On This Day Of Great Celebrations…

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Yesterday, I had an early celebration with my Mum, Brother and Sister-In-Law. Dad is at work while my sister didn’t came over as she had to take care of her sons.

You may find me weird but I do not like people to sing me the Birthday song.

Whenever this happen, I would cringe and freak out, wishing it would quickly end.

So, yesterday, my Mum, brother and sis-in-law just sang me the last sentence of the Birthday song and I proceeded with the cake cutting.

After having the cake, everyone just went back to doing what they were doing and that, is my Birthday celebration in five minutes.

As you can
my Birthday is quite

In my family, we do not have the habit to celebrate
birthdays because everyone is busy with work.

When we were kids, the adults were busy making ends meet so
there is no time to celebrate and no spare cash for presents, much less a party.

we grew up, the ‘tradition’ sort of continues.

most we will do is to have a meal together and that is it

guess, that is the reason why I’m so paranoid of having people singing me the
Birthday song because I didn’t know how to react with me being in the limelight.

for my Birthday this year, we didn’t even have a meal together because
everyone were still busy with work.

Today, I just spend the day celebrating
with me, myself and I.

And here’s me wishing I a Happy Birthday!
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Older And Wiser

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I talk to him when I’m lonesome like;
And I’m sure he understands.
When he looks at me so attentively,
And gently licks my hands;
Then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes,
But I never say naught thereat.
For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes,
But never a friend like that.

W. Dayton Wedgefarth

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Happy Burstday to ME!

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IMG_6294 (450 x 600)








Tiring day

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Yesterday was Farzanah‘s birthday BBQ celebration at Pasir Ris so I meet  Jeffrey at Tampines Mall to get her present. The moment I stepped out from the MRT Station, the sheer amount of human traffic thronging the streets scared me! It’s people mountain people sea literally!

We braved the torrents and made our way safely into the mall opposite but only to be greeted with more people inside! We went to a couple of shops but couldn’t made up our minds on what to buy. Some of the shops were so crowded I didn’t even dared to enter!

We went up and down and eventually decided on a Forever Friends cushion.

After getting the present, there was still alot of time left to the BBQ. As I still hadn’t taken my breakfast, we went over to the Pasar Malam beside the mall to prowl for food. We had the Japanese Teppanyaki Pizza and it was very, very nice! I loved the veggie especially and that flaky stuff on top mixed with the mayo and BBQ sauce!

IMG_5956 (600 x 450)

After our stomachs were filled, we went to White Sands to pass our time. Luckily, White Sands wasn’t as crowded as Tampines Mall which is a relief!

We walked a few rounds but there was nothing much to see. We went to the game shop to look at the PSP and NDS Lite. Then, we went to inspect the food on people’s table at Wan Chai.

We intend to proceed to the BBQ and was already at the bus interchange but Farzanah said that the timing would be delayed as she’s still not ready with the preparations. Thus, we returned to White Sands to walk around again before ending up on the second floor to watch some fugly reindeers act innocent on the stage. (That’s when the batteries in my camera died on me)

At the same time, we waited for Peilan and Anqi to reach Pasir Ris so we could all go together.

IMG_5960 (600 x 450)IMG_5954 (600 x 450)
Compare the number of people at White Sands(L) and Tampines Mall(R)?

After watching for awhile, both of them came and we finally make our way to the BBQ.

When we reached there, Farzanah and some of her friends were still preparing the food so we sat around for a while and ate marshmallows.

Luckily, she didn’t invite too many people this year so we had quite alot to eat and drink.

The Salmon Salad was very, very nice and I had never seen so much scallops at a BBQ before!

We left around 11.30pm and I managed to hop onto the last train with Peilan. After Peilan got off at Novena, one bloody drunkard vomited all over himself like a Merlion and my leg kenna-ed a bit!

By the time I reached CCK, it was already way past midnight and I’m still in time for the last LRT!  I thought that I would have to walk home from the MRT Station!


A belated post

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Attended Sam‘s birthday at Aloha Loyang chalet last week.

We went to the beach behind the chalet and wrote on the sand but we never build sandcastles. We had fun writing until two underaged Ah Lian wannabes come disturb us and spoil all the fun. We write they also write. No creativity at all so I go do something else…

Look where your feet tread!

I found some pieces of broken glass while Jeffrey even found a fish hook! Don’t know who left them there? Can’t imagine if someone stepped on them, especially that hook!

I went round looking for more broken glasses and threw them into the dustbin before any accidents could happen. I wish people could be more considerate towards other people as well  as to the environment.

Look what the tide brought in?

It’s a dead baby Flowercrab. Too bad it’s too small and not much meat for us to BBQ.

Talking about the BBQ, the tama (not ‘他妈’ but the furry furry fire-starter) and the cheapo brand charcoal won’t light up at all!

