For Adoption: White Husky

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Status: For Adoption

Breed: Husky

Name: Winter

Age: 2+

Gender: Male

Neglected Dog Needs Help

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Well, to cut long story short, a puppy was adopted three years ago when it was only four weeks old. Unfortunately, this dog has been banished to the balcony and neglected for the past one year. Adopter now wants to put the dog to sleep because the family has gotten a new dog.

Name: Freud
Breed: Black Mongrel
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male/Unsterilized

You can learn more about Freud, and the details of the callous owner in this thread. (Rehomers Alert!)

If you can help with the medical and boarding fees or better still, adopt Freud, please contact Jo at 81131370.

If you can’t offer monetary help, at least help to spread the word please. No effort is too great or small!

dogs for adoption

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Here are some of the dogs for adoption.? To know more about them, please click here.

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Dogs Are Not Toys!

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The last I counted, there were at least seven Jack Russell Terriers ranging from just 9 months to 12 years old which are available for adoption.  Some of them are currently in SPCA‘s custody whereas others are in foster homes.

Some common reasons excuses for giving up the dogs included the arrival of a new baby, moving to a new apartment which doesn’t allow pets and a lack of time, etc…  *Yawns* 

Pets are a lifelong commitment (their lives; not yours) so don’t get one on impulse only to regret it later.  Dogs, especially Jack Russells are NOT the dog for everyone.  They are like little tornados dressed in fur coats who leave behind a trail of destruction wherever they go.  If you are not prepared to be a doggy slave OR if you have a weak heart, please don’t get one at all! 

I can’t emphasize this enough! 

CUTE‘ – is the worst reason a person could ever come up with when he wants to own a dog.  Tell me frankly, which puppy isn’t cute? (okay, apart from the Chinese Crested Dog)

If you want to get pregnant within the next 15 years, don’t get a dog!  If you need to study/work/relocate overseas, don’t get a dog!  If you have a crappy mother-in-law, don’t get a dog!  If you have whiny neighbors, don’t get a dog! 

Why do I mention that?  It’s because, these are the most often used excuses given whenever a dog is being given up.

There may be only one reason when you decided that you want to own a dog but there could also be a hundred and one excuses to get rid of him when the reality of dog-keeping sinks in. 

So, what does dog-keeping means?  To me, it could mean the poo in the living room, the vomit under the table, the chewed up LV bag, half a dead lizard on your bed or even the humping on your guests’ legs.

By this time, you might realise that the dog isn’t that cute afterall…

Please understand that dogs are pack animals and they crave for attention.  So, don’t buy a dog home only to leave him all alone in the house!  A lonely dog left to his own devices is a destructive creative dog!  (refer to picture on the left)

Whilst you have your friends, your hobbies and your job, your dog only have you.  Your dog can’t go shopping at town with his friends or even play Maple Story on the computer! 

To you, he may be just a dog, but to him, you ARE his life, his everything

If you aren’t prepared to spend so much time with your dog, then don’t get one at all!

Don’t make him pay for YOUR mistake with HIS life!  It isn’t fair!

If you cannot take care of your dog anymore, please rehome him.  You owe him that! 

Don’t pass him to just anyone that comes along.  Conduct a proper screening against dubious characters and make sure that the new adopter doesn’t have any funny ideas in his head about breeding the dog or even reselling him off to make a quick buck!  Always sterilize your dog before handing him over to the new family.  It’s the least that you could do for him.

Do take your time to screen potential adopters but don’t wait till the last minute when you are about to give birth or board the plane before you starts to panic where to ‘dump’ him. 

Asking for a token of goodwill is okay but do not ask for $XXX amount of adoption fees.  That’s selling; not rehoming.  Recouping your losses shouldn’t be the priority on your mind right now.  Finding him a owner who could shower him with more love than you could provide should be the paramount issue here.

Things shouldn’t and wouldn’t have turn out this way IF you had bothered to do your homework first before getting a dog.

The reason is simple.  Not all dogs are the same.

Some breeds are bred to herd animals while some breeds are bred to guard.  Some breeds are bred to hunt and there are some breeds that are simply bred to warm your laps.  Different breeds have totally different temperements and you should choose one that fits into your lifestyle.

It’s akin to buying a car.  You don’t just go to a showroom and buy one simply because it’s ‘cute’?  You would have find out first if the car suits your needs?  Is your family able to fit in comfortably?  Is the boot big enough to stash your golf clubs?  Is the backseat spacious enough for you to make out? naughty_raise_brow 

But most importantly is, are you able to afford the car in the long run?

