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A Recap Of My Lunar New Year

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It’s already the 6th day (年初六) of the Lunar year. Pardon my lack of entries for the past week. It’s not that I’m particularly busy, but I’m just too tired to come up with any new posts.

Regarding the last two posts (here and here), it was an exaggeration of how irked I was to find ashes drifting into and dirtying my house after I have finished Spring Cleaning.

I’m very pissed with these inconsiderate people burning kim zua. Not that I had anything against them, I respect all religions and their practices but can’t they exercise caution and common sense when burning kim zua?

It was bad enough to find ashes on my window sill and on my bed during Lunar New Year Eve but having to find them back there again on the actual day itself is ridiculous! Can’t they place the burner somewhere in an open space which is not so near to the houses? To burn kim zua right under someones’ window is plain selfish and inconsiderate!

Anyway, during Lunar New Year Eve, I accompanied my parents to the Jurong East Market which has undergone a facelift recently. Renovations were completed and the stall holders have shifted back into the Market from the temporary makeshift stall.

The Market was really crowded with the aunties and their sweaty armpits! We braced ourselves and charged into the crowd trying to distract ourselves from their bodily smells. After buying alot of stuffs, we had a very expensive breakfast because the hawkers jack up their prices before they closed business for the Lunar New Year. (Okay, they didn’t jack up prices but they shrunk the portion of food instead…)

The last day of the lunar year… (Part II)

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This is a continuation from the previous entry and the following is a recap:

As he wipes away a lone tear from his eye, the young Prince gathered his loyal subjects before him and they swore to seek revenge for him
bring the old man to justice even if it costs them their lives. Thus,
the brave men set out on a perilous journey, in search of the
perpetrator to give him his due punishment…

As the story goes, the brave men set out on a perilous journey in search of the
perpetrator but try as they might, they simply couldn’t find any trace of the old man despite having searched through every inch of the vast land belonging to the young Prince.

“Just who exactly is he?” the young Prince pondered as he paced up and down in his room. Outside the windows, the winds howled and and it send the shivers down the young Prince’s spine…

That night, the young Prince fell into a deep slumber and he had a peculiar dream…

The young Prince awoke the next morning, and was annoyed that he couldn’t remember anything about it. He walked over to the window, half expecting to catch sight of the old man there again but to his dismay, he found MORE ashes on his window sill and the burner had even been moved to directly below his windows!

he roared and the sounds of hurried footsteps rushed into the room.

The last day of the lunar year… (Part I)

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As the last dawn of the current lunar year climbed over the horizons, a young Prince stirred in bed, rudely awaken from his dreams by a disturbing smell.  He rubbed his goggly eyes and realized that his room was filled with smoke!

“Holy Tangerines!” he exclaimed as he nimbly leapt off his bed and ran towards the window to find out what is going on.

The young Prince looked out of his window into his kingdom beyond and was distressed, trying to make out where the land of his reign lies which has been engulfed by the thick smoke that filled the air. As how all good fairy tales should progress, help came when the dark clouds parted, and a light shone down from above upon a burner not far from his palace.

Suddenly, the wise young Prince was enlightened.

“Which intelligent-sweet-pea-of-his-mother would place the burner near someone’s home?” the young Prince wondered as he stroked the hair at the end of the mole on his chin.

Just at this moment, a movement near the burner caught the young Princes’ attention. A frail, old man was seen throwing something that looked suspiciously like kim zua into the burner before disappearing into the thick smoke.

“Ah ha!”  the young Prince said as a matter of factly, “How dare this lowly subject arouse me from my royal slumber and disregarding the safety of all who lived in MY kingdom?”


Looking for a men’s bag…

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I’m looking for a men’s giap-under-the-armpit handbag.


(un)Happy Lunar New Year!

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With the imminent arrival of the Lunar Chinese New Year, the butterflies in my stomach seems to be fluttering around much more vigorously as the days goes by! I mean, I do like the ang pows folklore and the food traditions behind the festival but what I dreaded most about the festival was the visiting part and having to go through The Annual Interrogation.

Don’t the aunties ever get bored asking the same questions from the ten-year series year after year?

During this part of the year, I would be led into believing I’m a criminal on death row, waiting to be executed by the firing squad except what’s shooting out from the tip of the gun barrels are not bullets but endless questions about my job, marital status and what nots

Sometimes, I may have to resort to pretending that I’m deeply engrossed in the TV show, (which has been recycled to death by Mediacrap year after year and THANK GOD for Animal Planet and NGC!) so that I could avoid eyes contact and ignore them.

Despite that…

I still love the Lunar New Year! I am proud of my chinese roots and the traditional customs passed down by my forefathers. I love that warm and fuzzy feeling when the whole family gathered round the hotpot during the reunion dinner and I love all that red decorations around the house.

I love the festive mood and I love all the food! I love everything about the Lunar New Year except maybe for The Annual Interrogation.

Yes, the Lunar New Year will be a much happier festival for me if without The Annual Interrogation.


Spring Cleaning

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If you haven’t noticed, my blog has undergone a big revamp!