We spent close to two hours setting up the pit but what we get is alot of smoke and dirty stares from the neighbors as if our chalet is on fire.

As darkness falls, other people are already happily BBQing and eating but we are still trying to start a fire!


From this, I’ve come to a conclusion and that is: we make lousy arsonists.

Eventually, we managed to get the fire going. Everyone got their food and we are all happy kids once again.


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I believe you may have misinterpreted the real meaning behind my message.

What I was trying to put across was, when friends mentioned that it’s a little expensive for the present, it’s not that they are unwilling to share but they could have some difficulties in coming up with the money. $30 could easily be for your one session of luxury entertainment at the arcade but for some people, $30 could actually mean 3 weeks of pocket money.

Regarding this, I have to confess that I myself is guilty of it. Sometimes, my mum would call and asked me if I had taken my lunch yet? I would replied her saying that I just had my lunch at McDonalds and when I asked her back the same question, she would replied that she had tapau-ed the previous nights’ dinner for lunch or she simply had some bread instead.

Immediately, my heart would fall to rock bottom and I would felt so bad because there she is trying to scrimp and save that few dollars, but on the other hand, I am splurging money on ‘branded’ food. I began to blame question myself why is there a need for me to spend $6++ on fast food when $2 at the school canteen does the same job of filling up my stomach?

I’m trying to explain the difference between spending money on needs and wants.

The reason why I mentioned about that is because there is once when you mentioned that ZZZ, who is not even a close friend of AAA could come up with the money, why couldn’t XXX? Not being able to come up with the money doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in any way less ‘friend’ to ZZZ and I’m definitely not saying that you measured the greatness of a friendship with monetary value. I’m just saying that, as a friend, I wouldn’t mind if you give me something of cheaper value but what matters is that the gift comes from the heart. It doesn’t have to be something expensive.

I have never meant to say that you are a materialistic person at all and that was never the intention of my post. If the way I had construct my sentence reads that way, my sincere apologies. Of course I know you are one who treated friends with sincereity if not, you wouldn’t have helped me take down assignments when I was absent, bought me lovely bells when I was down to cheer me up and follow me to Bugis to pray when I was sick.

You are being such a good friend to me why would I want to say something nasty to hurt you? GOD forbid!! Perhaps like you said, people think differently. There is no right or wrong but just that we see things differently. Just like I was never in your shoe so I didn’t know how it felt like to be deprived or family warmth and likewise, you too have never been in my shoes so you didn’t know how scary it was to be like in poverty.  Have you ever seen a mother and her three little kids sharing one plate of rice because they are too poor to afford it? 

Hence, you may see the glass as half-filled while I may see it as being half-empty. Get what I mean?

I agree with you that we should put this to an end. I’m sure the birthday girl wouldn’t want us to fight over this because of her. Nevertheless, I just wanna say sorry for causing this misunderstanding and for being a big disappointment to you.


happy birthday to me

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In the morning, I felt so paiseh when the whole SC gang sang me the birthday song at the foyer before we had our briefing.  I had a busy day shaking hands and accepting well wishes from people.

Then during lunch, Chee Guan and Kenneth wanted to treat me Mac but I can’t leave the school compound during school hours.  Thanks guys, your kind intentions have been noted.

Everyone were missing from the canteen and I was eating alone when Hana, Haida, Sali, Siti, WN, Cally, Ari, Shawa and Sri suddenly showed up with a birthday cake and singing me the birthday song in English and Malay at the top of their voices!!  So touching it moved me to tears!! 

They had went out of school in the hot sun to get me a chocolate mousse cake!

After school, I had another pleasant surprise.  Hidayah has left me a Bugs Bunny cake inside my pigeonhole at the SC room.  It’s so darn cute that I couldn’t bear to eat it!!

Thanks guys (you know who you are!!), you make my day!

Love you lots!! 

Bugs Bunny Cake from Hidayah.

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Sunflower and card from Yanling and Fanny.  Bicycle photo frame from my manager, Tweety Bird and Swarovski Kangaroo from Clarence


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Yesterday, we went to the Keat Hong Tze Char to celebrate my mum’s birthday.

We ordered Claypot Sea Cucumber, Spareribsin Ketchup Sauce, Kailan, Claypot Fishhead, Satay and my favourite BBQ Chicken Wings!

Dinner was a letdown. Their food used to be soooo gooood but now…

No wonder we can find a table so easily. In the past, we need to stand around for at least 10 minutes before we could have a table!

Not that I’m fussy but its really that bad! Everyone at the dinner said so!

Now, the only thing that can draw me back there is the BBQ Chicken Wings… *SHIOK*

Its even better than KFC!

Confirm, Guaranteed Chop!