Personality Disorder Test

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Personality Disorder Test

My Results:

Paranoid: High

Schizoid: Moderate

Schizotypal: High

Antisocial: Moderate

Borderline: Very High

Histrionic: High

Narcissistic: Moderate

Avoidant: Very High

Dependent: High

Obsessive-Compulsive: High



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Today bought 5 tiny Angelfishes from the aquarium shop. Cutie babies! Put them in a 2ft tank. Now just wait for them to grow up!  

changing job soon

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I just feel like dying nowadays… I’m  now working for the last month. Its not that I’m hard up for this job but I can’t bear that feeling of having to look for a new job again… When I look at the friends around me, all had a good education and had stable jobs but I’m the only one with not a worth in this world… What a loser I am.

shitty day at qianhu

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Actually planned to go Aquarama today but then, the damn hot weather and long distance puts me off! I decided to go to Qianhu fish farm instead but my brother wanted to go as well. However, he needs to go to church in the morning so I had to wait until 4.30pm for his service to end.

At 4.30pm, I waited for him at the waiting area for the shuttle bus service to bring us to Qianhu but he called me and said that he can only reach at 4.45pm instead. One shuttle bus just left before he finally showed up. He wanted to go to the toilet to wash his bloody face and during this time another feeder bus left. WTF! All because of him I waited the whole day for him and now had less than 40 min to visit the farm and had to rush to take the last feeder bus to bring us out of Qianhu again before closing time!

And what a disappointment I had at the farm. Not a single decent looking fish that I like. Anyway, I saw a disgusting looking fish, which look like a mutated ginseng called a Lungfish. It was feeding on a poor baby goldfish. The Lungfish eat away the stomach leaving behind the head, spine and tail but heck; the goldfish is still alive and breathing! And that Lungfish was nibbling at the goldfish head. Damn that Lungfish! Burn in hell! Can’t you eat your prey whole? RIP, Goldie!