Month: December 2009

To The Nuffnangers Who Came This Way!

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It’s the first day of 2010 and what better way to begin it by thanking the following Nuffnangers who has Nanged me for the last two days of 2009!

Are you one of them?

Please click on their individual profile to visit their blogs!

I shall be doing this on a regular basis to show my appreciation to all Nuffnangers who took the trouble to NANGed my humble blog.

May your year be as exciting as a fireworks factory on fire!


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Colorful Clarke Quay

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I had a wedding dinner to attend at Novotel Clarke Quay yesterday so what better chance to try out the new camera that I’ve gotten last week? Hence, I make my way down to Clarke Quay four hours before the dinner and took my time exploring around.

I’ve checked the weather forecast before I left the house and it really rained as predicted when I arrived.

Not one to beat a hasty retreat, I whipped out my camera nonetheless and braved the torrents of rain which pelted mercilessly upon my umbrella.

Some of these pictures were taken single handedly (pun!) as the other hand was busy restraining the umbrella from eloping with the wind…

The row of colorful shophouses

Fortunately, the rain did not last very long and I was soon able to manipulate the camera with both my hands again…

See that structure on the right? It was the G-Max

A closer look

That’s bungee jumping (in reverse) whereby you’ll be catapulted into the air from the ground.

Watch the video I took from the opposite bank

It costs a whooping
18 bowls of Wanton Mee per person per ride!


That’s almost one day worth of salary for
some people!

Moving further up the bank

A penny for your thoughts?

Bumboats cruising along the river

Notice that building with the colorful windows at the background? That’s the MICA Building. Nuffnangers who attended the post Nuffnang Awards Tour should be familiar with it.

View of Clarke Quay from Read Bridge

What is my ideal life?

It is enjoying a cuppa at a idyllic corner and watching the world go by…

I’ve heard so much about Chen Fu Ji Fried Rice but are their fried rice really that ultimate?

Riverside Point

Here’s how Read Bridge looks like
and I love those Victorian street lamps!

Setting the parameter for some street performances

Nice deco

The ground is leaking

An old school dentist chair

As the time for the wedding dinner draws near, I made my way to Liang Court to ‘standby’ and I realized the shops starts pulling down their shutters as early as 7pm.

Everyone loves baubles!

Find me!

I love Christmas ornaments!

After taking these few shots, it was time to attend my best friend’s wedding.

Congrats, K & MC!

It was a fun and exciting day getting to know my new camera better. I’m still exploring the features, especially the manual functions. I hope I could come up with better composed pictures in time to come…

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Happy Christmas Eve!

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Here’s wishing a very Happy Holidays to all who came this way!

It’s Christmas tomorrow and it might be a little too late to ask now but what the heck…

Wish List!

Where’s my Santa Sugar Mummy? Buy one for me here!

See? I’m not greedy. I’m only asking for a S$22.90 wallet. I’ve already bought a Lumix camera (although it’s not LX3) and received a G-Shock watch from Sam.

Let’s hope the economy in 2010 will be a better one!

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Ham Gaa Caan 咸家鏟

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Or holocaust, whatever you call it.

It all started last night, when I went to the kitchen to get a drink.

reached for the switch and as the lights flickered on, a movement on the countertop caught my attention.

A cockroach, probably out for a night snack, was scurrying away for dear life. He sped across the stove, down the cabinet
door and made a bee-line for the sewage hole.

Without hesitation, I picked up the insecticide, gave it a vigorous shake, aimed the nozzle at the sewage hole and pressed hard.

I returned to the kitchen an hour later (to get myself another drink) to be confronted by this…

The full casualty figures…

Pardon the fur, I’ve been shedding quite a fair bit these days…

I didn’t realize that there’s a whole family of them living inside the sewage hole.

Ps. meaning of “Ham Gaa Cann” here.

One-North Park

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I stumbled upon this unique park one day when I sent my Mum
to attend a course at the NTU Alumni Club located at Bouna Vista.

NTU Alumni Club sits on top of this tranquil park

I decided to explore around after sending my Mum to her class.

There are two ways to enter the Park.

The first was through the main entrance via Bouna Vista Road while the second was via the small path beside Chromos building along North Biopolis Way.

Chromos and Helios building

If you enter via the second way, you’ll be greeted by a waterwall.

According to the One-North website:

waterwall is a continuous vertical wall of approximately 83 metres long
aligned to the adjacent promenade pavement. This wall forms a retaining
structure against the hillside with an angled bend following the

The height of the facade varies from 1.5m at the ends to 3.6 metres at the centre corner and highest elevation.

I tried to capture the entire 83 metres using panorama.

Click here for bigger view

I wonder does this waterwall have anything to do with fengsui for the whole One-North Master plan?

(That’s the MOE building at the background)

Looking up to the
Hilltop Plaza

Stairs leading up to the Hilltop Plaza

Hilltop Plaza

Bench at Hilltop Plaza

View on top of Hilltop Plaza

Tried to do a 360° panorama shoot of the view at Hilltop Plaza but failed miserably! Shaky hands loses to tripod!

Click here for bigger view

Time for some flora shoots!

I like ferns

I find trees with ferns growing on them especially charming

Angsana tree

See the hidden fruit?

I can’t differentiate Cempedak from Jackfruit

Spot the moon. Or rather, what’s left of it…

New Moon?

The hilly terrain overlooks the Biopolis – a research and development (R&D) hub dedicated to biomedical science

Life is all about making choices: Which path will you take?

Was trying to take a shot on the hill overlooking Biopolis


Southern End of the park leads to Fusionopolis – a R&D hub for Infocomm Technology, Media, Physical Sciences & Engineering industries

At the foot of the Park lies a interactive playground that teaches kids physics through fun and play.

An overview

Parabolic Dish

Communal Drums

Telephone Tubes

A withered tree stands not too far from the playground
(Reminds me of the Big Fish poster)

Does this remind you of Google?

It’s a pleasant surprise to find such a tranquil park nestled away from the hustle and bustle of Bouna Vista. It provides a alternative choice for the people working nearby to destress and recharge their mind.