Month: October 2009

Haw Par Villa

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Haw Par Villa, formerly known as the Tiger Balm Gardens, was originally constructed in 1937.

Aw Boon Haw created the park which depicts Chinese mythology, heroes, folklore, legends and history to teach and preserve Chinese values.

The gate, which was built originally for the Villa

Do you know why Haw Par Villa was named as such even though there was no Villa anywhere in the park?

Actually, there was.

Initially, Aw Boon Haw bought the site to build a grand Villa for his brother, Aw Boon Par. However, distraught by the loss of his brother after the war, Aw Boon Haw had the Villa demolished but continued to improve and expand the grounds until his death in 1954.

Haw Par Villa was later sold to STB (Singapore Tourism Board) in 1979.

Alphainventions, RefZip And Blogsurfer

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This is a God-send life savior for all bloggers.

Alphainventions, RefZip and Blogsurfer definitely works better than Blogexplosion imho.

Subscribe to it and just wait for the results.

Ps. I just realised that Alphainventions and RefZip were both created by the same person – Cheru Jackson.

What a  genius!

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Older And Wiser

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free glitter text and family website at


I talk to him when I’m lonesome like;
And I’m sure he understands.
When he looks at me so attentively,
And gently licks my hands;
Then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes,
But I never say naught thereat.
For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes,
But never a friend like that.

W. Dayton Wedgefarth

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Mee Siam

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Decided to cook Mee Siam today.

This is even easier to prepare than the Laksa. Just follow the instructions behind the Instant Mee Siam Paste.

What Is Wrong With The Education System?

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I chanced upon a blog today, which belonged to thirteen year old Thomas. 

When I first read it, I couldn’t believe that a thirteen year old boy actually did those things mentioned.

In his September 16 entry, Thomas was giving “sparring” lessons to his classmate after school. Apparently, he was coaching and preparing Shawn for the showdown with someone from class 1A3.


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This is real easy peasy. Just follow the instructions behind the Laksa Paste.

A Lost Dog, A PRC Guy And A Pack Of Lies

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For the past week, I was appalled to learn about this PRC guy who goes round adopting rescued dogs for a minimal fee, and then reselling them for a profit.

Read the first story about the Great Dane here and the second story about the MBT (Miniature Bull Terrier) here for some background information.

According to the PRC guy, his Mum’s friend (another PRC guy) brought Xena, the MBT to his factory in Tuas where she was tied to a lamp post and left in the rain overnight. By the next morning, Xena ran away.

Did Xena really run away like he said? Did he come up with this story because she has already been resold and he could not get her back? Or worst, did she ended up in the claypot?

Whether it’s the truth or not, the utmost task at hand is to continue the search for Xena.

Help Xena come home!

S$1500 reward for her safe return!

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The Super Chi Bai Song

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This song might be offensive to some (especially the ladies) but just enjoy the video with an open mind…

The boy looks freakingly like our little friend here…

Blog Action Day 09 Climate Change

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The Earth is getting warmer by the day and this is evident by the ice melting at the arctic.

Vegetation from the forests helps to cool the atmosphere but unfortunately, illegal logging has caused quite a substantial area of the rainforests to decrease at an alarming rate!

Furthermore, deforestation has caused many species of wild animals to lose their habitat.

Going at this rate, many of these animals could be driven to the point of extinction and future generations could only learn about them through books.

Most importantly, photosynthesis in plants produce oxygen and they played an important role in filtering the atmosphere, giving us fresh air to breathe.

Lost Parson Russell Terrier *FOUND!*

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Please help keep a lookout for Napolean around Hougang area!

Help Napolean come home!


Update 17 October: LOST AGAIN!

Update 19 October: FOUND!

Last seen running towards Hougang Mall

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