Can we still make it to the Zoo?

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I sian jit puah already lar…

I should have sung this song yesterday:

 The sun’ll come out
 So ya gotta hang on
 ‘Til tomorrow
 Come what may
 I love ya
 You’re always a day away

Although there’s a heavy downpour during dawn, the weather still looks promising.   The cool breeze is just perfect for going to the Zoo.  However, if it rains, they might just change plans to go bowling instead. 

I don’t like bowling!!


Bowling is literally like throwing money down the drain…

I don’t waaaant!

The , , ,  are all waiting for me to see them leh and I don’t want to let them down at all.  Pleaseeee, Tee Kong, OUR happiness lies in YOUR hands!

If want to rain, rain tomorrow lar, on boh?

One thought on “Can we still make it to the Zoo?

    professional_nose_picker said:
    January 27, 2007 at 10:07 pm

    my house is haunted
    haunted by the ghosts of now
    whose faces no one wants to see
    whose screams no one wants to hear
    until tomorrow

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