To The Nuffnangers Who Came This Way!

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It’s the first day of 2010 and what better way to begin it by thanking the following Nuffnangers who has Nanged me for the last two days of 2009!

Are you one of them?

Please click on their individual profile to visit their blogs!

I shall be doing this on a regular basis to show my appreciation to all Nuffnangers who took the trouble to NANGed my humble blog.

May your year be as exciting as a fireworks factory on fire!


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Alphainventions, RefZip And Blogsurfer

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This is a God-send life savior for all bloggers.

Alphainventions, RefZip and Blogsurfer definitely works better than Blogexplosion imho.

Subscribe to it and just wait for the results.

Ps. I just realised that Alphainventions and RefZip were both created by the same person – Cheru Jackson.

What a  genius!

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An Award for Dead Cockroach

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I was reading mylongkang‘s blog about him receiving an award and how he was giving out the very same award to other deserving blogs when I noticed my name among the list of recipients.
Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

It’s flattering to know that someone thinks so highly of my blog and appreciates the things I write. Afterall, I do put effort into every single post I write. I guess it’s a good boost to any blogger’s morale!

As promised, I have now placed this award on my blog and in keeping with the tradition of this award, I will now nominate seven blogs that I sincerely feel deserve it as well.

By the way, I read lots of great blogs out there and it was not easy to present this to only seven of them.

The next recipients of this award are:


(Ok, I could only think of 4 names at the moment but I’ll fill up the list soon)

Now, for those who receive this award, there’s a little “reciprocal” rules that you must do. I didn’t make this rules, so it’s up to you to make a link back to me or not.

The award may be displayed on a winner’s blog. Add a link to the person who you received the award from.

Nominate up to seven other blogs. Then add their links to your blog.

Add a message to each person that you have passed the award on to in the comments section of their blog.


Million Blog List

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From Million Blog List:

comma_openIt is said that there are over 70,000,000 blogs in existence. This is an experiment to see how long it will take to get 1,000,000 blogs to list themselves on our site. Will it work? We think so. The experiment is to see how long will it take. What do you think? Take our poll. We started April 10th, 2008. comma_close

I’m # 169

Get listed at



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It is all coming back to me now.

I have just returned from a journey to… my past.

Two weeks ago, I started on this massive project to create an archive for my chronicles. At that time, I thought hard whether I really wanted to do it because I began blogging five years ago and do you know how many entries I have accumulated through this years?


That is right, the last five years of my life have pretty much been summarised into 1464 entries. I have to sort this 1464 entries into their respective categories and I do not know when I could ever complete it because 1464 is not exactly a very small number!

Unfortunately, my layout does not automatically sort my archives into categories so, I have to do it manually, going through each entry one by one.

Trust me, it is no easy task to re-live five years of your life within two weeks. Scenes from the past starts flashing in front of me at a rapid speed and I have to actually go through all the emotions again like a roller coaster ride.

It is really amazing how much could happen in a span of five years.

As I re-read my entries, I realized that my perspective and outlook on certain issues had changed. I guess this is one of the benefits of keeping a journal as it allows you to take a look back at yourself in years to come and also serves as a witness to the milestones of your life.

act cute blogging

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I would like to share something which I’ve read off someone’s blog about blogging which I feel is quite true.

Ok Sum people mayy hab problemz trying tuh figuree out what thesee people are typing worz. Mostz of ems are studennt worz andd mostz probz they hatte tuh readd bookkz, thatz why they wrote like shiit. From their profile, some of ems like 2 listen 2 sadd songz, moi thinkk theey muz hab beenn dumpz by their lub one. Euu know wadz thier favz wordz? They lub to type MuackzZzZz!!!!! Okz, plz dun hatte miie for saying euuuu horz! Ok…….. According to Jerry, people with such spelling are trying to act cute. U will find a lot of it in some friendster’s profile. Go surf around some of the girls profile and u will see it. Another problem is suggested by me and it’s a bit similar, but I think it’s worst than what Jerry is complaining. It’s about pEoPlE wHo LIkeS tO tYpE liKE tHis, oR likE tHAt… oH mY GoD, sOmEOnE pLsZ kILL pEoplE wHo tYPe likE THis! I dun have any difficultly reading it but sometime I feel like vomiting when I see such words. What the hell is wrong with those people? Are their Caps Lock button jammed or something? I know it’s a form of acting cute, but it’s totally, utterly, extremely so NOT cute at all!

