bitch! bitch! bitch!

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I tak boleh tahan that BITCH already.  If she scolds me because I have made a mistake, I have nothing to say but the fact is, she is picking on me even when I’m not in the wrong! She would grab every opportunity to put me down without knowing the fact first.  Even when she later found out she has blamed me wrongly, she didn’t even apologize and just pretended that nothing has happened.

I find that hard to swallow!  How could that BITCH accuse me of something that I had not done at all?  It’s so awful to be wrongly accused?  Who does that BITCH thinks she is?  What gives her the right to abuse me mentally and verbally?  Just because she is the store supervisor?

When stocks arrived, one of my responsibility was to tally the physical stocks against the quantity stated on the DO like what I’ve been taught by my department people but like that she also want to scold me?  What if there is a discrepancy? 

Sometimes, when I’m in the midst of doing stocktaking, she would take away some stocks without even telling me.  She IS the Supervisor for goodness sake!  How could she do that??  Can’t she wait for me to finish doing the stocktaking first before helping herself to the goods?

Now I realized why sometimes I can’t tally! 

How to work with this kind of people?

Countdown: 05 MORE DAYS TO FREEDOM!!


whiny bitch

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The moment the BITCH is back to work, she is trying to be difficult with me again.  Initially, she barge into the storeroom, whining about a couple of price tags that are sticking on the floor but nobody is paying attention to her.

Being the silly person I am, I tried to be initiative so I took a penknife and go to scrap them up.

Naively, I thought everything is okay already but moments later, she barged into the storeroom again, complaining that the area where the price tags were previously is now stained black after customers stepped on the sticky patch. 

How else does she expect me to remove them then?  Lick them off with my tongue?  She is never pleased with anything I do!! 

Luckily, the manager was there right beside me and she told the BITCH such stains are very common and easily removable by mopping.  I guess she’s hopping mad now that the manager is speaking up for me.

It won’t be long till I get out from this god damn place!

peace before the calm

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That BITCH is on OFF today and so are my department people.

I’m the only person left to do store receiving but it’s okay because I have already learnt the ropes and I could handle everything by myself.

Does she think that I’ll be handicapped without my department people around?

I bet it’s another evil plot of that BITCH to tekan me.  She jolly well know that Mondays to Wednesdays are the busiest as most suppliers rushed to send off their goods at the beginning of the week so she must have planned our OFFs in such a way that I will be left alone to do everything!

Try harder next time, BITCH!

Though I am very busy with endless suppliers to attend to but never mind, there’s nobody to breathe down my neck and nobody to kajiao me.  My productivity was even better than other days when my department people were around.

Maybe they shouldn’t come back at all?

bitch at work

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I’m getting quite sick and tired of my attachment at POPULAR.

I dread going back to that place because my Supervisor is making hell for me.  I don’t want to see her cheesebye face but I have like yet another fifteen more days to go before the last day of my attachment!

Whilst I’m there, I tried my best to be a good worker.  I am humble to my fellow colleagues, I follow instructions from my superiors and seniors, I take the initiative to help the other departments when I’m less busy and when in doubt, I asked questions.

I also tried to apply what I’ve learnt in school to good use.  When a customer asks for something, I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and attend to their needs first.  If they need something, I’ll bring them over to the shelf where they can find what they want however, what the Supervisor does is just to point at the direction and say, “Over there” without even looking up.  There is absolutely no eye-contact or Customer-First mindset at all!

When customers wanted a new piece of a product, I’ll help them to search through the shelves for it.  Even if I knew the product may already be sold out, I’ll still pretend to help them to look for it. 

Like that, they can see my effort and be convinced when I told them that there are no more stocks.  At least, it will be more convincing than just to tell them straight without trying.

I simply cannot stand her condescending attitude.  As a new staff, there are a lot of things that I do not know so obviously I have to turn to her for advice but whenever I asks her a question, she would be very impatient with me.

I don’t understand why the hostility towards me?  I didn’t owe her any money what?

I do understand that sometimes we can get so busy that we’re may not be in the best of moods but for her is every day her mood is like that!

Isn’t a senior (Supervisor some more) supposed to teach and guide the junior staffs along?  If it’s such torment to teach her juniors or serve her customers, then just quit lah!  Why make herself and the people around her miserable???   


The bitch from CO again

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CO practice ended at 6 pm yesterday. I’m a little demoralized that I have to stay back until so late because class ended early on Fridays.  While others can go home and rest, I still have to remain in school for the whole day.

Who ask me to join the CO only to discover that I do not have the passion as before already?

I went to the SC room to arrange my notes for CUR but I can’t concentrate as its too noisy.  I decided to take a break and went to the Co-Op Shop to help Haida and Sally. I helped them to restock the tidbits and some cartons of drinks but found the crowd a bit overwhelming so, I went back to SC room to continue my work but someone has occupied my seat and pushed all my stuffs away.

Annoyed, I decided to go and open up the Music Room since the keys are with me.  I have the whole room and 3 air-cons all to myself PLUS the peace and quiet that I needed to complete my work!

I was able to get some work done before people started coming in for the practice.

I almost felt asleep while playing the erhu and I struggled to keep myself awake by shaking my legs.  An excitement finally helped keep me conscious a little when Mrs Chew went to arrest two CO members from their class who had been missing CO practices and brought them to the Music Room.

Apparently, they had a very bad attendance record and had arrears of $7 in club funds which they refused to pay.  Mrs Chew gave them a earful and decided not to give them their CCA points.

Then, she also scolded that bitch who keeps asking people to help pay her club funds for her.

That bitch has been going around saying nasty things about her best friend (Peiqi) and me, calling us an adulterous pair and even said that we are having an affair!

She claims herself to be a devout Buddhist and is a vegetarian but I’m beginning to doubt her because a real Buddhist will not do or say such evil things to hurt others.

I think all the vegetarian she has eaten and all the scriptures that she has recited these years have come to naught.  The merits that she cultivated are not even enough to compensate for the hurtful things that she has done!