Month: October 2007


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Yesterday, I went to Bugis Village with my parents to buy some dried goods at the wholesale centre.

Colorful Spiral Stairs

Whenever I’m at Bugis, I’ll make it a point to come here to see these flights of stairs because I find them so vibrant and full of life!

We went for our dinner at the hawker centre.  One thing I hate about this place is the smoke and grime.  I only had to walk one round and I’ll feel sticky all over.

Interesting and unusual name for a stall

This stall sells hot beverages like coffee and tea.  Nope, I didn’t order anything from this stall.  I had sugarcane juice.

Char Kuey Teow with lots of hums

My Char Kuey Teow is quite nice but it’s abit bland.

After our dinner, we went upstairs on the second floor to buy the stuffs.  While my parents went to buy the mushrooms and dried shrimps, I went round shooting the surroundings.

Hawkers peddling their wares along the busy street

This pigeon keeps staring at me when I walked past.

I spy with my eye…

a hot-air balloon in the sky!

Nice, red building

This building stands out from the rest as it’s really eye-catching!

My future?

This old man was playing the erhu and earning his own keep.  Perhaps I can do the same 30 years later?

Waiting for customers

The wide and spacious cushion looks really comfy!

The ‘Harley Davidson‘ among the many rickshaws (Noticed the skull in front of the bike?)

After buying all the stuffs we needed, we took a bus home.  The moment I board the bus, I noticed there’s one auntie sitting with her legs spread wide open 180 degrees as if waiting for someone to… you know, screw her.

My mum and I went to sit at the back of the bus and after a few bus stops, this auntie actually came to the back as well and sat on the seat in front of me.  Someone behind me was playing the Yi Nan Wang song on the handphone and this auntie was shaking her head along with the tempo of the music.

I believe that she may have a bit of mental problem.  No one in their right mind would put their fist inside their mouth in public right?  The guy seating next to her was so terrified that he keeps edging away from her even though he had no space to shift anymore.

The auntie displayed quite abit of ‘shocking’ antics all the way till I alighted at my bus stop.  I think she also poor thing lah. 

I guess the guy sitting next to her has already missed his bus stop a long time ago but he didn’t dare to ask her to let him come out.

I could only watched with regret as the bus moves off towards the bus interchange.

Wanna see me break my neck, or a limb or two?

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OMG, this is soooo funny!

“Look, Ma! I can danccccccce!”

First, I Salsa-ed with Anqi then, I Lindy-Hopped with Sam!  Haha!!

Then, I saw these on youtube. 

The second one is creepy but still hilarious!

I like it when the fat ghost piak the slim ghost on the head!

Now my stomach is in pain from too much laughing already!


save our planet!!

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Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

As we all know, 75% of the earth’s surface is covered with water therefore, any pollution or destruction to it will have a direct impact on our lives.

Look what the tide brought in?

Plastics pose a serious threat in our ocean because it could have a deadly impact on marine life. Some fishes, turtles, seals and even seabirds may mistook these plastics for jellyfish and eat them.  As plastics are indigestible, it could choke or even kill them!

Rubbish littered our coastline

A beach filled with rubbish has zero aesthetic appeal and no one likes frolicking in a dirty sea!  Do you?

Plastics are non-biodegradable and they can take up to a hundred years to break down so please, dispose of your plastics properly.  Or better yet, try to cut down on the usage of plastics!  You can use re-usable utensils or even bring along your own shopping bag the next time you go to the supermarket! 

One person’s strength may seem weak to save our environment, but the effort of a million people DO make a difference!

Will our future generations get to see this rare pink dolphin in years to come?

Everyone should have the social responsibility to keep our ocean (and environment) clean from rubbish and all pollutants because we all share this planet.  The world would be a much better place to live in if everyone had the civic-mindedness to care for it.


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Due to some unfortunate change of events, the Sentosa trip was once again cancelled.

Not blaming anyone in particular, but I’m just feeling a wee bit dejected.

Just look at the sun! What a perfect weather for a day at the beach!

But alas!

What first began as an exhilarating idea has now been reduced to nothing more than an unpromising dream.

