Month: July 2008

When boy meets girl…

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When nudists meets…

Awww… so romantic!

And what would you have done if you were Jun?

I swear I would have flipped table or at least splash my hot beverage at that cunt!

The following is totally unrelated to Boy Meets Girl but just wanna share…

HAHAHAHA! Don’t shy, just try!

It’s here…

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A few hours before midnight…

A few minutes before midnight…

A few seconds before midnight…

And when the clock finally struck twelve…

What a way to kickstart the Hungry Ghost Festival.

I have been bombing Hiroshima for the past 30 minutes and my ‘chrysanthemum’ is so hot, I can’t sit down now.
(I’m kneeling on my knees as I’m typing this…)

Earlier this day, I was working on the computer when I heard this ‘ling~ ling~’ sound which was unmistakably produced by a windcharm. At first, I thought I was hearing things but then, I heard it again…

~ling ~ling

I do not have a windcharm in my room at all but the ~ling ~ling sounded very surreal as if the windcharm was dangling just right in front of me. I looked behind my computer, looked at the windows, went to check the living room and even the kitchen but NO windcharm!

Then, I thought of the corridor cat. “Did it sneaked into the house again?”

I looked under the bed but corridor cat wasn’t there. Besides, corridor cat doesn’t wear any bells or even a collar for that matter!

Suddenly, I was reminded of the Hungry Ghost Festival. There are still many hours left before the gates officially open so they couldn’t have book out so early de right?

I didn’t want my mind to wander so I continued my work on the computer and that’s when I heard it again…

ling~ ling~

ling~ ling~ ling~ ling~

I tried to ignore the sound and concentrate on my work but all of a sudden, I realized where the ling~ ling~ came from…

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Typhoon Phoenix in Taiwan

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I’ve just got to know from cable news that Taiwan is currently being hit by Typhoon Phoenix.

One of the many devastating news about Typhoon Phoenix that gripped me was the fate of the three black dogs that were trapped under a bridge in Hua-Lien. With the water levels rising rapidly around them, their chance of survival seems bleak.

Concerned with their safety, I decided to come online and find out more but there was no further updates about their rescue.

Will these dogs be saved?

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My Sutchi Fish & Chips

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Having seen Adam‘s blog, I had a sudden craving for Fish & Chips last week.

I began sourcing for recipes from the forums and the very next day, I marched to the frozen department at NTUC in search of Sutchi fillets to make my Fish & Chips.

Due to the vague instructions from the various recipes, I had to agar agar the amount of flour and water. In the end, my batter turned out quite watery but there was no way to remedy it as I had used up all the remaining flour in the kitchen.

The fish was already frying in the oil when I realized that the batter is not forming at all. I immediately fished the fillet out from the wok and with the oil still pi-pi-piak-piak-ing, I kam kam cheng grab some soda biscuits from the cupboard and crushed them in a bowl.

I quickly dust the fillet in a
layer of the crushed biscuits before throwing it back into the wok.

And the result?

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The one about XMM blogs!

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I’m amazed how they could write something so effortlessly that people simply cannot understandz what they are saying at all worx.


I wonder will their English teachers vomit blood upon seeing the way they write in their blogs?

Another thing about these XMM’s blogs that sends a shiver down my spine was their self-taken kawaii pictures taken inside the washroom or changing room.

I could only watch in awe as they stared at the camera with their big Bambi eyes and posed with their fingers forming the numbers 1 to 10.

Ah, such youthfulness!

It sadly reminded me of my own youth which has heartlessly left me without a word many years ago… 
(尤雅’s 往事只能回味starts playing in the background)

So sad lorhx hAizZ…

Look, isn’t this very kawaii X10?

有没有cute 死人一下, 两下, 三四下?

嘿嘿 ~ 来,给uncle kiss kiss…*Muackz*

Hey wait… Guess what those lips reminded me of?

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Chaba Chaba Koko Ruchee

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What a appropriate video for my blog!
*thrusts torso forward and backward repeatively aka the Chaba Chaba Koko Ruchee dance*

I bet this insecticide works like a charm because all Chaba Chaba Koko Ruchees would have died laughing and flipped over on a skewer!

Anything with ‘Ping’ will make it to Top 10

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It’s time I tag my blog and every single posts with the word ‘Ping‘.

Ping‘ sells.