We’re going to the ZOO!!

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(sing along)

 We’re going to the ZOO! ZOO! ZOO! 
 How about YOU? YOU? YOU? 
 You can come TOO, TOO, TOO 

 We’re going to the ZOO! ZOO! ZOO!

Hahaha!  It’s been a long time since I last went to the Zoo!  Tomorrow, the EXCOs will be going to the Singapore Zoological Gardens for a picnic!  So exciting!!  I have been looking so long for this as it has been postphoned for so many times already.  I really hope that we can really make it there this time.


I loved the Asian Elephants!  They are such magnificent animals.  I wanna see the Elephant show, and take loads of their pictures! I guess I fell in love with the Elephants after watching Ong Bak

The Orangutans are another die-die-must-see exhibit for me.  How I wish I could take a picture together with Ah Meng, Singapore‘s most famous primate!That would be so cool right?  But Ah Meng has already retired and won’t be making much appearances due to her age. 

We already have everything planned out nicely.  The muslims will prepare sandwiches and the non-muslims will sponsor titbits.  I guess it shall be our final outing before graduation and stepping down as the 15th EXCOS

Ooohh… I really can’t wait till tomorrow!

The weather isn’t too good today. There has been light showers throughout and I pray really hard that the rain would not come tomorrow.

Tee Kong, are you listening? You better not rain tomorrow hor. Wait I tell my marder, than you know!!

Do you understand???

One thought on “We’re going to the ZOO!!

    Anonymous said:
    February 2, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    lucky you!! i have went to 2 aquariums. i definitely want to go to the atalnta zoo! there are panda’s there!

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