Month: March 2007

In Dreams He Came To Me

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Dexter came into my dream last night. This is the first time that I dreamt of him since his death. I dreamt that I was in the living room with my mum and brother and Dexter was just there, lying at a corner looking at us. I pointed out to them excitedly but they can’t seemed to see him at all!

Why? Why was I the only one who can see him? Was that a sign? A sign of what?


Dexter then ran towards me and leapt into my arms giving me wet, slobbering kisses. It’s a weird but the whole dream just ended like that.

Has it got anything to do with me trying to be a vegan? Was it because I no longer carry the grivances of the dead animals therefore he was able to enter my dream?? Was he trying to encourage me to carry on being a vegan? So if I continue being a vegan, can I see him in my dream more often?

Baby, do you have any idea how much Daddy misses you? Remember to come into my dream again, ok?

upgrading lift

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Phua Chu Kang came to my house today

To offer free window cleaning services

Because the cement mixture splattered across our windows and corridor

The upgrading works is just outside my window

The construction…

Sigh… When will the lift ever be ready?  The generator is driving me nuts with all the noise and smoke!

Doraemon Movie 2006

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Bah tor sibey yeow!

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Yesterday after the Investiture, Huixian and I went looking for Gina at her workplace at Aljunied near the Darul Ihsan Orphanage.  I still remember the last time when the 14th EXCOs raised funds for Darul Ihsan Orphanage, we delivered the cheque to them personally and the maciks served us great ang moh teh!



At the entrance                                                                             


Anyway, Gina brought us to the canteen nearby for lunch where we had vegetarian beehoon.  I am glad that I had put my words into action by eating less meat.


I felt less guilty when I see row upon rows of chicken hanging off the racks at the chicken rice stall.  A least those poultry didn’t die because of me.


After lunch, we bade Gina farewell and we proceed to the bus stop.  Huixian wanted to go Bugis collect something at Raffles Hotel.  While at the bus stop, I saw a familiar sight standing in front of me!



We met Miss Chong Chui Yin at the bus stop!! 



It’s NOT Miss Chong. Just someone who looks like her from behind only… panda_overweight_dancing


As we reached Bugis, the sky started pouring heavily and both of us had to share a small umbrella.  By the time we got to Raffles Hotel, both of us were half drenched and freezing in the cold. 


After collecting her stuff, we went window shopping around Bugis.  I saw Samuel Chong (Lydia Sum‘s alledged Singaporean boyfriend’) at Sketches.  We shopped for a while before heading for home.  I’m rather tired as we had been busy for the past few days over the Investiture.


At night, my parents went to my sister’s place after work, hence I had to settle my own dinner. However, after ransacking the fridge and cabinets, I couldn’t find any food in the kitchen at all and I was too lazy go buy, therefore I skipped dinner.


I had my last meal with Gina and Huixian at around 1 PM yesterday leh!  By this morning, I’m really famished and I rushed to the coffeeshop to have my breakfast however, the vegetarian stall doesn’t have very appetising-looking dishes so I had fishball soup instead.


I guess it’s really hard to be a full-time vegan as not all places are vegans-friendly.


I guess I could try to cut down on my consumption of meat first before converting full time? But what happens if I can’t find any vegetarian stalls? Can I continue eating seafood but not four-legged animals?  Would that help? At least seafood not much cruelty right?


I haven’t seen anyone terrorising seafood before killing them?  Actually, what I find disgusting about the meat industry is the way how the animals were treated before they were slaughtered.  If they were killed humanely and died with dignity, I had nothing to complain about but not if the animals were terrorized and slammed around like wrestle-mania before being killed?


I do hope that I do not have to end up carrying bottled pickles and canned peanuts with me wherever I go.


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After days of rehearsals, the Investiture is finally over. 


I was almost late this morning due to slow traffic and the bus was crawling all the the way from Toa Payoh to Macpherson.  After what seemed like a never-ending journey, the bus finally reached Macpherson.


As I stepped into the Auditorium, an air of excitement greeted me.  Eveyone were busy chattering away and getting ready for the ceremony while  Miss Joanna and her committee were busy doing last minute adjustments. 


