Month: September 2007

thank you dear neighbor

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Last night, I was aroused from my sleep by this heavy thumping of Indian music.  I got up to investigate and saw two men chatting beside a car downstairs.

The silence of the night was interrupted by the loud music blasting from the car.  I believed the driver has dropped his passenger (who is a resident of the opposite block) off and they continued talking with the music still blasting in the background. 

I was like  

It’s freaking 1AM for goodness sake!  Was it even necessary to turn on their music that loud?  Are they deaf or something?

How ‘considerate’ can these people get?

I’m annoyed because I’m a light sleeper and the slightest sound could wake me.  If I’m disturbed from my sleep, it would be quite hard for me to go back to asleep again.  And true enough, after the ordeal ended, I lay wide awake in my bed for quite a while before I managed to sleep again.

What is wrong with these people?  It’s so late already yet they have no qualms about waking the whole neighborhood up!   What you see in the video is just a fraction of how long the music has been playing…

The neighborhood would have been a much nicer place to live in if only everyone were a bit more thoughtful to their neighbors!  Chao Cheesebye!


the uninvited intruder

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This morning, I was still in bed when I heard my mum shrieking.  I couldn’t make out what gibberish she was gibbering about so I went back to sleep.  After I had woken up, she told me that the kitty had walked through the grilles and into the house uninvited

She said that the kitty was looking at her with its head cocked to one side.  “So cute!”, I exclaimed but my mum thought otherwise…  She chased the kitty out and closed the door.

My mum wanted me to follow her to the bank and when we opened the door, there she was, lying on the mat in grandeur splendor, for all to see.  She slept until buxin, no matter how I call out to her, she didn’t stir one bit.

IMG_1226 (600 x 450)
AwwwTweety sleeping with good ‘ole Putty Tat

IMG_1229 (600 x 450)

I woke her up and she diao-ed  me… Today, I finally turned her around and took a good look at her privates.  No peepee, no dingdongs. Its confirmed a she but it doesn’t matter anyway cause she is already sterilized. 

IMG_1230 (600 x 450)
I think she’s damn dulan with me for outraging her modesty…

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I checked my mail and came across this very heartwarming video from  Do sign up for their mailing list if you want to know more about the terrible things going on in the puppymills.

“It’s true that you can’t “save them all.”  But you can – like Wilson’s family – make a difference to one dog and that dog will reward you with a lifetime of love.”

Wilson‘s story really touched my heart.  They all have the potential to be someone’s best friend but how many of them had that chance to prove it before being euthanised?  I was especially affected by the words at the end of the video.

“I am only one,
but still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
but still, I can do something.”

Helen Keller

stupid msn & parking pontianak

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Last night, I tried to log into MSN but I didn’t even had the chance to say ‘hello’ to anyone before it shuts down by itself.  I restarted my laptop and the same thing happened – again and agian and again. Like what Pam Oei said in the video below, “Make my blood go upstairs…

For hours, I sat in front of the laptop cursing away and restarting my com repeatively but still, I didn’t managed to accomplish anything.  I was indignant and refused to sleep until I have at least done something so, I kept trying and trying until I finally could log in to MSN but then, all my contacts had gone offline already.  Damn pek cek!

Then this morning, I happened to look out of the window and saw the carpark auntie in action thus, I quickly snap this down
IMG_1225 (600 x 450)

which reminded me of this:

Eh ehhh… Pam Oei, one of the Dim Sum Dollies as the carpark auntie.

Simply hilarious!  I especially liked that slang of hers!  Very Macik-ish!  I wished I had the chance to watch the Dim Sum Dollies ‘Live’!


Day out with Gina and Ivan

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Today, I met up with Ivan and Gina for lunch at Liang Seah Street.  I used to visit the coffeeshop there everyday when I was still working at Raffles Hospital a few years ago.  At that time, I was drawn by their “great taste, great price” and their Laksa, Loh Mee and Chicken Noodle was on the list of my must-haves whenever I dropped by.  

Because I love spiciness in my food, I would always request for extra chilli which they were very willing to give generously.  When the demands of this hungry man was met, he becomes a very happy and satisfied customer.

However, all that changed when I went back yesterday.  The usual familiar faces were not there to greet me anymore and the person who used to serve me have already been replaced.   

