Link Up For Qishan Abused Dogs

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I came across this upsetting plea for help from a Taiwan dog welfare group known as the Kaohsiung Concern Stray Animal Association (KCSAA). 

They are running out of food supplies and resources therefore sending out this plea for help.

You can help by linking up to this project (via your Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Blog), and *HILLS will help feed the dogs.

*HILLS is the company that brings you Science Diet

Their goal is to reach 10, 000 links.

It doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg to spread the word so start linking today!

The actual website is in chinese so I’ll try my best to translate the following…

Dog carcass discarded in the drain


On the10 July 1998, KCSAA in Kaoshiung, Taiwan
rescued hundreds of abused dogs from a puppymill farm. Breeds that aren’t profitable had their food supply cut off and left to die of
starvation. Carcasses of the smaller breeds would be thrown into the drains while larger
breeds would be left to decompose at one corner.

A dead dog giving off an offensive stench

Most dogs don’t even get to eat leftovers like this

Why is there ‘cotton’ in the cage? A closer look reveals the fur left behind after the carcass decomposed…


Corgis, German Shepherd and Terriers all squeezed together.

See Original Text (Doggies’ Hell. Tortured to death)


Currently, the dogs have regained freedom after a rescue operation. Some 30% of these dogs suffer from ailments and the hefty medical bills and costs of feeding has rendered KCSAA breathless. The dogs are running out of food supplies and unable to receive medical treatment soon. Let’s not forsake these dogs and let’s spread the news by words of mouth Blog/Twitter/Facebook/Plurk.

Pixnet is coming up with this “10, 000 links, 10, 000 kibbles” project. HILLS will donate a dollar worth of kibbles for every link to this project. Help send the resources, life-saving food and nutrition, donations, etc with a click of your mouse.

Click me to link


Your help could be a glimmer of hope for the dogs. Please help these poor lives! Whether it’s material comforts or monetary donations, don’t belittle your strength however small it is because a sea is made up of many drops of water!


What KCSAA needs at the moment:

1. Nutrition, Vitamins
2. Raising of kibbles and canned food
3. Adoption or fostering
4. Raising funds for sterilisation and medical bills
5. Your help to spread the word around so more people can help

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Lily: A Hero For Mill Dogs

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I was browsing through youtube for more videos about puppy mills when I stumbled across this video about Lily, a Italian Greyhound who was rescued from the puppy mill.

Just like any other puppy mill dogs, Lily had a tragic story of her own to tell, one so filled with despair that it has left her in shambles. What brought me to tears was what Lily‘s rescuer, Theresa, had to say to Lily‘s breeder.

Read the letter here.

My Thoughts on The Puppy Mill Link Exchange Project

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You know, I have been contemplating about starting this entry because I do not want to push down the Puppy Mill Link Exchange Project post.

I have been going around, begging people to join my project (falling short of going down on my knees) but despite the effort put in, I am afraid to say that results have not been very encouraging. 

Still, I would not say that this project is without it’s merit. At least, bloggers like Mylongkang and ECL have been ‘enlightened’ about the existence of puppy mills through this project.

One issue which disheartened me was the out-of-sight-out-of-mind attitude of certain dog owners. Some cited that the puppy mills are far away from us and there is nothing that we can do but where do you think all the ‘imported’ puppies in our local petshops came from?

Then, there are some who claims to support me which I am very grateful for, but, all they do was to curse how evil puppy mills are. Well, as if cursing would close them puppy mills down for good! They can go on whinning for eternity but the dogs will still be stuck inside the cages if we do not do something concrete to help them.

As Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”. Take that first step out and we will be one step closer to our aim.

You have seen from the video footage how dogs were cooped up like chickens inside the puppy mill. Do you seriously think dogs in such inhumane conditions could probably give birth to healthy offsprings?

Read these:…000a35010aRCRD…92549,00.html?

See what I mean?

As mentioned for the umpteenth time, my aim is to reach out to those people who do not know anything about the existence of puppy mills and share with them what goes on behind closed doors. The dogs can’t speak up or fight for their own rights thus, it’s up to us to help them.

Through this link exchange project, I was hoping to achieve the ripple-effect where by words of mouth blog, we could spread the truth ‘far and wide’ however, there is only so much people that I could reach out to. Therefore, I really need all the help I can get to reach out to your circle of friends and the readers of your blog.

I would like to thank skinergy from Hardwareforum for sharing this:

The Animals’ Savior
Copyright Jim Willis 1999

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter…the cast-offs of human society.
I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal.
And I was angry.
“God,” I said, “this is terrible! Why don’t you do something?”
God was silent for a moment and then He spoke softly.
“I have done something,” He replied.
“I created You.”


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That’s the synonyms for ‘Kill Frightened Chickens’

Find out all about KFC‘s atrocities here.

The following video says it all.


poor shelties!

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I saw these horrifying pictures from a forum. This is SICK!!  My heart bleeds for the two poor Shelties tied outside the window in the sun, stepping all over their feces!
I CURSE the godamn owners go to bloody hell and have maggots crawling all over their rotten flesh. How could anyone be cold blooded enough to leave 2 Shelties out in the sun with no shelter, food AND water?

With such thick coats, they are just begging for trouble with hotspots and skin allergies! Furthermore, both are tied to the same post and on a choke chain somemore! 

The leashes could entangle and strangled them to death!  The Sable Sheltie has severe skin irritation and the fur are almost gone!  He needs to see the vet immediately!!

God, what are those sickos thinking about??  If no time to keep, then do themselves and the dog a favor; DON’T keep!  Grrrrr…