As the time neared, the Incoming and Outgoing EXCOs were ‘hidden’ in the backstage where we continued taking pictures and hugging each other.  Mrs Foo came to the backstage to look for us and we were all very happy to see her!


The parents and guests arrived and started filling up the seats in the Auditorium.  Everyone couldn’t contain their excitement backstage as we tried very hard keeping the noise level down.  Finally, the Principal arrives and with the music playing, we all walked out across the stage machiam like supermodels amid to the audiences’ applauses before proceeding to our seats. 


The Principal proceeded to give his speech and reveiling the winning entry for the SC logo competition.  Then, the Outgoing EXCOs handed the new badge to the Incoming EXCOs on stage to symbolize the handing over and taking over of duties followed by the Incoming EXCOs taking the College Central‘s SC Oath.



The 15th EXCOs has finally step down and officially handed over their duties to the 16th EXCOs. 


As the Ceremony ended, everyone starts crying and hugging each other again.  I had a few hugs too but unexpectedly, I do not feel quite as emotional as compared to the last two years.  Perhaps, I’ve gotten used to it already.  I’ve gone through it three times!


One chapter of my life has closed and now, a new chapter is waiting to begin…


I hope the 16th Council could bring the reputation of ITE College Central Bishan to greater heights and bring glory to the Student Council!

out with jeffrey

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In the afternoon, I went to AMK to collect Dexter‘s bag which I’ve ordered from Love Me Tender a year ago. This bag was the ‘manliest’ one I could find which wasn’t filled with any funny floral designs or had any doggie paws printed all over.

At least, I wouldn’t be too paiseh to bring Dexter out in this bag compared to this one?

Actually, the bag already arrived from Japan about a year ago but I didn’t had the courage to collect it all this while. I’ve ordered the bag just before he died but now, I’ve no use for it anymore.

Seeing the bag would just remind me of him again.

As I’m in the vincinity of AMK, I called Jeffrey to go out together. While waiting for him to reach, I went to the new Fairprice Xtra. The place is huge but I’m not impressed as it looked just exactly like the Giant Hypermart at IMM.

I accompanied him to collect his pay at Bishan but his cheque has not arrived yet. After we had left the restaurant, Jeffrey told me that the woman behind the counter showed him attitude. Why tell me only after we left? I would have demanded an answer from her right in front of HER customers. The staff working there are really retarded. If you want them to move one step forward, then you have to poke them once from behind. If you want them to move forward two steps, then you’ll have to poke them twice

They absolutely have zero initiative, zero extra mile and zero customer service! Come to think of it, they do not charge service charge at all which explains why the service sucks to the core because…


After that, we went to Bugis and Jeffrey wanted to see ‘something’ at Fu Lu Shou Complex which Kit had told him about but we didn’t manage to see ‘it’. Haha!? Then we went to Seiyu to walk around for a while before going home.


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We had our Investiture rehearsal at Macpherson this morning. It was pretty boring and we had to rehearse our positioning but I like the way how we were hidden at the backstage and then we had to walk across the stage to our seats.  The ‘pattern’ this year is alot simpler than last years’ when we had to walk all over the auditorium.

I caught the TMNT with Ivan and Huixian at Bugis today.  After the Investiture rehearsal, we took a bus to Liang Seah Street for Bah Chor Mee.

After lunch, we went to buy the tickets and someone suddenly stood beside me.  It’s Mr Ng, my CO instructor.  We chatted for a while and he suddenly become very high when he heard that we are going to watch TMNT! After he left, Ivan and Huixian thought that he’s my brother!

Hello? Same shape doesn’t mean we’re brothers, okay?

The show is not too bad.  At least it’s much better then the half hourly cartoons shown on the TV.  The animation is quite pro and well done but by the end of the movie, my whole body was aching like hell.

It seems that I still can’t overcome the irriating feeling of seating inside a theatre.  I guess I’d better stick to my VCDs at home.

See what the ‘Supreme Beings’ are doing to the defenceless…

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So that’s how our steak, char siew and fried chicken wing came about…

See more at this website:

All along, I have been trying hard to be a vegetarian but I wouldn’t last more than 7 days before succumbing to the lure of meat again.  On one hand, I have always proclaim myself to be a animal lover yet at the end of the day, I would return home to a hearty dinner of chicken and fish.  It’s pretty iornic isn’t it? 