I’m disappointed to see the portion of my Laksa have shrunk tremendously!  The noodles used to reach the brim of the bowl but now, the bowl was only half filled.  Not to mention that the taste wasn’t half as good as before.  The coconut-milk gravy was a very pale shade of white even after stirring in the extra chilli that I had asked for.  What a let-down

That’s reason enough for me to start patronising the Wanton Mee next door from now on!

After lunch, we accompanied Gina to look for badges at Parco.  We eventually found them at the basement and after buying the badges she wants, we took the train to AMK Hub where we watched “Chuck & Larry“.  It was simply hilarious!  I laughed non-stop!

In the show, Chuck‘s kid keeps singing the song ‘I Feel Pretty‘ by the West Side Story.  This was the very same song which Adam Sandlar was ‘forced’ to sing in Anger Management!
No spoilers here but do catch this show if you like naked firemen!

Psst: Gina, you look nicer with straight hair. Perm hair very auntie leh… Then hor, I know I’m a real hottie but please get a grip and don’t nose bleed whenever you see me, can?  I scared one!


Animal Communicator

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Jeffrey sent me the following video links last night.

Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link

Below is the translation/explanation by Annebiki, a forummer based in Japan:

ah ra… kanashiiiii
Thank you so much for sharing!!

Yeah they dont know why the dog cant stand.
They have been to the vet and they couldnt find out the reason.
The family feels that Berry chan wants to tell them something because he looks at them and its like he wants to say something.
But good on the family for NOT ABANDONING the dog.
So they consulted an animal communicator- the lady.

Berry ‘talked’ about a playground place she used to go to.
The animal communicator said that deep tissue massage might help. It’s not something that can be picked up by the scans and xrays.
Berry appreciates that they will take care of him for life but he feels it’s a burden for them to care for him like that.
He loves their laughter, their smiles.
But he is worried that they feel burdened.
The family cant believe this.

– then I think, I cant catch this part- the mother says she will care for him, no matter what.

Then Berry shows the mother that he can stand up; that he can GANBARE. He says, ” I can do it. Look at me, ?I can walk towards you.”
Berry goes through rehab, swimming and all.
Happy Ending!!!

OH I cried so much throughout this.
I believe in animal communicators- past dogs and present; they have been able to tell me something.

Bloggers Unite: Blogging about ABUSE!

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I was told of this event happening on the blogosphere where I could join thousands of other like-minded bloggers worldwide to blog about the same topic ‘Abuse’ on this day so here is what I have to share.

To me, abuse comes in many forms. There are spousal abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse and even emotional abuse however, what I am going to touch on today is on animal abuse.

Being an avid animal lover, it breaks my heart to see animals being treated shabbily or kept in undesirable conditions.

Animals, especially dogs are dear to my heart and I’m infuriated whenever I read about them dying mysteriously from the newspapers (whether tied to bricks and drowned in the river or thrown off buildings or even mutilated with certain body parts missing!)

Some people may think that to abuse an animal is to inflict physical pain upon them but little do they know that by subjecting them to mental stress and fear also constitute to abuse. 

Your neighbor across the street who ties his dog in the garden under the hot, scorching sun with no access to shade or water is committing an act of abuse. Your friend who did not feed his pet regularly or even denying them from proper medical attention when they are sick is also a form of abuse.

That said, my greatest worry is the plight of the puppymill dogs. I’m not going into details but you can simply google for ‘puppymills’ to find out the gory truths behind it.

Female dogs were bred continuously litter after litter with no rest in between births. Puppies are then taken from their mother at an early age and put up for sale because that is when they are at their cutest and able to attract impulse buyers.

Leaving mum too early, these puppies do not get the nutrients from mum’s milk and they grew up feeling weak and sickly and they often end up dead in their new homes, much to the bewilderment of their owners. 

Females that are too old or too sickly to breed are thrown away or killed mercilessly to minimize operational costs.

One might think that puppymill operators are the ones who abused these dogs but the puppy-buyers are also indirectly playing a part in abusing these puppymill dogs!

Like what Jacky Chan has said on Animal Planet years ago, ¡°No Demand; No Supply!¡± If there’s no demand for such puppies, puppymills will have no reason to churn out more sickly puppies. I’m sure the very smart puppymill operators will know that it is not profitable to breed more puppies because nobody wants them! 

Eventually, puppymills will run out of business and when the puppymill operators realise that there is no profit to be made, they will shut down their business and the dogs will no longer have to suffer!

Of course, this is just wishful thinking on my part but if everyone could unite and put a stop to this, it might not be a unachievable dream after all! 

