Month: June 2007

My aquarium

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Baby Angel 

Guppies waiting to be fed…

Gorging on frozen bloodworms!

Three of my favourite fishes: The Albino Corydora, Platy and Swordtail.

Neons galore!  There’s about 300 of them in there but most of them can’t be seen.

Bottom of the tank…

durex advertisement

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A bit of sacarsm, straight to the point and a tinge of humor.


a trip to the past

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Yesterday morning, I went to Bukit Timah Market for breakfast with my Mum, Brother and sis-in-law. After that, we went to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre to look around. It’s been years since we last visited and I’m elated to know that the Nonya stall selling the bestest Mee Siam in the whole of Singapore is still there!

The Mee Siam is really different from those found outside and has a Peranakan taste to it!

In the earlier days, there was a YaohanSupermarket located right inside Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and there was also a Waffletown restaurant that serves very nice waffles and fried chicken!

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre was alot busier in the olden days and it was almost like the Orchard Road of the West!

It’s hard to explain but Bukit Timah Shopping Centre was really special to me. There is an affinity between us maybe because we are of the same age!

fresh fish

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Urgh! The atrocities of men!

This MTV cracks me up! Hahaha!

interview at jurong island

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Went for an interview at Jurong Island this morning for an Administrative job.

One thing about companies located inside Jurong Island is that they pay rather well because not many people are willing to travel all the way in.  This is because Jurong Island has lots of oil refinery companies and we have to exchange our IC for a pass and go through security check by the police before we could step foot onto the Island.

I actually don’t mind the hassle since transport is provided and the pick up point is near my place. However, the bad thing is that working hours sucks. Monday to Thursday is from 8AM 6PM while Friday is 8AM 5PM.

Considering that entry into Jurong Island is subjected to security checks, it means that I have to wake up real early to clear the ‘custom’. If I missed the transport, I’ll have to make my own way in by cab.

Furthermore, transport is only available from 7AM to 9AM and from 4PM to 7PM. This means that there will be no transport in between from 9AM to 4PM. If I need to move around the island, cab is the only way…

It’s a male working environment as I will be working on-site. This means, I’ll be working inside a air-conditioned container at the construction site with LOTS ans LOTS of bangalas. In other words, when I’m going home, I’ll also be squeezing the bus with LOTS ans LOTS of bangalas. Not discrimination against bangalas but just to describe the situation that I’ll be facing IF I take this offer.

Should I?

Are you worse off than her but half as strong?

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This is the story of a woman who was born without arms yet she never concede defeat to her fate.?Instead, she faced everyday challenges with much gutso just like any other able-bodied person.?Not only could she catch crabs, farm, open locks, cook and sew, she could even write with her feet!

Is there anything that she can’t do?

Not only did she managed to take care of herself, she could even take care of her family’s daily needs!?And some of the stuffs she did even excel what others could do!


Yet, how many of us could be like her??Faced with just a little setback and it’s the end of the world!?I really need to learn the spirit of never say die from her!

Our greatest enemy is ourselves.?No one could stop us from being successful except us.

Oh, China! you’re such a… joke?

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There’s a new theme park in China!  By right, it should have been exciting news except that…

Doraemon looked like a freaking nose-bleeding ninja with FAT fingers while Kitty-Chan looked like a ghost with burnt whiskers! And the poor Seven Dwarves!!  As if suffering from cleft lips are not enough, they looked hypnotised with their bulging eyes! 

It’s perfectly fine if China wanted to have a theme park like their HongKong neighbor but can’t they at least find someone with better workmanship to manufacture their puppets?  It’s bad enough that their puppets are so damn fugly but to see their heads literally dropping off is really a pain to look at!

This is sooo embarrasing… When will China ever stop making a laughing stock of herself?

my heart shudders…

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The past few days I’ve been reading and youtubing quite abit on the supernaturals.  In fact, I’ve just finished some videos and my heart is now pulsating violently.

Vampire 1
Vampire 2

Carnival 1
Carnival 2

Guai Zai 1
Guai Zai 2

Past Life 1
Past Life 2

Dog’s reaction to the unknown

I watched these all alone in the middle of the night and you have no idea how freaky it was.  Any weird noise I heard is enough to make my skin crawl and thoughts running wild.

Okay lah, I admit that I’m humji but the thirst for the unknown is really addictive.  The dark side is just like a magnet, pulling you unknowingly towards it with an unseen force.

Now, I need to ease myself of the fear and tension…

Hamsters, hamsters

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Recently, I’ve been contemplating whether to keep hamsters again? I’ve always loved hamsters because they provided me with hours of non-stop entertainment as I watching them sleep, running on the wheel or just stuffing themselves silly with the seeds and nuts.

Here are some of the hamsters that I used to have. Firstly, the Campbells.

Black Bear


Black Platinum

Red Eyed Lilac

Black Banded

Mottled Argente

This is how one of my Black Platinum Campbell played with the wheel.

Next, we have the Roborovskiis. I like to call them Robolets for short.
These are my Robolets. They ran so fast that their little feet are a blur whenever they are on the wheel.

They loved running on the wheel so much that they continued running despite breaking a nail or two…
I was so shocked to find blood on the wheel one morning that I had to remove the wheel for a week to let them recover before putting it back.

And now we come to the Syrians. I have to say that Syrians are my favourite among all the species of hamsters.

Aren’t they just adorable?

The Syrian above was found anandoned at the void deck. Read his story here.

Syrians are slow and clumsy – perfect for slow and clumsy people… like me!

The next hamster that I’m gonna get is going to be a Syrian, and a long haired one!

They bluffed my feelings… and $3.50

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There’s a new tonic/herbal soup stall at the coffeeshop near my place and I’ve been dying to try it since the stall opened a couple of weeks ago.

And today, I finally have the chance to try it so I ordered the Salted Vegetable Duck Soup.

I was full of anticipations as I’ve been looking forward for the past few weeks but after the soup was served… PHUI!

The soup is TASTELESS with only a few pieces of giam chye and what’s worst was that there’s only ONE piece of duck meat which is soooo miserably small! (about the size of a thumb).

[Insert swear word here]

Walau… What’s Salted Vegetable Duck Soup without duck meat? It’s like eating Orh Lua with no Orh Lua, Bah Kut Tea with no Bah Kut, Kaya Toast without Kaya

Piang eh… Cheated my feelings man!

 They actually CONNED me $3.50 for a bowl of salt water!!! How can???

Any idea how many giam chyes I can buy with $3.50?  When I think back about it horwalau… can cry ah

Haiz… I couldn’t finish the whole thing cause I’m really upset.  The soup was still 3/5 full when I left.

It’s okay that I kenna Robert this time because I’ll only be Robert-ed ONCE. 

Nevermind, after this incident, my fragile heart shall become STRONGER!