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A Lost Little Lamb *bleh*

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Where do I go on from now?

One and a half months. That’s approximately 45 days.

That is how much more time I have left in school before graduation.  I woke up in bed this morning, suddenly overwhelmed by an immense sadness which rendered me totally lost and helpless.  I lay there motionless in bed, starring into the darkness and pondering what’s going to become of me after leaving school?

School, to me, is like a greenhouse protecting me from the elements and I, a young seedling blooming and maturing into a flower in a safe environment.  However, this flower will very soon have to leave the greenhouse to face the harsh realities of the outside world all by himself.

Will this flower continue to thrive under the loving beams of the sun or will it wither under the harsh, glaring rays?

Just the mere thought of leaving my favourite teachers, the great friends I have made, and all the wonderful memories I’ve had here is enough to tear me apart inside.

Once again, I would like to thank Mrs Tahir, the traditional woman with conversative values who made an impact in my life.  I’m really grateful to her for believing in me and for discovering the ability I never knew I had in myself before because sometimes in life, we just needed that someone, to help unleash the potential in us and I’m very proud to say that Mrs Tahir is that someone for me.

I would like to thank her for the guidance she has shown me and that the decision she made me think about three years ago, has indeed turned my life around.  Without her, I wouldn’t be in the Student Council and I wouldn’t have the self-confidence AND discipline (hey, at least I hadn’t jay walked for the past three years!) today.

On a separate note, I would like to share this with my fellow members and juniors.

Take pride in being a Student Councilor. 

For me, I have a sense of belonging and the Council is just like my second extended family where I could take refuge from all my troubles and worries.  Because I care, therefore I have expectations.  This may explain why sometimes I seemed a bit strict but that’s because we have a reputation to uphold and I do not like outsiders to have anything negative to say about MY family. 

To hear something negative about the Council is like hurling vulglarities to me. I will be upset to hear someone complain about MY family although I do know that some of these negativities are true

MY family is not united and disciplined enough and that is tearing MY family apart.  This breaks my heart.

Edited 8 February 2007: Remaining text removed due to request.

dr law retirement performance

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Well, I have both good and bad news.

The good news was that due to space constraint, the number of people performing at Dr Law’s Retiement Dinner needs to be shrunk as the stage could not accomodate all of us and only a selected few would be performing.  My solo performance is striked off and replaced with two ensemble instead.

The bad news was, I’m one of those selected.   That night we’ll be playing Teresa Teng‘s ‘The Moon Represents My Heart‘ and ‘Tian Mi Mi‘. 

I’m kind of having second thoughts to help out already as the performance is on Friday night and after the performance ended, we still have to return to school to return the instruments. 

Perhaps it’s just me but I feel it’s quite wasteful to spend so much money on one old man’s retirement.  They might as well put the money to better use like giving out bursaries to students from the lower income families?


Local bunny for adoption

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With regards to the bunny I mentioned in this entry, the bunny is already with me. 

Details of the bunny are as followed:

Color: White/Grey
Gender: Female (no ding dongs!)
Breed: Local
Age: Uncertain but should be a young adult

Unfortunately, I am unable to foster the bunny for long as my flat is undergoing Interim Upgrading and there would be much dust and noise generated.  I do not wish to put further stress upon this poor bunny.  Furthemore, I already have one very horny male bunny and I can’t house them together for obvious reason! I also do not have the space for an extra cage.  As such, I have no choice but to send out an urgent appeal for foster parents to look after this sweet girl.

Some background information about this girl was that my friend’s dad rescued her in the field from some cats who were attacking her.  When I went to my friend’s house to pick up the bunny today, the bunny was actually getting along quite well with the family cat.  The bunny seems fine with no external injuries and weighs surprisingly heavy when I carried her.  Her eyes are clear and there is no discharge from the nose so I figured she is in good health.

She is very homely as is given free time out of the cage but she never ventures too far away.

If anyone is interested in this girl, please let me know…

bunny bannar

Kum Xia, Tee Kong!

