Giant Pandas From China!

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The parents have finally touched down safely yesterday morning!

Unfortunately, Mum was taken ill barely two days upon arrival due to the chilling weather at China because her winter wear was unable to combat the -0.8°C temperature efficiently.

Luckily, I’ve heard about the weather from the news and by the time they arrived on the doorstep at 6am, I had already gotten a pot of Sweet Potato Soup with ginger to ‘warm’ them up.

The first thing we did was to have breakfast together at the coffeeshop.

Seriously, food tastes better when you are not eating alone.

Anyway, wanna see some Giant Pandas?


But before that, here’s what I’ve got.

Beads from some sifu

The parents did not buy alot of stuffs as I told them not to since they are already struggling with the hugeass luggage due to the extra winter wear.

Okie, now are you ready for some Giant Panda cuteness?


the Giant Pandas!

Why are they called ‘Giant Pandas’? Are there miniature ones?

Are this two coming to Singapore?

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A House Without A Family Is Not A Home

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It just feels… incomplete.

Don’t you think?

These few days, I feel really insecure to return to an empty house.

Sure, you get the peace and quiet when you have the house all to yourself but
the quietness really gets to you, especially in the night.

It has been three days since the parents flew out of town and I’m beginning to miss them already.

It’s times like this that makes me appreciate Mum’s naggings and Dad’s farts (the sound not the smell) the most.

I guess loneliness is really a scary thing because it makes one do weird things subconsciously?

I have had two weird dreams last night, one involving my Mum and the
other involving my paternal family home which has already been

In the first dream, I dreamt that I walked out on my Mum (because she did something to embarrass me in public) and when I turned back to look for her, I just can’t find her anywhere anymore. She’s just vanished into thin air and I lost her forever.

I woke up from that dream feeling really awful and when I went back to sleep, the second dream started.

In the second dream, I was staying in my paternal family home with friends whom I’ve met during the different stages of my life. The events that unfolded in this dream was just plain illogical and hard to explain in words.

I guess the saying “what you think during the day, you’ll dream about it in the night” is true huh?

When my parents returned, I’m gonna give them a big hug and make sure they do not travel for the next ten years!

Anyway, this is my dinner today.

I left some mushrooms to cook in the slow cooker this morning and the mushroom and fatt choy turned out really nice and soft!

Braised Mushroom with vegetarian Curry Mutton

Looks unappetizing I know, but it tastes quite nice actually.

Be grateful that we still have food to eat.

Wait till you see this upsetting news that I saw on CNN today.

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Home Alone

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I was really tired yesterday because I didn’t sleep a wink on Friday night. I toss and turn in bed but I just couldn’t get any sleep.

Perhaps its because my parents are going aboard without me though I can’t be sure am I feeling excited or sian about it. I went to buy breakfast for my parents at 5.30am on Saturday morning before sending them off to catch their flight.

Remember a few posts back (I’ve deleted that post already) when I mentioned that I went to the tour agency to get some travel brochures? I was actually considering Hong Kong, Bangkok and Korea but my parents had decided on China instead.

I had no interest in strange rock formations or thousand year old temples (actually, it’s because of this) so, I decided to stay home instead.

It was just my first night alone yesterday and I already had a near death encounter when the lizard decides to play a jack-in-the-box prank on me by leaping out from the tissue box. It only stop short of throwing confetti and shouting “Surprise!” to my face.

Then, I entered the kitchen and I spotted a cockroach behaving suspiciously near the sink. I yelled at it but it ignored me and kept running away leaving me with no choice but to put it to death with hot water.


The body is still there awaiting for removal at this point of typing and the parents will only be back in eight days.

The Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

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The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games could be wrap up in a few words: Magnificent, Breath-taking and Enthralling!

It’s amazing how a few thousand years of ancient China history could be presented on a giant scroll where everything just unfolds from it naturally.

Photo via Gizmodo

Photo via Gizmodo

Photo via Gizmodo

I was glued to the television, awed by the sheer number of performers and spectacular performance. The performance eventually ended in a splendid fanfare of fireworks which lit up the skies of Beijing!

The next anticipated segment of the opening ceremony was the walking-in of the athletes. One gripe I had was why aren’t the athletes arranged to march into the stadium alphabetically according to their countries?

After a long wait, it was finally the Singapore Team‘s turn to march into the stadium.

What should have been a proud moment changed into an embarrassment instead when our national flag was being dragged across the ground like a dirty rag by the flag bearer, Li Jia Wei. It didn’t help that this scene was being broadcasted ‘live’ worldwide.

Photo via HWZ

She has since come under fire from many patriotic netizens at the HWZ but who could blame them? This national disgrace just had to happen on the very eve of Singapore‘s 43rd Birthday!

