guinea pig

goodbye, rainie

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Rest well, my friend!


Three long years you have been giving me companionship, all alone since Sunnie died. Now your lovely wheeking I would hear no more.


I should have noticed that you were sick when your hay was left untouched for two days. Please forgive me for not taking care of you. I’m not sure whether life will still be the same without you around but I’ll be strong and always keep you in my thoughts just like I have done the same with your sister Sunnie, and your nephew and niece, Storm and Windy.


Please tell them that I missed them so much and that goes for you too.




I’m playing the Jin Gang Jing CD and my mum is praying in front of the Buddha for you. I hope that helps you to go to paradise.

d.i.y hay rack

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My D.I.Y Hay Rack

Materials: Plastic container, Scissors and some wire/or cable ties.

Cut off one side of the ‘wall’.

Make a hole at each of the four corners.

Insert wires/cable ties into the four holes.

Fix the wire/cable ties to the bars of the cage and Voila!


should i keep another piggie

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Someone is selling local smooth coat GP babies at $20 leh… Do you think I should buy?

The 2 on the left are females and the right one is male…

Which female should I choose?? Or should I buy any at all??

The parents

Quite cute wor but I wasn’t sure if I should take in another piggie now.

the piggy bug

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I have been bitten by the piggy bug all over again.  I’ve been spending the whole day surfing and looking at piggy pigtures.

I’m mulling over whether to get Rainie a playmate or not? It’s twice the fun but then, it’s also twice the work and twice the bill! At the speed that they are eating, the piggies are going to eat me into a pauper!

Hay (basically its just imported ang moh grass) is NOT cheap, so is Cavy Cuisine.  How the heck am I gonna feed a young and a old piggy together? Rainie is eating Cavy Cuisine pellets and the younger pig is def going to eat Cavy Performance? What about hay? Rainie is eating Orchard Hay and the younger one will need to eat Timothy hay!

Gosh, I will need to buy d o u b l e of everything!!

Dilemma! Dilemma!

It’s been almost two years since Sunnie and her kids has passed on. Poor Rainie has been living in loneliness till now. Poor girl, I know it’s not easy to cope with the loss of her only sister and niece/nephew but since fate decreed, what can we do but to accept it?

guinea pig spreads bird flu?

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Last night, when my father comes home from work, the first thing he said was, “Will your guinea pig spread the bird flu?”

I was like, “Hello! In what way does my guinea pig looks like a bird to you? Have you ever seen it fly??”

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! When I didn’t reply him, he keep pressing me for an answer, “Will it? Will it?”

I knew that if I answer him, that will just lead to another argument and that is the last thing I want so the best way out was for me to keep quiet.

We have quarrelled countless times over the guinea pig already. He was always complaining about the smell and no matter how much I clean the cage, he would always find something else to complain about it…

I have already compromised by putting the guinea pig outside at the corridor what else does he want from me??


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I had a shock of my life this morning when I was trying to change the bedding for my guinea pig!

MAGGOTS at the tray below!

I almost puke! EWWWWW!