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(Sing along)

 We all went to the ZOO, ZOO, ZOO
 How about YOU? YOU? YOU?
 Did you come TOO? TOO? TOO?
 It was fun at the ZOO! ZOO! ZOO!

Dear Tee Kong,

Kum xia very much for the nice weather.  It’s nice of you to hold your bladder for us!

With your great benevolence, we did visit the Zoo afterall and I managed to snap some photos of my favourite animals like the Elephants and Orangutans!  Everyone had loads of fun today but Ivan looks kind of distracted though. 

We went round visiting the different exhibits and the Zoo had alot different species of monkeys!  I think the Zoo is predominated by primates compared to other four-legged animals.  The baboon with the colorful backside even had a ‘quickie’ right before our eyes!  It is like watching the National Geographic ‘Live’! The trip has indeed widened our horizons!

Although you had slight incontinence towards the end of the trip, it didn’t dampen our spirits at all! Not even one bit!

We went browsing in the souvenior shop and we met Jason who is working part-time at Ben & Jerry!  I wanted to take a picture with him but my batteries went dead just at that moment!

After the outing ended, we took the bus to CCK and transferred to another bus to Bukit Timah for dinner.  We ordered lots of food and we had a great time joking around!

Once again, thank you very much, Tee Kong.  This outing really means alot to us as it’s our last outing before stepping down as the 15th EXCOs.

Can we still make it to the Zoo?

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I sian jit puah already lar…

I should have sung this song yesterday:

 The sun’ll come out
 So ya gotta hang on
 ‘Til tomorrow
 Come what may
 I love ya
 You’re always a day away

Although there’s a heavy downpour during dawn, the weather still looks promising.   The cool breeze is just perfect for going to the Zoo.  However, if it rains, they might just change plans to go bowling instead. 

I don’t like bowling!!


Bowling is literally like throwing money down the drain…

I don’t waaaant!

The , , ,  are all waiting for me to see them leh and I don’t want to let them down at all.  Pleaseeee, Tee Kong, OUR happiness lies in YOUR hands!

If want to rain, rain tomorrow lar, on boh?

We’re going to the ZOO!!

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(sing along)

 We’re going to the ZOO! ZOO! ZOO! 
 How about YOU? YOU? YOU? 
 You can come TOO, TOO, TOO 

 We’re going to the ZOO! ZOO! ZOO!

Hahaha!  It’s been a long time since I last went to the Zoo!  Tomorrow, the EXCOs will be going to the Singapore Zoological Gardens for a picnic!  So exciting!!  I have been looking so long for this as it has been postphoned for so many times already.  I really hope that we can really make it there this time.


I loved the Asian Elephants!  They are such magnificent animals.  I wanna see the Elephant show, and take loads of their pictures! I guess I fell in love with the Elephants after watching Ong Bak

The Orangutans are another die-die-must-see exhibit for me.  How I wish I could take a picture together with Ah Meng, Singapore‘s most famous primate!That would be so cool right?  But Ah Meng has already retired and won’t be making much appearances due to her age. 

We already have everything planned out nicely.  The muslims will prepare sandwiches and the non-muslims will sponsor titbits.  I guess it shall be our final outing before graduation and stepping down as the 15th EXCOS

Ooohh… I really can’t wait till tomorrow!

The weather isn’t too good today. There has been light showers throughout and I pray really hard that the rain would not come tomorrow.

Tee Kong, are you listening? You better not rain tomorrow hor. Wait I tell my marder, than you know!!

Do you understand???

damn botak

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Yesterday after school, I went for CO practice at the Music Room to rehearse our performance for Dr Law‘s retirement dinner next Friday at Shangri La Hotel

As usual, we are playing the same thing repeatively and I’m getting extremely bored that I sort of turned into a cyborg, playing without feelings at all.  At around 3 PM, I went downstairs to lock up the SC Room.

On my way back to the Music Room, I ran into Mrs Ghaffar who had just stepped out from the Dance Room and she talked to me about my future plans after graduation.  I told her that I do not want a deskbound job and she recommended me to join the Youth Challenge where I could ‘run around’ meeting and helping troubled youths.

