Colorful Clarke Quay

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I had a wedding dinner to attend at Novotel Clarke Quay yesterday so what better chance to try out the new camera that I’ve gotten last week? Hence, I make my way down to Clarke Quay four hours before the dinner and took my time exploring around.

I’ve checked the weather forecast before I left the house and it really rained as predicted when I arrived.

Not one to beat a hasty retreat, I whipped out my camera nonetheless and braved the torrents of rain which pelted mercilessly upon my umbrella.

Some of these pictures were taken single handedly (pun!) as the other hand was busy restraining the umbrella from eloping with the wind…

The row of colorful shophouses

Fortunately, the rain did not last very long and I was soon able to manipulate the camera with both my hands again…

See that structure on the right? It was the G-Max

A closer look

That’s bungee jumping (in reverse) whereby you’ll be catapulted into the air from the ground.

Watch the video I took from the opposite bank

It costs a whooping
18 bowls of Wanton Mee per person per ride!


That’s almost one day worth of salary for
some people!

Moving further up the bank

A penny for your thoughts?

Bumboats cruising along the river

Notice that building with the colorful windows at the background? That’s the MICA Building. Nuffnangers who attended the post Nuffnang Awards Tour should be familiar with it.

View of Clarke Quay from Read Bridge

What is my ideal life?

It is enjoying a cuppa at a idyllic corner and watching the world go by…

I’ve heard so much about Chen Fu Ji Fried Rice but are their fried rice really that ultimate?

Riverside Point

Here’s how Read Bridge looks like
and I love those Victorian street lamps!

Setting the parameter for some street performances

Nice deco

The ground is leaking

An old school dentist chair

As the time for the wedding dinner draws near, I made my way to Liang Court to ‘standby’ and I realized the shops starts pulling down their shutters as early as 7pm.

Everyone loves baubles!

Find me!

I love Christmas ornaments!

After taking these few shots, it was time to attend my best friend’s wedding.

Congrats, K & MC!

It was a fun and exciting day getting to know my new camera better. I’m still exploring the features, especially the manual functions. I hope I could come up with better composed pictures in time to come…

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City Harvest Church Christmas Celebration 2006

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(Special Candle Lite Service)

Today, I followed my brother to the Singapore Expo for CHC‘s Christmas Drama Celebrations. The story this year revolved around how Virgin Mary conceived a Son through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Birth of the newborn King at a manger in Bethlehem.

The drama was very touching, yet hilarious with alot of singing and Praises for HIM.

Met up with some of my brother’s members from his cell group who were kind enough to find seats for us. We were quite near to the stage and the view was rather good. Belinda Lee attended today’s service too and she’s one hawt chick!

Anyway, I am not a Chritian but I attended church once a year during Christmas. It is an eye opener to see how the much disputed CHC managed to weather through the storms to survive till today. Is it really the power of GOD that helped them withstood their grounds and fight for what they believed to be the salvation of all mankind? And will HIS blood really wash away all our sins?

I don’t know but I attended Church with an open mind and treat it as a good opportunity to learn something new just for the knowledge.

That’s Pastor Kong (husband of Sun Ho) preaching on the big screen…

The service lasted for about 3 hours and towards the end, the whole congregation lit their candles and worshipped HIM. It was a breath-taking sight to behold as the darkness was consumed by the strength of forty thousand candles.

A sea of candle lights bright up the Singapore Expo

I am not going to be converted into a Christian anytime soon as my faith still lies in Buddhism however, I went home feeling spiritually recharged and emotionally happy.

Wow… Is that a MIRACLE or what? angel

Merry Christmas!

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It has been a turbulent year for me and I don’t wish for anything. (as if anything that I wished for would come true!)

Oh well, I have a very un-Christmassy Christmas this year just like the year before, and the year before that.  No well-wishes, no card, no nothing¬°¬≠

There is no festive mood at all and I have not even been to town to see the Christmas decorations!  The whole morning was spent watching Animax on SCV. They are showing this Cardcaptor Sakura marathon and I ‘ve watched almost 20 episodes of the anime back-to-back!!

I’m not a fan of the show but I find it quite nice.  There was nothing else to watch on TV so I just watch it lor.

I woke up this morning feeling terrible.  My asthma is coming back and I have a lot of phlegm. My chest feels so painful when I tried to cough them out.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I still have to work.  Why does this damn attachment seems to last forever?  I still have two freaking more weeks to endure!!

Anyway, exam results are finally out.  I’ve got an A for OFC and EFC but a B for SES.  I have studied sooooo hard for it but I still couldn’t get an A!

GPA is only 3.6 and I’m very disappointed with myself.  I’ve tried very hard to excel but it seems I’m just destined to be a failure.



Effective Communication (EFC)


Office Computing (OFC)


Selling Skills (SES)


grievances nowhere to pour!

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I have a stomachful of grievances to pour today and it has got something to do with that BITCH!

The moment I stepped into the store this morning, I saw the Monami pens scattered all over the table.  When the BITCH saw me, she started mumbling that I had left my work unfinished and she had to ‘kio sai’ for me.

I had already started tagging the Monami pens when I received them two days ago but halfway through, my department head instructed me to leave the pens one side first and attend to the customers outside as we are shorthanded. 

With Christmas round the corner, there are still alot of customers doing last minute shopping.  Furthermore, the primary schools are starting school soon, so there’s an influx of parents buying school books for their children.  As a result, the cashiers are shorthanded to handle the crowd and I may even have to help out with cashiering these few days as the queues are really long.   

My department head asks that BITCH whether I could continue with the pens during the weekends as it was non-urgent and that BITCH had said YES!

So, I reminded her that it was with her permission that I left the pens aside.

Then she started grumbling again why I had printed labels for some of the pens and I explained to her that the barcodes on some of the pens are different from the Purchase Order. She didn’t trust me at all and wanted to see the Purchase Order so I just gave her what she wanted to see.  After she has seen it with her bloody own eyes then only did she kept quiet.

That BITCH has been keeping me under surveillance all day.  I have caught her peeping at me out of the corner of my eyes for quite a few times already.  Her bloody gaze keeps following me wherever I go just like how a hawk observes its’ prey.

Why must she make my life so miserable?  Am I so irksome?  Or was it because I am slow?  But hello, I’ve been here for only two weeks!  How fast and efficient does she want me to be? Though I may not have lived up to her expectations, but I have already put in my best!  What more does she want from me??

What I observed at the store the past two weeks, is totally different from what the HQ has told us during the briefing.  One of the points that we are reminded to do is to put a SMILE on our faces but what I see at the store was smelly faces especially that BITCH!

Soon Ho is also not very happy working at the Majestic branch either.  I keep telling him that its only two weeks more and just bear with it for the sake of the money yet, I have thought about quitting myself.

I think this has got to be my most depressing and disheartening holidays ever! 

I really wished the school holidays would end soon.


my ideal christmas

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Its finally Christmas day but what the heck, there is no Christmassy mood at all! Its so boring for the whole day! I wanna get out of SINGAPORE!

My ideal Christmas should be living in a small cottage, surrounded by my loved ones. There is a big Christmas tree and everyone helped to decorate it. There is a fireplace and the family pooch is curled up sleeping on the carpet in front of it. The sky is turning dark and it is starting to snow outside the window… There will be lots of presents and puddings and meat pies going round…

Sighz… When can I stop dreaming and have a real cool Christmas? This reminds me of a song, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…”