Month: August 2009

Where’s Marmite?

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I love Marmite!

I especially loved having Marmite in my porridge and this has been my comfort food since young.

Ghost Story During Seventh Month

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My story appeared on OMY!

Link here.

Original entry here.



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许多村民无法及时逃脱而难逃被活埋的厄运! 小林村在瞬间,被夷为平地!




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Jew Kit Hainanese Chicken Rice 友吉海南鸡饭

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Accompanied my Mum to touch up her eyebrows at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre today. After she was done, was recommended by the beautician about this Hainanese Chicken Rice  which was located somewhere at the basement.

Thus, off we went in search of this much-acclaimed chicken rice store and soon enough, we found it at B1, tuck away at a corner. The shop was called Jew Kit Hainanese Chicken Rice (友吉海南鸡饭), occupying two shop fronts with more ‘afresco’ seats in front of the shops.

Finding ourselves a comfortable seat, we browsed through the menu and decided to order the personal set, with three available options to choose from.

There’s Chicken Rice with Achar, Chicken Rice with Braised Taukwa and egg and Chicken Rice with Thai Style Taukwa and Ikan Bilis.

We chose the latter two.

For the chicken, you can choose either black (roasted) or white (steamed).

Steamed Chicken Rice with Braised Taukwa and egg

Where Got Ghost *Spoilers Alert*

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I just watched Jack Neo’s latest production, “Where Got Ghost” earlier this evening.

Fried Hokkien Noodles

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This is my first attempt trying to cook Fried Hokkien Noodles. Result is not too bad except I didn’t add enough stock to cook the noodles which ended up a little too dry.

Coraline *Spoilers Alert*

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After moving into their new home, Coraline’s parents have been too preoccupied with their gardening catalogue to pay any attention to her. Left to her own devices, she discovered a mysterious small door in the drawing room…

SOS Tolong!

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I really, really need some help now…

I will love you for a million years if you could help me!

A Simple Dinner

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Haven’t cooked dinner in a while. Finally made something that’s easy to prepare and fast to cook.

Four-Season Pea (四季豆) Omelette

Neglected Dog Needs Help

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Well, to cut long story short, a puppy was adopted three years ago when it was only four weeks old. Unfortunately, this dog has been banished to the balcony and neglected for the past one year. Adopter now wants to put the dog to sleep because the family has gotten a new dog.

Name: Freud
Breed: Black Mongrel
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male/Unsterilized

You can learn more about Freud, and the details of the callous owner in this thread. (Rehomers Alert!)

If you can help with the medical and boarding fees or better still, adopt Freud, please contact Jo at 81131370.

If you can’t offer monetary help, at least help to spread the word please. No effort is too great or small!