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Dr Law’s Retirement Dinner

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The performance didn’t turn out to be what I have expected. No, not that our performance wasn’t good but it’s the arrangement and treatment we received that’s maddening.

We reached Shangri La Hotel around 6pm and we were led to a holding area where all the performers were. After settling our instruments, we were brought to the function room to survey and also to set up our stage.

But there was one tiny problem…


Upon entering the room, I realized that it was way much smaller than what I had imagined it to be. My bad for thinking that way because afterall, it’s Shangri La. I had thought it would be a ballroom with a big stage but alas, there wasn’t even a platform, much less a stage for us to perform on and the ridicule of all was that we had to squeeze into one pathetic corner so as not to block Dr Law‘s image on the projection screen.

“I’m Dr Law.  Don’t block my face, hor…”

With everything set up, we proceeded to have a quick rehearsal to test the sound system. However, the music stands which were supposed to be provided for by that CEMPTA guy with the permed hair were no where in sight and the performance was starting in less than twenty minutes!

In the end, we had no choice but to prop our music scores against the chairs which was like so unglam!

As we were rehearsing halfway, the CEMPTA guy suddenly barge into the room and shooed us all out of the room!

“They’re here! They’re HERE!” he exclaimed. 

We cleared from the room and were led back to the holding area like a herd of sheep so that we would not be seen by the distinguished guests.

This is one of the many tables.

Judging by the setting, one can drool just thinking about the kind of delicacies that will be served to the guests.

Back inside the holding area, the CEMPTA guy officiated the unveiling ceremony of the wondrous spread (A.K.A dinner) on the table. 

Delifrance… your head ah!

These pastries were ordered from the Simei Campus Canteen.

“Help yourselves! Help yourselves!” he squealed, beaming with pride.

The pastries have been sitting there on the table since early afternoon (even before we arrived) and has already hardened after being exposed to the air for so long. Of course I wasn’t expecting exquisite Shangri La fare but shouldn’t they have at least given us hot, fresh food?

You call that dinner? Some of us did not even had lunch and all they could provide us was just stale bread? I’m sure with the budget of $5 per person, they could have given us something more decent like economical rice?

Celine simply walked to the other end of the room and propped herself against the wall, refusing to go anywhere near the food.

However, what I find most disheartening was that no one seems appreciative of our performance. When we stepped into the room, all of them were busy eating and hardly anyone noticed our presence. I think even if we perform in the nude, no one would notice at all!

As we started playing, our music were drowned by the clattering of the cutlery and human noises. Being highly educated people (well, I assumed they were, since they are the people “up there” from the education sector) I thought they would have the decency and grace to behave appropriately during a performance?

Eat all they want but at least show some class by keeping quiet during a musical performance. No one threw a single glance at us as they engaged in their own private conversations and stuffing their mouths with food.

Why bother getting us to perform if they are not gonna watch? This is the ultimate insult to a performer and it is totally a waste of our time and effort!

They could simply play some CDs in the background instead of going through all this trouble arranging auditions to look for performers!

It’s so sad that we’re putting in our best effort to put up a show but no one is paying any attention to us!

What a appropriate scenario of the phrase “playing zither to a bunch of cows…”

Eagles Award/CO Performance at MacPherson

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Mrs Chew asks for my dialect name and she said that she saw my name among the Eagles Award name list via the email sent out by Mr Ravi.  I have not heard anything from Mr Sim yet so I do not know whether if its true. 

I don’t know am I just a nominee or a confirmed receipient?  There would be a cash reward of $150 for Edusave however, I’m not hard up for the money.  It’s the recognition that I’m hankering for.

Anyway after school, I got a CNY performance at Macpherson ITE.  The Interact Club brought some old folks there for the concert and we played ²ÆÉñµ½ and ÍòÊÂÈçÒâ for them.

I was totally shagged out as I was the only guy left in the CO and I have to shift the big and heavy instruments like the ÑóÇÙ and ´ó¹Ä up and down from Bishan to Macpherson and vice versa!

After our performance, we helped the Interactors to serve food to the elderly.  It was like a warzone with everyone rushing around while the big shots like Ms Michelle Low, Mr Patrick, Dr Ricky Tam were all standing in the way and blocking the passage. 

I heard that they like our performance very much.  Hope that they will  consider giving our club more budget as we didn’t have our own uniform.  We even  have to buy it on our own with our own money… How pathetic!

The bitch from CO again

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CO practice ended at 6 pm yesterday. I’m a little demoralized that I have to stay back until so late because class ended early on Fridays.  While others can go home and rest, I still have to remain in school for the whole day.

Who ask me to join the CO only to discover that I do not have the passion as before already?

I went to the SC room to arrange my notes for CUR but I can’t concentrate as its too noisy.  I decided to take a break and went to the Co-Op Shop to help Haida and Sally. I helped them to restock the tidbits and some cartons of drinks but found the crowd a bit overwhelming so, I went back to SC room to continue my work but someone has occupied my seat and pushed all my stuffs away.

Annoyed, I decided to go and open up the Music Room since the keys are with me.  I have the whole room and 3 air-cons all to myself PLUS the peace and quiet that I needed to complete my work!

I was able to get some work done before people started coming in for the practice.

I almost felt asleep while playing the erhu and I struggled to keep myself awake by shaking my legs.  An excitement finally helped keep me conscious a little when Mrs Chew went to arrest two CO members from their class who had been missing CO practices and brought them to the Music Room.

Apparently, they had a very bad attendance record and had arrears of $7 in club funds which they refused to pay.  Mrs Chew gave them a earful and decided not to give them their CCA points.

Then, she also scolded that bitch who keeps asking people to help pay her club funds for her.

That bitch has been going around saying nasty things about her best friend (Peiqi) and me, calling us an adulterous pair and even said that we are having an affair!

She claims herself to be a devout Buddhist and is a vegetarian but I’m beginning to doubt her because a real Buddhist will not do or say such evil things to hurt others.

I think all the vegetarian she has eaten and all the scriptures that she has recited these years have come to naught.  The merits that she cultivated are not even enough to compensate for the hurtful things that she has done!