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The Traditional Puppet Shows

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Yesterday, my Dad went to help out his friend who’s holding some rituals at his void deck.

Dad said that this friend of his hold such rituals once every three years to give thanks to the Gods because apparently, the Gods helped him prosper in his business.

The namu lous (南无佬s) performing the rites to ‘unveil’ and ‘inviting’ the Jade Emporer

Video below…

I thought that it would be an eye-opener for me so I tagged along to experience the ceremony.

There were lots of chantings and the accompaniment of percussion instruments going on. You can say it’s a very noisy affair as it lasted the whole day!

A puppet troupe has also been hired to perform a show for the Gods.

This was how it looks like from the front

Such puppet troupes were very common and popular during the early days.

During the Lunar Seventh Month (aka the Hungry Ghost Festival), these puppet troupes are hired everywhere to perform for the ‘good brothers’ until they were phased out and replaced by the Getai.

Lack of demands and the lack of apprentices led to many of these troupes closing down.

It’s so rare to see such puppet shows nowadays and it would be quite a shame if this traditional art was to die out.

Here’s how the backstage looks like with the musicians and puppeteer hard at work

Stringed puppets waiting to go on stage

Unfortunately, I am not too fond of puppets myself.

My phobia towards puppets and dolls arises due to this popular TV drama called 迷离夜 (Mystery) from the 1980’s. This drama was made up of eight individual stories and it’s this particular story “” which left a permanent scar in me.

You can watch the whole series here.

Do you like to watch such traditional puppet shows?

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Giant Pandas From China!

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The parents have finally touched down safely yesterday morning!

Unfortunately, Mum was taken ill barely two days upon arrival due to the chilling weather at China because her winter wear was unable to combat the -0.8°C temperature efficiently.

Luckily, I’ve heard about the weather from the news and by the time they arrived on the doorstep at 6am, I had already gotten a pot of Sweet Potato Soup with ginger to ‘warm’ them up.

The first thing we did was to have breakfast together at the coffeeshop.

Seriously, food tastes better when you are not eating alone.

Anyway, wanna see some Giant Pandas?


But before that, here’s what I’ve got.

Beads from some sifu

The parents did not buy alot of stuffs as I told them not to since they are already struggling with the hugeass luggage due to the extra winter wear.

Okie, now are you ready for some Giant Panda cuteness?


the Giant Pandas!

Why are they called ‘Giant Pandas’? Are there miniature ones?

Are this two coming to Singapore?

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A House Without A Family Is Not A Home

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It just feels… incomplete.

Don’t you think?

These few days, I feel really insecure to return to an empty house.

Sure, you get the peace and quiet when you have the house all to yourself but
the quietness really gets to you, especially in the night.

It has been three days since the parents flew out of town and I’m beginning to miss them already.

It’s times like this that makes me appreciate Mum’s naggings and Dad’s farts (the sound not the smell) the most.

I guess loneliness is really a scary thing because it makes one do weird things subconsciously?

I have had two weird dreams last night, one involving my Mum and the
other involving my paternal family home which has already been

In the first dream, I dreamt that I walked out on my Mum (because she did something to embarrass me in public) and when I turned back to look for her, I just can’t find her anywhere anymore. She’s just vanished into thin air and I lost her forever.

I woke up from that dream feeling really awful and when I went back to sleep, the second dream started.

In the second dream, I was staying in my paternal family home with friends whom I’ve met during the different stages of my life. The events that unfolded in this dream was just plain illogical and hard to explain in words.

I guess the saying “what you think during the day, you’ll dream about it in the night” is true huh?

When my parents returned, I’m gonna give them a big hug and make sure they do not travel for the next ten years!

Anyway, this is my dinner today.

I left some mushrooms to cook in the slow cooker this morning and the mushroom and fatt choy turned out really nice and soft!

Braised Mushroom with vegetarian Curry Mutton

Looks unappetizing I know, but it tastes quite nice actually.

Be grateful that we still have food to eat.

Wait till you see this upsetting news that I saw on CNN today.

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Home Alone

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I was really tired yesterday because I didn’t sleep a wink on Friday night. I toss and turn in bed but I just couldn’t get any sleep.

Perhaps its because my parents are going aboard without me though I can’t be sure am I feeling excited or sian about it. I went to buy breakfast for my parents at 5.30am on Saturday morning before sending them off to catch their flight.

Remember a few posts back (I’ve deleted that post already) when I mentioned that I went to the tour agency to get some travel brochures? I was actually considering Hong Kong, Bangkok and Korea but my parents had decided on China instead.

I had no interest in strange rock formations or thousand year old temples (actually, it’s because of this) so, I decided to stay home instead.

It was just my first night alone yesterday and I already had a near death encounter when the lizard decides to play a jack-in-the-box prank on me by leaping out from the tissue box. It only stop short of throwing confetti and shouting “Surprise!” to my face.

Then, I entered the kitchen and I spotted a cockroach behaving suspiciously near the sink. I yelled at it but it ignored me and kept running away leaving me with no choice but to put it to death with hot water.


The body is still there awaiting for removal at this point of typing and the parents will only be back in eight days.