I couldn’t agree more with the writer!  I have no friggin’ idea why people have to writeZz dis wayz worz?  It only made their text more difficult to read and also very straining to the eyes.  On the other hand, pE0pL3 wH0 tYp3 iN t0gGle also gets on my nerves!  Why can’t they type in plain engrish english?  Or is it the IN thing now to tYp3 Lik3 Diz?

As a true-blue Singaporean, I am perfectly fine with using Singlish (in a suitable situation and manner) as it reflects our culture and uniqueness but to writeZz dis wayz and to tYp3 iN t0gGle is simply demeaning to what we have been taught in class.

I think all english teachers would vomit blood upon seeing their students wRiTinG lik3 diz!

Read more about this from Jolene‘s blog.

Next, some blog required u to type a keyword or password or whatever so in order u can access their blog. Ok those blog I will just skip and close it. Another one is blog where u need to click on the navigate buttons to see their entries, profile and whatsoever. But some blog will wrote on their front page that in order to navigate, u must click the butterfly or flower or whatever shit icon located on the right or left or bottom. Sometime I dunno why the site is so difficult to scroll that I can’t find the icons. And ended up I will click all over the page to find the icon! LOL! These are not very serious problem lah, the next and the last one is the worst among the worst!

I have no problem with people wanting a little secrecy and password-protect their blog but in my humble opinion, if they do not want their dirty little secret to be exposed, then, please don’t blog at all for there is really no secrecy on the www.  This is because, with the advance in technology, a few simple keywords is all we need to dig out the secrets of our enemy.  We just have to know where and how to look!

Here u go. I hate those blog with small ‘Pop-up’ window telling u ‘Welcome to my blog’ or ‘Welcome to my life’ and such. Some people have pop-up window telling u ‘Good bye’ or ‘See u soon’ when u close the site! And the most irritating thing is ‘some’ people will have 2 pop-up windows when u enter the blog! I suggest all readers not to visit The moment u click on this blog, one pop-up will appear saying something, then followed by another one when u click ‘OK’! Oh dear oh god.. Dun u think it’s annoying?

All I can say is… I have never liked pop-up windows because I find them rather irritating.  My own experience is that after visiting some blogs with such pop-up windows, then when I need to go ‘BACK’ to the previous page, the pop-up window would keep popping out persistently.  Hence, you can never find pop-ups on my blog and websites.

Well, I can’t possibly be telling people what to put and what not to put on their blogs as this is their own freedom however, I do reserve all the rights not to visit such blogs!  

This is just some of my personal opinions towards blogging and I hope that I do not get condemed by all the xiao mei meis w0RzZ.

You can read the original entry here.

Grace and her eccentric behavior again

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My class was having our OFC lesson with Mrs Gaffar when Grace came into the computer lab DEMANDING to use one of the computers.

I couldn’t hear what Mrs Gaffar was telling her but I think she was explaining to Grace that she couldn’t use the computer as she is not from our class but before Mrs Gaffar finished talking, Grace turned abruptly and stare at the empty notice board.

Mrs Gaffar walked Grace to the door and she called out my name.  I thought she wanted me to look after the class while she sends Grace away but instead, she wanted me to escort Grace out instead!

Why me of all people?  I’m not the only Councilor in the class what? The whole class were laughing away and made me so embarrassed because of our unusual relationship. She is always coming into my class to laugh at me for no apparent reason and whenever my classmates saw her coming from afar, they will inform me that my ‘bor’ is coming and I’ll have to go into hiding!

Anyway, I was instructed to escort her to the staff room to look for her form teacher but as her teacher was not around, I told her to wait for her teacher while I have rush back for my OFC test.


I asked her why she needed to use the computer so urgently and she said, “I want to do my BLOG!”

I thought she wanted to do her schoolwork or something important but all the fuss she has created is just to do her blog? I told her not to throw a tantrum anymore because Mrs Gaffar isn’t going to allow her to use the lab computer for her personal stuff!

Finally, I decided to abandon her outside the staff room and go back to class but she actually followed me back! When we almost reach the lab, Mrs Gaffar was talking to Hana (who was in tears) outside the room and I quickly told Grace, “You better not follow me back in there because Mrs Gaffar is in a verrrrrry bad mood today!  You see how she scolded that girl into tears?”

This ploy actually works because Grace turned and walked away!

After school, I sms-ed Yuye about Grace‘s little adventure and she told me no wonder Grace was being scolded by their form teacher today!  I guessed Mrs Gaffar must have complained about her, bah?