Month: May 2008

Telemarketeer gets pwned

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Maybe I can pull off this stunt the next time some irritating telemarketeer calls up again to promote credit card services or insurance policies.

(There’s one who had been annoying me on a regular basis on friendster right now.)

I know they are just doing their jobs but I just hate them telemarketeers!!

They are peskier than the cockroaches who didn’t die despite being hit repeatively!

Favourite pic of the day

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What’s your favourite pic of the day?


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为何这篇文章要命名为 背叛 呢?


Why was this post entitled “Betrayal”?
That’s because, mankind have already sold out their best friends.

Do not scroll down if you’re disturbed by blood and gore







Dog Abattoir

Awaiting their fate


Pincers used to grab the dogs

The futile struggle

Brutally murdered

Unjustly death

The last image

Staring death straight in the eye…

Constraint of the bars

Who’ll save us?

The trade of lives…

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我很惭愧我不能理直气壮的辱骂那些人应为, 我该以什么身份来批判别人呢? 我自己还不是在吃其他的肉类?这不是很虚伪的表现吗?




I am deeply grieved after viewing these pictures. I could almost feel their fear and helplessness.

I’m ashamed that I can’t stand up forthrightly against the people who are doing this because in what capacity could I accuse them of being cruel when I myself is eating other meats? It would all seem hypocritical, isn’t it?

Emotionally wise, I still find it hard to accept the fact that dogs are being killed for food because compared to poultry or cattle, they have the most intimate ties and interaction with humans.

I understand perfectly the cultural differences from different countries. The culture of consuming dog meat in Korea and China is as common as eating poultry and cattle elsewhere.

I know I can’t change people’s mindset or even stopped them from eating dog meat, but deep down, I sincerely wish that the butcher could end the life of those dogs in the most humane way possible.

What killed the cat?

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I had initially wanted to blog about the school uniform from Malaysia which was said to be “too transparent, encouraged rape and premarital sex”…  (Full story here)

Hence, I went in search for this controversial uniform which could have caused so much social problems.

I had expected to find something like this:

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But what I found was this:

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The uber sek-see uniform from Malaysia government schools…

I guess the Malaysian group who condemns that this uniform will “lead to babies born out of wedlock and, to an extent, even prostitution” will commit suicide if they ever come over here to Singapore and see the kind of uniforms we have.

I had wanted to carry on with this topic but I discovered something else which stopped me from blogging on further.

I had found this…









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This girl looked like someone I knew in a hauntingly-kind-of-way.

I don’t know if it’s the hair or the dimple on the face but the resemblance is really uncanny!

No wonder they say curiosity kills…

 *Cold wind sweeps across the room*


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昨晚看了 “温情无国界,让爱川流不息” 的慈善筹款节目之后,心里很多感触。



的语气,加上现场的气氛, 再配合音乐的衬托,把《生死不离》里的意境,演绎的




*You can switch off the music player somewhere on the left.

Of Dogs and Heat Stroke

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This is a stark reminder to all dog owners, please ensure that your pets have access to the water bowl at anytime of the day.

I wondered if anyone has seen the news in the Chinese papers? Deidre Moss from the SPCA has said that at least three dogs have collapsed and died of heat stroke in the previous week. Flat-faced dogs like Pekingese, Shih Tzus, Pugs and Bulldogs are especially prone to it.

Hence, please ensure that your dogs are fully hydrate in this hot weather.

Dogs do not sweat like humans to dissipate heat. Instead, they hang out their tongues and pant to keep themselves cool. Please exercise common sense and do not bring them out in the afternoon when the weather is hot. Instead, bring them out in the early mornings or late evenings, when the temperature is lower.

Also, do not ever lock your dog inside the car unsupervised even if it’s just a little while. Temperatures could rise up to 48° C within 10 minutes inside an enclosed vehicle which is an instant death trap for your pet.

Repercussion of the Szechuan Quake

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(Note: During the 3 days mourning period, flags are flown at half-mast, all forms of entertainments were ceased temporarily and colors on the
computer and tv were switched to black and white as a mark of respect for the
deceased. This prompted the infuriated Zhang Ya to record the said video…

This video has ignited an uproar in the Chinese community.

Zhang Ya, from Liao Ning, China have uploaded a video of herself cussing away at the Szechuan victims all because she couldn’t access her online gaming.

She put the blame on them for the lack of colors on the websites and she maintained she isn’t color-blind like they are and that the earthquake must have knock their senses (eyesight) silly. She questioned whether the earthquake was a ruse by them to beg for food and donations because the folks in Szechuan were really too poor.

She commented that tectonic plate movements in India had caused the earthquake and they deserved it due to their geographical location. She also wondered aloud whether the aftershocks were caused by their fartings and she even mentioned that they should have just remained buried under the rubble to die instead of screaming for help.

She finally ends the video by asking them to “die (hurriedly) if they could” because it would be “too tiring to hang on”

Her insensitiveness has sparked a public outrage and incurred the wrath (link) of her fellow countrymen resulting in a few youtube bombardments here, here, here, here and here. (Warning: They DO love mothers alot!)

One thing I’m impressed with was her ability to rattle on like a M16 set on automatic and without having to read from a script. Perhaps, she was the legendary “motor-mouth” described by the Fragrance Prince (link).

located at different parts of the world, they share a common destiny –
both have been arrested and would probably be stoned by the
public if given the chance.

I propose the best punishment for her is to be dressed in 迷彩(camou)服 to do corrective work at Szechuan searching for the remaining dead bodies and give her no food except grass (which she said could be eaten and replenish hydration) so that she could walk the footsteps of what the people she condemned has gone through.

Enough of that whiny brat, here is the MTV 《承诺》 re-written by Andy Lau featuring Hong Kong artistes. (Hey, I see Teddy Robin!)