Dilemma… Dilemma…

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After careful considerations, I have
decided on the Nokia E63 instead of E71.

Although the E71 comes with more
features, I realize that I do not need those extra functions like the GPS. Why
pay for something you don’t need, right?

The E71 also comes equipped with a better camera but since I already have a Canon for that purpose so, it’s not a issue either.

Besides, what I pay for the E71 is better spent on two months of mobile and internet bills instead.

I have seen the phone at the Singtel
shop already and frankly, I do like it but the only thing holding
me back are the many horror stories I have read online regarding the
Nokia Care Center (NCC) who see no qualms in offending customers and
voiding warranty as and when they like. Phones sent in for servicing
took forever to repair and when it’s finally done, comes back worst
than before.

I do trust Nokia but what shakes my confidence were its after sales people because after sales service is very important to me. What if something happened to my phone and I can’t get the help I need?

Read to your heart’s content:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6

The more I read, the worrier I get.

I have yet to come across one positive feedback so maybe it’s wiser for me to stick to good old Samsung?

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I Stuck It In The Wrong Hole

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Wrong Hole

I took her on a date, things seemed so bright
I knew I would not need my youporn tonight

We go to her place and we fool around
We throw all our clothes… to the ground

We begin as she turns out the lights
I start but feel something so very extra tight

I hear her cry, and I see her frown
I look at the condom, it is all brown


Last Night oooo
I stuck it in the wrong hole

I’m so sorry, oooo
from the bottom of my soul
….cause I stuck it in the wrong hole

Try some preparation H it’ll make you feel better
In my defense those holes are so close together

Oh baby, baby don’t feel defiled
it’s a common accident during doggy style

It was so dark I couldn’t see so good
I’d no idea where I put my wood

I want to make things better want to make it alright
If you want you can put on a strap on and give it back to me all night ( I’d rather if she didn’t)

I never ever want to make you feel hurting
I guess thats why G-d made that hole not for inserting

Tell me how you feel, baby please don’t pause
Now I know how they feel in that HBO show OZ

Maybe take some advit, your pain it will fix
From the way you are walking, you can compete in the special olympics

If this was Alabama we would be on trial,
That’s how my mom took my temperature when I was a child (with a thermometer)

I’ve got a confession, and I think you won’t mind
I kinda liked it when you put it in my behind

I don’t know baby, I’m no Sodomite
Can’t we just try it again tonight….?



Every night oooo
I stick it in the wrong hole

It’s so much fun, oooo
and we don’t need no birth control

When we stick it in the wrong hole.

I stuck it in your ass.

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Four Years On, The Pain Lingers…

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free glitter text and family website at

We wish we could have told you,
in words you’d understand,
We wanted you to stay with us.
This wasn’t what we’d planned.

We wish somehow to tell you,
How empty we now feel.
A part of us went with you,
A part that time can’t heal.

We wish we’d once more hear you,
in your softly, rumbling purr,
to hold you on our laps again
and stroke your golden fur.

We wish we had you back again,
to fill this empty space.
But one day we’ll be together
in a far, far better place.

Kristen Sharer

I have decided to compiled all the past posts from the day Dexter fell sick, up to the day he passed on, all together in one post. Since Xanga doesn’t allowed, I guess I  just have to do it manually. That’s Xanga for you, folks.

While reading through the past entries, the emotions within me has been stirred up again, as crisp images of the events unfolds in my mind. It seems like only yesterday when it happened.

Not a single day has passed without thinking of him and it grieves me to recall how frail he has turned into during his last days.

I only hope he is in a better place now, chasing butterflies and romping with all his doggy friends over at the rainbow bridge.

The battle:
Jul 25 2005 Health going downhill
Jul 27 2005 Initial diagnosis
Jul 28 2005 The first night away from home
Jul 29 2005 Come home please
Jul 30 2005 Discharged!
Jul 31 2005 Recuperating at home
Aug 06 2005 The follow up
Aug 18 2005 A turn for the worst
Aug 19 2005 Back to the vet
Aug 23 2005 Stubborn boy refuses to take his medication
Aug 28 2005 An update on Dexter’s recovery
Sept 07 2005 Second opinion with Dr Heng
Oct 02 2005 Spending time together
Oct 26 2005 Birthday eve
Oct 27 2005 A turn for the worst
Oct 28 2005 Hospitalized again
Oct 28 2005 The visit
Oct 30 2005 Discharged
Oct 31 2005 The first steps in weeks

Acceptance and Closure:
Nov 02 2005 Farewell, my dear friend
Nov 03 2005 Thanks for the consolences
Nov 06 2005 A little thought means so much
Nov 07 2005 “Dexter where?”
Nov 09 2005 The seventh day
Nov 12 2005 Home again
Nov 13 2005 The scare
Nov 17 2005 Are you there?
Nov 26 2005 A special gift
Mar 31 2007 In dreams he came to me
Jul 21 2007 I misses you
Mar 23 2008 What do you do with a bored 5 year old on a boring Sunday afternoon
Mar 31 2008 Oh noooooo!
Apr 02 2008 Operation saving Dexter

1st Death Anniversary
2nd Death Anniversary
3rd Death Anniversary
4th Death Anniversary
Fifth Death Anniversary

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