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It’s been quite some time since I last cook, so presenting…

Sweet & Sour Soup (receipe from wokkingmum)

Relatively easy to prepare with leftover chicken stock.

Sambal Petai a.k.a ‘Smelly Bean’

Love ’em or hate ’em!

Chicken Nuggets

Farmpride Chicken Nuggets (20+ pcs/$5+) is more economical than McNuggets (9pc/$4.50)

What did you had for dinner yesterday?

The Evils of Rising Costs

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Edit: I just had the same thing back at the old stall and they too had raised the price to $2.50. 

I believe the reason why most people had this Economical Mee was because of it’s economical value but since it is no longer that economical, I’ll just head straight for the Bah Chor Mee next time… 

Usually, the same combo at the stall where I frequent would have costs me $2.20 ($1.90 if without cabbage) but today, the other stall which I went to charged me $2.50! 




Korean dinner

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On this fateful day, I decided to satisfy my craving for Korean food at a small Korean eatery located inside one of Singapore‘s oldest shopping centre.

It’s a simple eatery with no elaborate furnishings but it exudes a very homely feel just like those family-runned eateries you see everywhere in Korea where a Ajuma was busy taking orders and attending to the customers.

Can you guess where this shopping centre is?

Here’s a clue…

As I was taking this picture, a naughty thought came to mind. I was thinking, what if, I started flashing my camera on the overhead bridge? Will I scare the living daylights out of the drivers, thinking that they have been caught on camera by the traffic police?

But it’s only a thought, lah! 

Here’s another clue

I was full of anticipation to taste some authentic Korean cuisine since my trip to Seoul years ago but alas, the food was a BIG disappointment so, I might as well not reveal the location. 

Bi Bim Bap

When my Bi Bim Bap was bought to the table, my anticipation instantly dropped to rock-bottom. Just take a look and you’ll get what I mean. The portion was so pathetic!

I’ve tried Bi Bim Bap from many places and all those I’ve tried, the ingredients are fully filled up side by side. In other words, the rice beneath should be totally covered up by the ingredients but look at mine, there are ‘potholes’ everywhere!

I can only console myself that what it lacks in quantity, it might as well make up for it in quality (taste). As long the taste is good, then I could still close one eye for the bad presentation but unfortunately, the taste is even worst than those found in the food court.  

But, here is my main complaint: This lousy standard Bi Bim Bap is priced at a unbelievable $7+ yet it doesn’t even comes with Fried Anchovies and Seaweed Soup!

YES! A bowl of rice with some limpy and yellowed vegetables for $7+!

Chao turtle!

Compare it with the Bi Bim Bap from Wikipedia below.

Which one looks more appealing to you? (Compare the level of the food to the brim of the bowl?)

By now, I could only pin all my hopes on the Samgyetang which I’ve been craving for ever since I last had it in Seoul but that hope, too was dashed…

ginseng chicken

The soup was a total disaster! It’s so tasteless I’m practically drinking the water that’s used to wash the chicken. I can’t finish a small bowl of it even after adding salt and pepper. The whole bowl was pratically left untouched though it’s shared among three persons…

Every table had one of this huge Kimchi jar which was like only 1/4 filled


The Kimchi inside was as pale as, well, a cabbage. It looked this red only because I saturated the picture.

Achar tastes much better than this.

This is really a horrible Korean eatery which I won’t be stepping foot into ever again. 

I guess I’ll just have to stick to the Korean stall at United Square foodcourt for now.


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That’s the synonyms for ‘Kill Frightened Chickens’

Find out all about KFC‘s atrocities here.

The following video says it all.


peewee’s stew

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I have run out of doggy food for a few days already but I’m just too damn lazy to go and buy…

So decided to make some stew instead…

PEEWEE’s Stew…

1 pkt frozen chicken fillet
6 Cloves garlic
1 big carrot
1 egg
1 ladle scoop of rice
Small bowl of water

Throw everything into the pot and cook. Sprinkle a pinch of Seameal and ready to serve!

Verdict: Nothing left in bowl after 2 minutes…