Not just the flash banner which you see up there, I have switched back to using Xanga Looks & Feel instead of Xanga Themes. If you’re not a Xanga user, you probably wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.

I loved my previous layout using Xanga Themes but it has alot of restrictions. No javascripts, no flash, no nothing!

I can’t add in Twitter, Widgets, or even codes to hide the stupid eprops thingy! URGH!

I don’t understand if these things were allowed in Xanga Looks & Feel, why wasn’t it allowed in Xanga Themes? I’m not sure if Xanga Themes is still in beta stage but they Xanga Team is certainly taking a long time to fix things up.

Then, my layout went haywire all of a sudden by itself and I wrote in for help before Christmas but till now when it’s almost Chinese New Year, there is still no reply from them yet!

Sibeh gek sim!

I’ve spent so much time and effort tweaking on that layout and they did this to me? I can’t bear to take another look at that hence I transferred most of the layout at Xanga Themes over to Xanga Looks & Feel.

Holy basket of a ding dong ball, make my blood go upstairs only…


The cuttlefish… attacks!

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I’ve turned into Maria last Sunday, helping Mum to lug bags of CNY goodies around. We were on a CNY Shopping Spree organised by the RC and a coach has been catered to bring us shopping round the island!

First stop, we were at the Fragrance Bak Kwa Factory Sale at Woodlands Terrace. We reached there around 9am but the place was already swarming with customers. It was pretty scary to squeeze with all that people in there thus, I stayed near the entrance so that in case of a stampede, I could jump out of harm’s way.


Seeing how the aunties jostle fearlessly in the crowd reminds me of how ancient warriors fought in the war. I really applaud them for their bravery and patience to queue up at the cashier which was snaking around the factory.

What caught my attention while waiting for the aunties to finish their shopping was the Boon Tong Kee sales (not included in the itinerary) four doors away. For a hungry man who haven’t had his breakfast yet, what could be more alluring than food samplings? Hence, I followed my nose and drifted there instead.

If you’re interested in either the Fragrance Bak Kwa or Boon Tong Kee Factory Sales, do leave me a comment.

Devastating news from Taiwan

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偷家犬再宰殺 亂葬崗藏香肉工廠

Source: TVBS







Source: TVBS

This is my half bucket translation:

bracket An abattoir in it’s bid to supply dog meat as tonic for the coming Winter, has turned unscrupulous! A suspect from the private abattoir in Kaohsiung specifically targets, and dognap dogs that were kept by families to slaughter them. In an operation to bust the illegal activity, dogs owners led the authorities to the private abattoir where one of the owners broke into tears after finding her puppy dead.
Reporter: “Is your dog inside?” Dog owner: “Yes, Ah Mi!”

When her beloved puppy went missing, the dog owner has never dreamed that she’ll find
her once boisterous puppy turning into a piece of
meat on the ground at the abattoir. Dog lovers pointed out that the suspect who dognapped
dogs from their houses in order to slaughter them, do not take those with skin disease. He picked those that are reared by people and those that were tied to the gates were also taken away.

Hidden beside a mass graveyard lies the dilapidated abattoir where the
killings took place. The suspect argued that he killed those dogs
under orders and not for monetary benefits. However, police investigations showed that the suspect has a similar past record. The
suspect laments that at his age, he possesses no skills thus, what else can
he do?

Dog lovers: “Why is there a weighing scale? This is proof of buying and selling!”

The environment of the abattoir was one of filthiness and clutter. The cleaver was rusty while fur and blood littered the
ground. Dognapping and
slaughtering dogs for their meat is prohibited, even those who have consumed the meat
would find it hard to accept.

Ribena and Rihanna

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Can anyone still remember the good old Ribena advertisement from the early 80‘s?

This is a remake of the very same ad by the Chestnuts albeit with a wicked sense of humor from the original!

If my memory doesn’t fail me, in the original ad, a schoolboy and a schoolgirl were both sitting under a tree with the girl sipping on Ribena from her water bottle. I can’t remember the details other than the boy asking, “Can I have some too?”

Gosh! I am feeling young already! This ad is a classic, I tell you!

The following is another hilarious spoof of Ribena Rihanna‘s ‘Umbrella in Hokkien by the good people at Chestnuts.

Ho Sua! Ho Sua! Oh! Oh! Ho Sua! Ho Sua!

A childhood sweetheart…

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We first met when I was only in second grade.

She was petite and very, very sweet. Among all who lay there clamoring for my attention, she was the only one who caught my eyes.

Perhaps it’s fate that brought us together and letting us meet at the Mamak Shop almost every other day.

Such is the arrangement for the next two years, until I moved out of the estate in fourth grade and from then on, I never did saw her again.

Years gone by, and I’ve returned to my old estate numerous times in search of her but the Mamak Shop where we first met was already gone.

I have no way of finding her as I didn’t even know her name! All these years, I’ve only known her by the nickname, ‘The donut from the Mamak Shop‘.

How I missed the good old days when my dad would bought her for me as my breakfast while on our way to wait for the school bus!

All this while, I have always thought that she was a Indian Donut (because my dad has bought her from the Mamak Shop) until recently, I was told that she wasn’t at all!



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