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Kobayashi Hangul

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Was waiting for Mum at Lot One and undecided about what to eat for dinner when she arrived with a flier that she got from someone at the entrance.

The flier was for a newly opened eatery called Kobayashi Hangul located at the basement.

We decided to check it out and realize it was a Japanese-Korean styled fast food eatery. You simply place your order and pay at the counter, collect your side dishes and they will deliver your cooked dishes to you at your table.

Looking at the bowl of rice from the leaflet, one would have thought the Saba Fish and Bokguem (Korean Spicy Meat) comes in a huge hotplate which makes it actually quite affordable at S$6.80 but when my hotpot came…


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每日必經之路 ~


Rhino Runs Amok At Zoo

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A Rhino escaped from it’s enclosure and went on a three hour rampage.

Witnesses said the eight years old Rhino bursts through an open gate, charges and attempts to trample it’s keeper.

Zoo visitors were immediately evacuated for safety reasons but some who were unable to make their way out in time hid inside a restaurant.

Zoo officials were unable to explain how the 5000 pounds Rhino escaped from its enclosure and a committee has since been set up to review the design of the animals enclosure.

Four people were injured before the Rhino was finally captured after being sedated with tranquilizers.

The injured people remained hospitalized but were reportedly to be in stable conditions at the local hospital.

The footage of the escape was captured by a German tourist.

Watch the video below.

A Traumatic Hair Cutting Experience

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Not too long ago, I had a rather traumatic hair-cutting experience.

As my usual salon was busy (fact was, the stylist was having her breakfast), I went to the next salon further down.

I motioned to the female stylist that I wanted a haircut and she pointed to a chair near the entrance before going in the get her tools.

After settling down on the swivel chair, the stylist returned and I instructed her what I wanted.

She grabbed a spray bottle from the dressing table and proceeded to spray water on my hair.

Nothing unusual about that but instead of the usual mist, what came out from the nozzle was…

Miss Singapore World Found Guilty Of Credit Card Fraud?

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RECENTLY crowned Miss Singapore World Ris Low, 19, had earlier been found guilty of credit-card fraud. The beauty queen was convicted of five charges of misappropriation, cheating using illegally obtained credit cards, and impersonating their
users’ identities.

The first-time offender was sentenced in May this year to 24 months
of supervised probation, said a Subordinate Courts spokesman in
response to a query from my paper.

Another 60 charges were taken into consideration for the purposes of sentencing, he said.

Court documents show that Miss Low spent a total of more than $2,400
on at least four separate occasions, using at least three different
credit cards in April and May last year.

She bought two gold anklets worth almost $1,000, a $698 mobile phone, and food and drinks at a swanky restaurant.

It is not known how she obtained the credit cards.

my paper understands that her previous employer, a health- care company, made a police report about her in April last year.

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Tiong Shian Porridge Centre 長城粥品中心

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Yesterday being a public holiday, my Dad suggested going to New Bridge Road to have our favorite porridge at Tiong Shian (長城).

Tiong Shian has been around for a very long time and I have been eating it for as long as I could remember. It has almost become a ritual for my family to have a bowl of Tiong Shian porridge whenever we were in the vicinity.

However, the standard of Tiong Shian porridge seems to have dropped rather drastically in recent years.

Did they change chef? Or has it got anything to do with the China staffs they hired?

Truth be told, I was quite worried of making a wasted trip because the last time I went back, their standard has dropped so much that I almost couldn’t recognize the ‘familiar’ taste that I grew up eating!

Nonetheless, I decided to give Tiong Shian one more chance because I was craving for the Yu-Shang (sliced raw fish) which I hadn’t eaten for a long time. Afterall, what could possibly go wrong with Yu-Shang, as long as it is served fresh, right?

So, even if the porridge fails me this time again, at least I’ll still have the Yu-Shang to comfort me…

Shin Chan Creator Falls To Death In Mountains

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A body found on a mountain in Japan was confirmed as popular
cartoonist Yoshito Usui, whose manga and animation series “Crayon
Shin-chan” has attracted a worldwide fan base, a report said.

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I have…

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After careful consideration, I have decided to step out from the closet to face the truth and to accept any condemnations thrown to my face by the people out there.

Even though people may talk behind my back or even avoid me like a leper, I have decided not to wallow in self pity anymore and not allow the demons of a tainted past haunt me.

I have a long way ahead and life still had to go on.

It wasn’t an easy decision and the pain is more than I can bear but, I guess there are some things which we cannot avoid.

I have just one advice for you: Please use protection.

Learn from my mistake and don’t walk in my footsteps.

I don’t want this to happen to you, or anyone else.

Let me tell you my story…

A painful reminder: The early stage

至死不渝的爱情|A Touching Love Story

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This is a touching love story which brings tears to the eyes of all who watched it.

Lost Maltese

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