Thus, be an informed pet owner and do not support puppymills! Buy your pet from a ethical breeder who raises his dogs in a proper environment or better still, adopt a homeless one from your local shelter instead!

Next, the inability to care for a pet adequately is cruel and another form of abuse by itself.

Someone from the forum once asked, ¡°What are the fishes that don’t need air?¡± I almost fell off the chair when I heard that! All living things NEED air to breathe in order to survive!

I believe he meant to ask what are the kind of fishes that doesn’t need the aeration from an air pump to survive hence, I recommended to him the labyrinth fishes like the Bettas and the Gouramis which could take in air directly from above the water surface.

This person may sound ignorant but hey, at least he’s learning.  He actually bothered to find out what are the fishes that he could keep before he goes to the nearest aquarium to buy them. On the contrary, how many people out there even bother to find out the proper care of a pet before bringing one home?

Then, the poor fish starts getting sick from improper care and ends up dead.  God knows how many fishes the owner have to flush down the toilet bowl before he realize what went wrong?

Sad, isn’t it?

I wish to share another incident that I’ve encountered many years ago.

There was once when I heard a commotion outside my window and when I took a look, I saw two children pelting a sleeping cat with pebbles. The cat simply ignored them and went back to sleep but that did not deter them at all.

When they had run out of ‘ammunition’, one of the child boldly walk up to the cat and attempted to kick it while the other one is cheering him on.

At that instant, I yelled at them and waved the phone in my hands indicating that I’m calling the police if they tried to harm the cat again.

All this while, their mothers were chatting heartily nearby, oblivious to the atrocities of their children.

The mothers simply turn a blind eye and continued their gossiping. Not one of them even bothered to reproach her child for what they had done earlier. They had seen nothing wrong with their children bullying a cat!

What morale values are this two mothers implanting in the minds of their children? I have read somewhere that serial killers first started out bullying animals when they were young. I do not know if this is true but I do hope that this two kids do not grow up into hardcore criminals!

I have always believed that education is the key to instill the correct mindset to the children at a young age and parents played an important role in implementing it.  There is no point pushing the responsibility to the school because a teacher can only do so much.  It is still up to the parents to ‘enforce’ the correct behavior in their children because afterall, they are the ones who spent the most time together.

Ever heard of the phrase, “Monkey see, Monkey do?”

Children are often the reflection of their parents hence, it is important for education to start from home.

A child who is taught to respect all life forms since young will grow up to be a compassionate and righteous person.


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Yippeeeeeee!? I ‘d won a 1GB Ipod Shuffle from Calbee! ?I? Calbeeeeee!! *jumps around in joy*

But there’s just one teeny weeny problem.

Can you read Thai?
Damn, bluff my feelings…

Cooked dinner again tonight.
Fried Gim Mak Lor (or is it Ang Gor Li?)

Fried egg with onion and crab stick


Vegetarian Fan Choy

This is suppose to be my breakfast for yesterday but I’ve forgotten all about it!? It tasted absolutely nothing like the real thing.? The sauce is too sweet and eating the char siew is like chewing bits of rubber…? Felt so sick after eating it…

After dinner, I was watching “Preistoric Park” on Arts Central.? I don’t understand why they included humans Steve Irwin-styled alongside the dinosaurs inside the program?? I can’t understand some part of the show.? What do they mean they had a breeding program for the Sabre-Tooth cat?? And there’s actually crocodiles that’s as huge as a T-Rex? Huh?

I don’t know if I’m watching a documentary or a science fiction film…? Compared to “Walking with Dinosaurs“, this is plain crrrrrrrrap!

Watching this show is like an insult to my intelligence!? Luckily, tonight’s program is the last episode.? Next week onwards, they’ll be featuring something furrier.? DOGS!? And Meercats too!?

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Complete orgasm… Haha!

Quite a boring day.  Helped my brother to upload some Praise and Worship songs into his friends’ new Ipod Nano.  Will be cleaning up my room later.  By the way, today is the fifteen of the 8th Lunar Calendar also known as the Mid Autumn Festival.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Mid Autumn Festival.


am i adopted?

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I think there’s a high possibility that I may have been adopted…

by this fella, lor

Remember him? (link)
Everyday, he would come take his afternoon nap outside my house on this mat.

He would loved to have a good scratching! Tickle his chin and he’ll readily roll over for you.

Wow!? If only it work the same way with girls!
Goochi, goochi, gooooo…