightly onto a grudge which happend so long ago that didn’t even involved us?  What ever happened in the past belonged to the past.  Don’t live in the shadows of the past but live in the present and future instead!

After the meetings with the Organising Committee and Bridge Leaders had ended, we had another meeting regarding the directions of the future SC.  Well, no revealing of confidential info here but we decided to leave for home at around 8 pm before the Japanese lady wakes up from her beauty sleep…


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It’s been quite a while since I last cooked Spaghetti for dinner.  Today, I went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients right after school. 

Button Mushrooms and Crabmeat

Meatballs and Minced Pork


Chopped Onions and Diced Capsicum

Diced Tomatoes


Melt some butter in a frying pan.
Add in the Onions, Meatballs and Minced Pork

When the Minced Pork turned color, add in everything else and stir fry
Pour in a bottle of tomato ketchup and water

When it starts bubbling, add in a couple slices of Cheese to thicken the sauce
When the Cheese has dissolve completely, simmer down the fire


SC Graduation Party

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We had our Graduation Party for the Jan Intake at the Multi-Purpose Hall yesterday. The theme for this year was ‘Masquerade‘ therefore, we all had to wear masks. The EXCOs DIY-ed their own masks.

This is mine. I’ve got feathery eyebrows! Nice?

Coiled up by balloons while preparing to change into my party dress…

Changed out of my uniform… leng mm leng zai?

Me looking constipated beside Hairul

With my ‘buddy’ Jannah who showed me the ropes 3 years ago.

The way to the Multi-Purpose Hall was decorated machiam likedadao. So GLAM!

The red carpet leading to the entrance.

While waiting to register for our lucky draw, I started cam-whoring

With Weili

I know I’m irresistably cute but you’ve just got married, Joshua!

Presenting the lastest Boyband in town – The Oriental Small Eye Boys

With Jessica

With Huijuan (thanks, I loved the pen you made for me!)

With Faith

With L.C

With Syaza the Drama Queen

Crushing Syaza‘s head

See Faisal‘s hands? “Please call 1900-123 4567 NOW!”

15th EXCOs

Fiona, Syaza, Me

Naomi Campbell graced the occasion by doing a catwalk…

Me, Ivan, Faisal

Let’s Partaaaaayy…

Shake that bom bom… the KING’s way !

Shake it, babeyyyyy!

Yo Ah Yo!

With Huixian

Guys in black… (there’s a spy amongst us…)

Although the theme was Masquerade, poor Eunice was the only one who wore her Mask throughouut the party. I really enjoyed myself last night as though it was my own Graduation Party but mine is not too far away either. Like what Faisal had said, our Graduation Party had better be as good as this if not better! Or else, we won’t step down and graduate! LOL

I really appreciate all the hard work, efforts and late nights spent in making this Graduation Party possible. I just have this to say to the Organising Committee:


* Now who was it that says Councilors dont’t know how to have fun?  The people who said that obviously has never been a Bishan Councilor