Apparently, Li Jia Wei didn’t seemed too pleased that night which is a little strange because she volunteered to be the flag bearer in the first place!

Compare her smelly face above with Miss Nippon below…

Photo via HWZ

We don’t think Miss Nippon is much taller than Li Jia Wei yet she is still able to hoist the Nippon flag off the ground AND be proud of it!

Ugly Singaporean ‘throw face’ in Tibet

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这位新加坡人说: “ 我吃了三块牛肉,一块赔我一百人民币,三块赔三百。” 没办法,女服务员流着眼泪自己拿了三百块赔给他,在大家的注视下,他也心安理得的把钱放进袋里。然后还说,“ 幸好我没吃五块,不然你就要赔五百了。”
Zaobao (link)

I happened to read this piece of embarrasing news from the Zaobao website.

A Singaporean tour group, where some of its’ members were Buddhists, were mistakenly served beef in a restaurant at Tibet. One of the tourists, an elderly man in his 60s, flew into a rage and overturned the dish on the table. He demanded the waitress to compensate him 100 RMB for each of the three pieces of meat that he has eaten.

According to this currency converter website, 300 RMB = 60.527 SGD.

One of his fellow tour mates suggested donating the sum of money to charity but he refused, claiming that he rightfully ‘deserves’ the money. He even taunted the waitress by saying, “If I had eaten five pieces, you would have to pay me 500 RMB.”

I am utterly ashamed of him picking on the poor waitress. The restaurant may have been at fault for serving the wrong dish but surely it does not justify to extort the waitress of her wages?

How different is he from a ruffian? He is downright unreasonable!

As the saying goes, “ 酒肉穿肠过,佛祖心中坐 ”

Given the circumstances, I’m sure Buddha will forgive his sins if he has eaten the beef unknowingly but if he is really the devout Buddhist as he portrays himself to be, he should have been a total vegan instead. Why even eat meat at all?

I really cannot fathom how does being 300 RMB richer help cleanse his ‘tainted’ soul?

原本是餐馆的错,却因贪图那六十新元而搞得自己与国人臭名远播。难道他的名声就只值六十新元? 值得吗?

The tour guide was so disgusted by the incident that he wrote about it in his blog (link). This uncle has thrown us Singaporeans into very bad light!

Sichuan, China Earthquake Comic

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comma_open CHINA 5.12 EARTHQUAKE

Hello. This is Coco Wang.

As you know the breaking news of 5.12 Earthquake in China, almost all
the TV channels in China are broadcasting 24 hours non-stop of every
development and stories of all the rescue operations in all damaged locations.

I don’t know how much information the BBC or any UK media received from
us, I imagine the UK audiences were presented with the major developments
of the incident, but you are probably unaware of many important and
inside details which are only known to people inside China.

The amount of incredibly moving stories of victims, rescuers, volunteers
is simply shocking at the moment. I have been collecting newspapers of
all the stories, and telling them in the form of comic strips. I hope
these stories could show the UK readers the love, warmth and courage
of the Chinese people, also the sad and cruel reality of the horrible
5.12 Earthquake.

I am back home in Beijing now. Thousands of heart-breaking
stories are happening 24 hours non-stop everyday, some are so sad that
you can hardly bear, some are incredibly moving that you just can’t
stop crying… I wanted to go to the front to help with all those people,
some of my friends have already gone there, but I heard that the traffic
needed to be kept totally clear for rescue transportation at the moment,
people like me without knowledge of first-aid and experience of rescue
operations going there now would cause choas and trouble… but I can’t
just sit at home and do nothing, I have been crying my eyes out in
the past three days, I have never felt more proud of my country and people…
their love, courage and kindness rock me to my core! I have decided
to tell these touching stories by drawing comics. I am going to send
you comic strips almost everyday from now on, I hope you could know something
about the earthquake in China, although you don’t have to do anything,
but I hope you could feel our love and hope.

Thank you all so much.

Coco Wangcomma_close

View comic here. (Link is broken as of 17th June 2008)

Public Appeal from SRCS

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In wake of the recent disasters which shock the world, Singapore Red Cross Society is launching a public appeal to raise funds for relief operations in the affected countries.

If you would like to help Myanmar, please click here.
And if you would like to help China, please click here.

Flipping through the papers, it’s devastating to see pictures of bodies being carried out from the rubble and the pain written all over their faces.

My heart goes out to all the victims especially those who had perished in the disaster so let’s all help Myanmar and China get back to their feet in this time of adversity.

Totally unrelated to the Singapore Red Cross Society, here is Dai Kor’s (big brother) plea for the same cause.