You may well be able to afford the initial cost of a car but it’s the day-to-day upkeep that is the killer!  Think about COE.  What about the road tax?  Season parking?  Maintenance?  Petrol?  Insurance?

What if the car kenna buang?  Changing a new windscreen costs money.  Changing a punctured tyre also need money.  Even covering that hairline scratch mark costs money too.  

Of course, that’s just a analogy I made but the rationale is the same.  The price you paid for the dog is just a small fraction of what you are really going to spent.  Doggy stuffs are not cheap, mind you.  You still have to pay for the license fees, food, toys, training aids, vaccinations, accessories, etc and when your dog falls sick, the consultation fees with the vet costs more than what I had pay my doctor for my common flu!

People often do not think hard enough when buying a pet but dogs are afterall living creatures.  When a car is damaged or old, we can still send it to the scrapyard but can we do the same to dogs?  Well, technically speaking, YES, you can but it’s just not right. 

I absolutely hated those owners who threatened that they would put their dog to sleep if nobody takes him in within a stipulated timeframe.  It’s not as if the dog is sick or suffering?  Just because the dogs have fallen from grace and that’s why they deserved to die?

Just what is the problem with these people?  It is a LIFE that we are talking about here!  Even an ant would instinctively know that it has to climb to a higher ground in order to survive a flood!

Let me reiterate once more.  Dogs are live, living creatures like you and me.  They breathe, eat, shit and make helluva noise (if you don’t already know by now). 

For the good of the dog and yourself, if you are unable to commit to a lifelong commitment, PLEASE DON’T GET A DOG!! 

Perhaps a Tamagotchi would have been better.

mutt-vellous adoption drive

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The objective of this drive is to help rehome many of the abused/abandoned dogs who are currently under foster care.

Come hear the touching stories behind each dog and be amazed by their enthusiasm for life despite the adversities they faced in the past.

Help us help the animals! By adopting, you CAN save two lives – the one that you bring home and the new one which the fosterer cares for.

Isn’t it more meaningful to be able to save two lives by adopting instead of buying on impulse and supporting a vicious cycle of puppymill misery?

So, please spread the word around and inform your family/friend/neighbor/relative who is looking to adopt a loving pet.

Better yet, bring them down and see the lovely dogs for yourself!

So, make a date with us and be prepared to be melted by those soulful eyes and waggy tails! All of them are looking forward to love and be loved in return!


Link: Mutts & Mittens

The one about irresponsible pet owners with unrealistic expectations

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I wonder why do people buy pets impulsively without fully understanding what they are getting into despite the availability of information on the Internet? You often see these people desperately knocking doors for help on the forums when their newly acquired pet starts showing signs of distress a few days later.

In most cases, it’s appalling to know that their puppies are under three months old! Puppies should ideally stay with their mothers for at least three months because they are fully weaned around that age. Besides, staying around mum and their littermates during the early stages is vital for their future developments. The puppies learn important socializing skills from one another and behavior corrections from their mum through daily interaction.

Sadly, in the economic world, puppies are removed from their mum and put up for sale as early as four weeks of age. Puppies sold off too young are vulnerable to diseases and usually grow up into nervous adults with behavioral problems.

Information like these are not hard to find if pet owners were willing to do their homework! Sometimes, I’m amused by what prospective adopters wrote in the adoption section of pet forums.

I want to adopt a puppy. Preferably free, purebred, female, comes complete with accessories and must be near to where I stay (so that I don’t have to travel too far to collect it)

Adoption is a great way to help shelter animals but it shouldn’t be seen as a cheaper alternative of getting a pet. No one would give away a pedigree puppy for free unless with strings attached.

My family wants to adopt a puppy. We have a maid to ensure that the puppy will be adequately cared for…

Whose pet is it going to be? The maid? Why get a pet if they are not prepared to care for it? At the end of the day, the poor maid end up having to do the dirty job after they are done with playing with the dog!

Pets are living creatures with emotions like us. They have the ability to feel pain, hunger, sadness and even happiness like us! They are not toys with on/off switches and cannot be chucked in the store room when they have gotten tired of it. Pets are a lifetime of commitment and should not be bought on a whim!

My advice for would-be pet owners is to take the time to read up more on the characteristics of the pet that they are interested in, making sure that they are fully aware of the commitment involved and the responsibilities they are getting themselves into before.

Adoption is the kindest thing a pet lover can do. By adopting, you saved TWO lives – the one you took home and the next one that took its place at the shelter.

Know this: one shelter dog dies for every puppy sold.