There goes my beautiful Sunday.

The ‘Tenants’

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Hey, I would like to dedicate the following song to my new tenants. Yes, I have TWO new tenants… in my cupboard.

Tenant No. 1

Tenant No. 2
nabu No kar chuar or lizards were harmed in the making.  Just a very traumatised hooman…


Ai HUM? Mai Hum?

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I like my Laksa extra hot and spicy… and with lots of yummilicious HUM!

While I was queuing up for my Laksa this morning, the uncle asked the customer in front of me whether he wants HUMs in his Laksa or not and to my horror, he actually said NO!

GOODNESS ME!! How on earth can anyone eat Laksa without the HUMs?  It just doesn’t seemed right to me!

Laksa wouldn’t be Laksa if it doesn’t have HUMs at all!  It’s like eating fishball noodle without fishballs.  Weird, right?


If I’m the legislator, I’ll make it a crime to eat Laksa without HUMs and offenders will have a bucket of raw HUMs forced down their throat! Heh heh…

What about you?  Do you like HUMs?

dinner at gombak

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Last evening, we went to Bukit Gombak for dinner.  When we got to the car park, Kitty was resting on top of my brother-in-law’s car and I had to shoo him away.  After we reached the coffeeshop, the stall which we had initially wanted to eat from wasn’t open for business. 

Since we’re there already, we ordered Yau Yu Ong Choi, Satay Beehoon, Hokkien Mee, Rojak, ‘Guo Tie‘, and Ramen.  We shared the food together and eat a bit of evrything.


I had to mention about the western food here.  It tastes quite good and was worth every cent that I paid for.

Ever since the Ke Ai Ji Western Food near my place was taken over by another western stall, their western food simply cannot make it. 

In the past when Ke Ai Ji was doing a roaring business, our orders were still delivered to us even though they were very busy.  On the other hand, business for this current stall was a far cry from Ke Ai Ji.  The portion they gave was really pathetic.  The coleslaw and baked beans were like only ONE tablespoon each (no kidding!) and the chicken chop was only palm-sized and all this for $6.50!  Don’t even remind me about the service! Customers had to collect their own orders even though their business wasn’t brisk at all.

It’s little wonder why their business is slow.  I believe it is a matter of time before a ‘Stall for Rent‘ sign is put up.

Thus, imagine my delight when I saw what was delivered to me last evening.  Everything on my plate was extra large! I got two big chunks of chicken chop, a large serving of coleslaw, baked beans and fries!  All this for a mere $5!  Woo~

The stomach was really satisfied and I was bloated from all the good food!

I woke up this morning with a swollen left eye and it looked damn sexy like see-hum.

I quickly put a cold compress on it and hopefully, it will subside.  After a while, it did get better so I decided to go for a haircut and have my breakfast at the market.  When I opened the door, Kitty was sleeping there on the mat again.

Kitty sleeping with Tweety on a wet and cold morning…

The market was unusually quiet today but it’s also good in a way because that means the coffeeshop isn’t crowded at all.  Most of the stalls were closed and I noticed the ah nehs are washing the floor with bleach and clearing the drain.

The porridge from my favourite stall cooked it’s porridge with the consistency I like. 

IMG_0355 (600 x 429)
Ugly hair but I like…

The sweetest gift

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Yesterday, my sister and brother-in-law went to the ericmooand left my nephew over at my house for a sleep-over.  The boy, with his newfound freedom (no more supervision from mum!) took the opportunity to watch hours and hours of his Barney VCDs.

We weren’t allowed to watch any other programs except Barney and we had to sing along together with him.

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination, When he¡¯s tall he¡¯s what we call a dinosaur sensation, Barney teaches lots of things, Like how to play pretend, A-B-C¡¯s and 1-2-3¡¯s and how to be a friend, Barney comes to play with us, Whenever we may need him, Barney can be your friend too, If you just make believe him

Now, I have Barney-phobia

This morning, I woke up to find these masterart pieces pushed in from underneath my bedroom door.

painting (475 x 600)

That little monster…heart_animated