Month: January 2007

Betta Splendens

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Splendid finnage

Betta Splendens is the scientific name for this Siamese Fighting Fish.

This is the Betta which Dorothy gave to me during the CCA Roadshow.  I love how his fins are spread out around him.

However, he committed suicide two nights ago by leaping out from the container and by the time I discovered him in the morning, he was as crispy as a ikan bilis


I need a replacement fish, anyone?


CEO Visit

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The new CEO came visiting today.  The Entrepreneur class went to play the Entrepreneur game at the com lab to show the CEO

I was selling ice cream in the game and my profit was only $5k.  Not bad lah as it’s my virgin game.  We have to watch the weather forecast, consider the crowd, the location, how much stock to buy and how much to sell…

It is definitely more fun and easier to understand than the Entrepreneurship competition held at the Republic Poly the other time where we had to sell Insurance.  That one is really cheem

the nominees are out!

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After months of planning and utmost secrecy, the 16th Excecutive Committee members are finally elected and of the fifteen names nominated, only eleven were chosen.

When the news was finally announced this morning, my heart was aching for the four who were not selected.  I could see the sadness and disappointment from their eyes but every year is the same.   There are bound to be some who were not chosen due to certain reasons.

As EXCOs, we can only recommend but the final decision still lies with the teachers.  For the four of you, cheer up!  At least you do not have to ‘headache’ over the next Camp and our Graduation Party!  We’re going to make sure the 16th Excecutive Committee do a good job if not we are not going to give them a good time till we graduate!

For the eleven elected ones, my heartiest congrats but do not be too happy yet.  Remember what Uncle Ben said in Spiderman?

“A great power demand a great responsibility”

Greater challenges awaits you in the coming year so be prepared to make sacrifices.  People are going to start hating you the moment you start making decisions and setting policies.  There will be people going against you and friends who used to be on your side may soon turn into a complete stranger.

Most important thing is for the eleven of you to be of one mind. Mean what you say and say what you mean.  Don’t ever contradict yourselves in front of members.

Being an EXCO doesn’t look as good as it seem on the outside.  We may look as though we weild alot of power but it comes with a hefty price.

I guess it is now time for the 15th Executive Committee to delegate their work and retire gracefully. 

*ps. The above is just my personal experience from the past three years and do not necessarily represent the views of all EXCOs.


fostering abandoned bunny

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cam 009

I must be mad to have spent $10 over dollars on grass. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly.  I have paid ten over odd dollars on grass yet again.  You see, grass, also known as hay, is essential for the digestive well-being of the bunny. The roughage helps to wear down there teeth and promotes healthy bowel movement.

I’ll be taking in an abused/abandoned bunny over the weekend from Haida, who saved the poor bunny outside her house from some cats who bit into his thigh.  The bunny must have been in real pain, for he gave out a loud shrill, which alerted Haida to take a look out of her window.

Bunnies are not mute but its unusual for them to emit such sounds.

After her dad chased away the cats and about to carry the bunny into their home, a guy from upstairs shouted, “Hey, that’s my rabbit!!” 

Haida‘s dad glared at him and yelled back, “If that’s your rabbit then you come down and talk to me!” 

Needless to say, the guy never came down to claim his bunny.  Anyone with a brain would have known better than to let his bunny roam downstairs where there are feral cats around without supervision!

Luckily, there is no physical injury and the bunny is now behaving normally with no sign of abnormal movements.

I will be caring for the bunny till he recovers before rehoming him.

By the way, I’m looking forward to this Sunday outing as we are going to the ZOO to see Azizah!! So exciting!!

Who? Me?

What’s wrong with young people nowadays?

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School was mind boggling today. Mrs Lee taught us a new topic “Hire Purchase” and my brain was congested with all the double entries. There’s the General Ledger, the Asset Account, HP Creditor, HP Discount, etc…

After the lesson ended, I started to have a headache. Really.

I stayed in the SC Room as the EXCOs have something important to do in the afternoon concerning the future of the SC. Suddenly, Haida rushed in and said that there are smokers in the Product Design block boys’ toilet.

Ivan and I immediately rushed up to level three and as we approached the toilet, there was a strong odour of ciggarette smell but when we went inside, there wasn’t anybody. Instead, what greeted us were a million tiny pieces of ceramic strewn all over the floor.

The entire toilet bowl has been smashed to smithereens. It’s a newly renovated toilet for goodness sake! Why would those idiots wanna do that for? How would destroying a toilet bowl benefit them? Does it give them a sense of achievement? These people are really sick in the mind!

As we stepped out of the toilet, I noticed a helmet left behind sitting on the railing. It probably serves as a clue to who the culprit was so Ivan and I brought the helmet down to report to the Admin Head, Mr Teo. Along the way, a PD guy shouted across the foyer that it was his helmet. We ignored him and continued our way to the Admin Office. The guy then began shouting vulgarities at us.

How uncivilised and uncouth. I won’t stoop to his level by yelling back at him. It only goes to show how shallow he is and the kind of upbringing he received at home. I pity his poor mother to deserve a son like that.

I passed the helmet to Mr Teo and he took down the guy’s particulars who denied having anything to do with it. We shall see about that, shall we?

After that, Ivan and I brought Mr Teo and Mr Hu, the Campus Manager up to the toilet where they took down pictures of the evidence and acess the damages.

At 2 PM, the EXCOs started our important project and the whole thing finally ended at 6 PM. As we stepped out of school, the incidents that happened in the day set me thinking: Why are we doing a thankless job where no one seems to appreciate what we are doing at all? Everyday, we are the first to reach school to get the students ready for assembly. We try our best to perform what is expected of a Student Councilor and sometimes we even go beyond our duties to help the student body yet what we get in return at the end of the day are the verbal abuse and taunting.

I questioned myself what are we doing all this for? Are all the sacrifices we’ve made in vain? I’m not asking for physical rewards but just the basic respect as a person and being appreciated for our effort contributed to the school. That’s all I asked for.

Like that, very difficult meh?

Community Service at Chiangrai, Thailand

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I came across a video of some of my councilors doing community work at Chiangrai, Thailand last December.  I have always wanted to participate in such meaningful work but was always denied of the chance.  Last year, I was almost selected to head a team over to Thailand to do community work hence I tuned down my other fieldtrip to Bangkok under the Entrepreneurship class 

In the end, the community service project was snatched over by another department and it was too late for me to sign up with the Entrepreneurship fieldtrip.

I’m graduating soon and I doubt I’ll have anymore such chances to do my bit for mankind.  This is one regret that I’ll bear for the rest of my life…


i passed the audition!

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At the eleventh hour, I received the message from Mrs Chew to be on standby in the Music Room by 12.30 PM  as the ‘someone from HQ coming down early to listen to my solo is coming much earlier than expected.

Chey!  I thought some important people are coming down to watch me play but who would have known that it was that guy from CEMPTA!


I finished school at 12.15 PM and I haven’t even had breakfast before rushing down to the Music Room to await for his arrival.  If I had known earlier that it was him, I would have gone out of school for my brunch before coming back.  Fortunately, Baoshan and Yuling helped me bought something back from S11 as they finished school at 11 AM.

I haven’t even decided on which solo piece to play as I’ve misplaced most of my music score.  Those that I had are those sad sad ones which Mrs Chew said would put Dr Law and those big shots from MOE to sleep.  She wanted me to play something which the guests could strike a chord with.

In the end, I just randomly picked a score and played Horse Racing for it’s catchy tempo to entertain that sissy guy. Needless to say, I pass the audition.

These people really giam pa leh… 

Ai pee, ai chee, ai tua liap nee

Where to find? If have I also want lar!