It is like being a social worker but getting paid for it.  Well, at least that doesn’t sound as monotonous as compared to a office job and is one option that I could really consider.

Then, she went on to tell me how pathetically the school is paying for her Malay Dance choreographer in contrast to how much that botak is receiving each year.  Seriously, I think the school is overpaying him already.  For his I-do-as-I-please (no pun intended, Jeff!) attitude, I don’t think he deserves that pay cheque at all.

Sure, he is knowlegeable and a expertise in his field but he doesn’t show concern to his students at all.  All he cares about is whether anyone turn up for his practice or not.  He doesn’t care to know the reason why they didn’t turn up.  He is not interested to know whether they have a family problem or did they had an accident outside?  To him, as long as you didn’t turn up for practice, no matter what valid reasons you had, you are still in the wrong and when you tried to explain to him, he would say it’s not his problem!

He really need to do some soul searching and change his mindset.  Everything is only about he, him and himself. With a instructor like that, it’s not difficult to understand why membership is so low.  Who would stay for long in his club or even want to slog for him?

As Mrs Ghaffar and I talked, I heard the botak yelling for me from behind further down the corridoor. 

How rude can one get?  Can’t he see that I’m talking to my teacher?  If not for Baoshan and Mrs Chew‘s sake, I wouldn’t have to put up with him at all.  I’m dying of fatigue and famished after a whole day in school can’t he let me take a break?  

My class timetable on Fridays do not have any lunch breaks at all so this means I’m literally fasting from morning till after CO practice ended at around 45 PM,  only then do I get to have my first meal of the day what more does he want from me? 

I’m no longer obligated to play for him as I’ve already quit CO last year.  I’m only back to help out of GOODWILL so he had better be nice or else…


Betta Splendens

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Splendid finnage

Betta Splendens is the scientific name for this Siamese Fighting Fish.

This is the Betta which Dorothy gave to me during the CCA Roadshow.  I love how his fins are spread out around him.

However, he committed suicide two nights ago by leaping out from the container and by the time I discovered him in the morning, he was as crispy as a ikan bilis


I need a replacement fish, anyone?


CEO Visit

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The new CEO came visiting today.  The Entrepreneur class went to play the Entrepreneur game at the com lab to show the CEO

I was selling ice cream in the game and my profit was only $5k.  Not bad lah as it’s my virgin game.  We have to watch the weather forecast, consider the crowd, the location, how much stock to buy and how much to sell…

It is definitely more fun and easier to understand than the Entrepreneurship competition held at the Republic Poly the other time where we had to sell Insurance.  That one is really cheem

the nominees are out!

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After months of planning and utmost secrecy, the 16th Excecutive Committee members are finally elected and of the fifteen names nominated, only eleven were chosen.

When the news was finally announced this morning, my heart was aching for the four who were not selected.  I could see the sadness and disappointment from their eyes but every year is the same.   There are bound to be some who were not chosen due to certain reasons.

As EXCOs, we can only recommend but the final decision still lies with the teachers.  For the four of you, cheer up!  At least you do not have to ‘headache’ over the next Camp and our Graduation Party!  We’re going to make sure the 16th Excecutive Committee do a good job if not we are not going to give them a good time till we graduate!

For the eleven elected ones, my heartiest congrats but do not be too happy yet.  Remember what Uncle Ben said in Spiderman?

“A great power demand a great responsibility”

Greater challenges awaits you in the coming year so be prepared to make sacrifices.  People are going to start hating you the moment you start making decisions and setting policies.  There will be people going against you and friends who used to be on your side may soon turn into a complete stranger.

Most important thing is for the eleven of you to be of one mind. Mean what you say and say what you mean.  Don’t ever contradict yourselves in front of members.

Being an EXCO doesn’t look as good as it seem on the outside.  We may look as though we weild alot of power but it comes with a hefty price.

I guess it is now time for the 15th Executive Committee to delegate their work and retire gracefully. 

*ps. The above is just my personal experience from the past three years and do not necessarily represent the views of all EXCOs.