the first briefing

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Well, yesterday was the first day the 15th took over. Early in the morning, I received a message from Jack, informing me that he would be late for morning briefing.

It touched my heart to know that he still regards me as his Manager but I have already handed over my duties to Fir last Friday at MacPherson ITE during the Investiture. I’m now the Honorary Treasurer.

During morning briefing, I feel quite lost, not knowing where to stand.  I went back to my ex committee – House Comm, and stand together with them like before.

It feels kind of weird to see the 14th go back to their previous committee as members.

After assembly, received a message from Edmund. He doesn’t feel too good to have the 15th EXCO commanding him what to do for morning duty. I could understand how he feels. I wouldn’t have feel any better too to have a junior telling a senior what to do.

Don’t worry, 14th EXCOs, I have informed the 15th regarding this and told them to be sensitive and careful with their tones when they speak with you. I will keep an eye on them and won’t let them try anything funny.


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Went to school on Friday morning with a heavy heart.  My mind was still preoccupied by what happened during the previous day’s meeting.  I dragged my feet, hoping that I would not reach so early. 

I see it pointless for me to go to school early.  What for do I bother waking up at 5 am in the morning everyday just so to reach school by 7 am?  I was hoping to lead by example, to encourage the members to be punctual for school too but what good would it do, if my own EXCOs who lived just nearby could still be late? 

All of us have to be of one mind and one heart if we want the members to be cooperate with us.

I don’t see if I could reach Bishan from CCK on time, why can’t they?  (For info, I still had the time to clear up the rabbits litterbox and bring Dexter out for his morning walk round the neighborhood before I leave for school every day.)

I hate to admit it but perhaps, Joseph was right all along.  In the past, Fanny would open the SC room before 7 am.  Everyone who enters the room would greet everyone and morale was high then. 

At that time, we even competed against each other to see who would reached the earliest.  By 7.20 am, the SC room would already be bustling with people already.

But now? The SC Room is not even opened at 7.15 am!  I really respect Joseph and Jerry, who would take the effort to be in school as early as 7 am everyday, sometimes even 6.55 am!  I can see the commitment and sacrifices they had contributed towards the SC and it’s one great consolation for me.

It’s no use for us EXCOs, to keep whining about this and that but without setting a good example on our part.

15th EXCOs first meeting

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The 15th EXCOs held their very first meeting after school today.

I had to say that by the end of the meeting, I’m utterly disappointed with some issues.  I was so upset that I left without a word feeling very gek sim

As I walked towards the train station, I was fighting back the tears which had fought just as hard to come out.  Bud called me repetively on the phone but I didn’t want to answer her as I didn’t know what to say at that moment.

There was no one I could confide in but somehow, I just sent a message to Ms Janet Xavier

As an EXCO, I had my own principles and expectations but there was nothing I could do as I was outnumbered.

I am emotionally drained.  I don’t know what to do with these people anymore.

The same question has been popping in my mind again. Should I stay? Or should I leave?  

who wants my post?

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For once, I wasn’t needed to stay back after school and was able to go home early.  It’s rather unfortunate that my migraine chose to come visiting today. It must have been more than four  months, since taking up the post of EXCO, that I could finally go home early. 

Sometimes, even leaving the school gate at 7-8 pm is the norm for us. That’s  EXCOs for you but some people obviously thought that it’s easy being one.  They thought being an EXCO simply means sitting there, shaking leg and giving orders.  Really so sing-lang, meh?

Since they can do a better job, they are free to take over my post.  I do not mind, seriously.  I’ll talk to Mrs Wee.  I’ll be more than happy to give up the responsibilities and burdens that have been weighing me down, which, sometimes rendered me breathless and feeble, with no one else to turn to.

When you are strict, they say you are drawing a line with them but when you are too sociable, they climbed over your head and shit all over it. Who knows about our difficulties?  Who can understand? 


They thought being EXCO is easy.  EASY?  HUH!

Believe me, its NOT easy waking up at 5 am and shuttling between school and home EVERY day.  I still have a gravely sick dog to rush back home to care for.  Yet I have to sacrificed quality time with him to stay back in school to entertain the ungrateful people who didn’t deserve my time at all.

EXCOs are also humans.  We too have our own family commitments.  We too have a need for our personal space and time.  We too wanted to be respected as a person. There are a lot of things that I wished I could do but can’t because of my post.  I would gladly trade my post for my freedom – the liberty to scream, shout, and misbehave. 

Do you want to trade places with me?. 


14th investiture

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The Investiture has finally come to an end. Under the witness of the Principal, the in-coming and out-going of the 13th and 14th EXCOs took place after the ceremonious exchanging of medals and Oath-Taking.

Fanny made an emotional speech and that started everybody sobbing. Tears welled-up uncontrollably in my eyes and I had to wipe away my tears. I have never known that she has such a painful past.

After the ceremony, everyone couldn’t hold back their tears any longer and started bawling their eyes out! We all hugged and congratulated each other. I have mixed feelings. I’m proud to be an EXCO but that also means the responsibilities on my shoulder has been burdened more heavily.

I do not know if I am able to cope with my studies or not but I have already accepted the post and its not responsible of me to back out know. Besides, I have not even started my role yet. Will see how I fare along the way…


contenders for the top post

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The results were finally out this morning. Edmund, Nisha, Wee Kuang, Esther and Khai will be ‘fighting’ for the top position. One thing I’m not pleased is that why are we being kept in the dark about the results until today?

Why the secrecy? I mean, there’s nothing wrong in letting the rest of the 6 of us know right??

Just let us know whether we are in or out mah. Not that I want the post but I just don’t like to be kept in suspense afterall, we’re all involved what?

Its finally over and I don’t have to worry anymore.

exco interview

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The EXCO interview today was disastrous.  I think I screw up because I was too nervous.  

I was stammering and I don’t think I could make it. 

My interview lasted less than 10 minutes but Wee Kuang was in there for half an hour!!