According to Buddhism teachings, it is said that for every one ‘jin’ of meat we eat, we have to return eight ‘liang’.  I don’t know how are we gonna to return it but somehow, it’s gonna take place only after we’re dead so… yea…

It is also said that animals could very well be the reincarnation of our ancestors so that if we eat meat, we are actually eating our ancestors.  Sounds a bit far fetch but nevertheless, I still make it a point to eat vegetarian at least on the first and fifiteen of every lunar month as a mark of respect to Buddha as well as to accumulate ‘merits’ through the act of such benevolence (of not taking lives) for my deceased dog so that he may go to heaven.

I know many people might laugh or even scorn at such ridiculous ‘theory’ but it’s a good deterrant for me to stay off meat – for a while only


After watching the video above, I am determined to be a vegetarian.  I do not expect to be converted into a vegan overnight and I know it’s going to be an uphill task but I’m going to start slowly.  You have no idea how my stomach churns the moment I saw the cow being castrated without anaesthesia while still in a conscious state!   I have no friggin idea what the fuck the farmer wants with the cow’s balls for?  To juggle?  It’s affected me so much that I’m staying way from Big Mac for some time now. 

Even little piglets were not let off.  For reasons beyond my comprehension, their ears were mutilated and tails snipped off!  Can you hear the piglets squealing their heads off?  Their cries for help were never heard… Grown pigs that weren’t ‘profitable’ anymore were slammed to death or shot in the head with a shot gun. 

In the past, I did hear about such atrocities going on in the abbatoir but I asked myself just how bad could it get?  Animals are meant to be eaten anyway so who cares how they were being treated but after witnessing it with my own eyes, I’m strucked dumb! 

How could those butchers at the abbatoir kill the animals so calmly?  I’m beginning to wonder what is going through their mind as they slide the knife across the cows’ throat?  Didn’t they hear the sorrowful moanings?

Life was ebbing away as blood starts gushing out from that gaping wound across his throat…

How could the butcher be so indifferent as if it’s the most natural thing to do?  How could they sleep at night,  with their hands tainted by the blood they’d spilled? 

Just how many thousands and hundreds of livestocks had to be sacrificed in such inhumane ways each year, just to please the selfish palate of mankind?  I shudder at the thought of what the animals had to go through before ending up in our plates! 

If you didn’t feel any emotions stirred within you, your heart is obviously dead!

We do not need meat to survive!  We can do away with meat!

We may not be able to change the menu of other people but WE DO HAVE A CHOICE OF WHAT GOES ONTO OUR PLATE!!

We CAN make a difference and let it start with you! 

Be a vegan today!

Story behind daevy adoption drive

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The Daevy Adoption Drive was organised in honor of Daevy, a mongrel.

For the first three years of her life, she has been staying in a shelter waiting for someone to adopt her but sadly, day after day, people come and go without even casting a glance at her.

However, Daevy never gave up and eventually, her patience paid off when someone decided to adopted her. 

Unfortunately, by a cruel twist of fate, Daevy suddenly dashed out of the gate one day and was involved in a traffic accident.  She was adopted for barely 18 days when she left us.

Naturally, her rescuers were devastated and they decided to do something to commemorate her.  Thus, this adoption drive was set up by the people who cared and loved her.

The objective of this adoption drive was to rehome many of the abused/abandoned dogs who are currently in foster care by volunteers.  The dogs have since been nursed back to health and are given a clean bill of health.  Many of them are looking forward to love and be loved in return!

Help us help the animals!  By adopting, you actually save two lives – the one that you bring home and the new one which the fosterer cares for.  So, please spread the word around and inform your family/friend/neighbor/boss/relative who is looking to adopt a loving pet. 

Better still, bring them down and see for yourself how sweet Siris, the Miniature Schnauzer is or how friendly Sirius, the Husky/Malamute mix is.

Come hear their stories and be amazed by their enthusiasm for life despite the way they were being treated in the past.  That’s the way men’s best friends are – loving and bear no grudges.

So, make a date with us and be prepared to be melted by those soulful eyes and waggy tails!