The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Day Three

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I was supposed to return to school and help out with the CCA Roadshow this morning but I had an interview in the afternoon.

The interview was alright but… I don’t want to dig my own grave by talking bad about my interviewer here. You never know where news might travel to. 

After the interview, it was only about three-thirty in the afternoon, so I walked across the street to PS to have my brunch cum dinner. I walked a few rounds and decided on MOS Burger as it was the least crowded. There’s something weird with my gut these days. I’m only having one meal per day yet when the food is in front of me, I lose all appetite to eat.

Hence, I had a staring competition with my Teppanyaki Burger. We stared at each other for a long time but in the end, I still won.

After that, I didn’t want to go home too early to face the four walls so I just walk aimlessly around PS. I went to watch the hamsters at PLC but the staff threw the shopping basket onto the floor near my feet. Not once but three times.

Fine, I’ll leave if I had obstructed you from doing business, PLC. I won’t step into any of your branches again since you don’t like me.

rob (600 x 450)
I mish my robolets…

I had initially wanted to buy a hamster for company but since PLC finds my money filthy, I’ll just have to spend my money elsewhere! (I wonder what the ‘P‘ and ‘S in your core value stands for anyway?)

I decided to get some groceries from Carrefour to fill up the fridge but then, I thought of the distance home and I decided against it. I tried looking for the har cheong mentioned by Ah Blu but I can’t find it.

I guess I’ll have to make a trip to the wet market tomorrow morning already. I hadn’t had a decent meal in days.


Hamsters, hamsters

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Recently, I’ve been contemplating whether to keep hamsters again? I’ve always loved hamsters because they provided me with hours of non-stop entertainment as I watching them sleep, running on the wheel or just stuffing themselves silly with the seeds and nuts.

Here are some of the hamsters that I used to have. Firstly, the Campbells.

Black Bear


Black Platinum

Red Eyed Lilac

Black Banded

Mottled Argente

This is how one of my Black Platinum Campbell played with the wheel.

Next, we have the Roborovskiis. I like to call them Robolets for short.
These are my Robolets. They ran so fast that their little feet are a blur whenever they are on the wheel.

They loved running on the wheel so much that they continued running despite breaking a nail or two…
I was so shocked to find blood on the wheel one morning that I had to remove the wheel for a week to let them recover before putting it back.

And now we come to the Syrians. I have to say that Syrians are my favourite among all the species of hamsters.

Aren’t they just adorable?

The Syrian above was found anandoned at the void deck. Read his story here.

Syrians are slow and clumsy – perfect for slow and clumsy people… like me!

The next hamster that I’m gonna get is going to be a Syrian, and a long haired one!

abandoned hamster

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Some sicko has abandoned a dwarf hamster at the staircase landing.  It looks like a Albino Campbell to me.  Poor hammy has a bald patch on one side of the body and it’s not difficult to guess why because there’s a piece of buttered cracker inside the cage! 

What sorts of rubbish have they been feeding the poor little tyke??  And it’s not even a proper cage!  The base is not even deep enough to contain bedding.  The poor hamster only had a piece of toilet paper for comfort!

I feel so sorry for the little hamster but my parents wouldn’t let me bring him home.  They say that he looks diseased.  Period.

My father knew that I would surely sneak back to bring the hammy home and hide it somewhere in my room so he ordered my mum to march me straight home while he brought the hammy to the void deck, hoping other people would pick it up.

But my father is no simpleton.  He makes sure he left the hamster somewhere I couldn’t find and he wouldn’t reveal where he left him.  My father really took great pains to make sure that I stay away from the hammy!

I really don’t know what to say about these idiots who goes round dumping the poor animals.  Didn’t they know that having a pet is a big RESPONSIBILITY of a LIFETIME?  The hamster is now paying for his owner’s deadly sins with HIS life through no fault of his!!

This reminds me of the SPCA slogan:

What you pay with your money; the pet paid with its life!

I curse the owners to suffer the same fate through the law of cause and effect. 

hamster on my pillow

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Last night at 4 am, I was woken up by a ticklish sensation on my head and when I opened my eyes, I saw one hamster sniffing around on my pillow.

I quickly caught it and put it back into the cage. Then, when I went to the kitchen to wash my hands, I saw another one in the middle of the kitchen, sitting on its hindlegs looking at me sheepishly. 

I scooped it up and put it back into its cage…

By the way, the two hamsters were from different cage!

My hamsters are all houdinis… I guess it runs in the blood! My hamsters have the knack of coming to look for me after they finished gai gai around the house.

Some of you may be wondering why I always have hamsters ending up on my bed when I sleep at night because I slept on the mattress on the floor.? This is because I have thrown away the bed frame already.

the ‘accident’

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Oh dear! Oh dear! I think I may had an accident… Last night, I decided to let Creamie and Cloud out of their individual cages to play and socialise abit.

Then, I heard something interesting on the?telly and turned my head. I swear it was only for a few seconds but when I look back, Cloud was already ‘riding’ on Creamie and ‘hey sheow, hey sheow’

The ‘deed’ was done…

That Cloud was on auto mode and vibrating so fast that all the motion I can see is in a blur… That boy is so hum sup!

Now I can only wait for 16 days(17 Feb) later to see is there any pups…

Campbell found!

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Campbell has finally been found -?after more than 42 hours of freedom without any water or food. I just can’t find her anywhere. Under the bed, behind the cupboard, everywhere!

Yes, if you remembered, she is the one whom I ‘flung across the room’ when she escaped the other time. She is such a houdini!

No cage is secured enough to lock her in if she is determined to get out!

I have noticed poo around the hamster enclosure but I never realised that she’s been hanging around there all these while! I’m surprised that she isn’t dead?yet!

She must have been gone for too long cus when I tried to put her back with her mates, they all rejected and started to attack her. Now she has a bloodied nose and a new cage. But she has to stay alone for now…


*Ps. I didn’t found Campbell. Dexter did…

campbell escaped!

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Remember that time when I mentioned that Creamie came looking for me when she escaped? Well, last night I was sleeping when I felt something crawling on my head…. Yes, you read right. On MY head…

Subconciously, I grabbed that ‘thing’ and flung it across the room… I gradually became more concious and I thought to myself, “Eh? What did?I throw huh? It feels furry furry…”

I switched on the lights and saw a very dazed campbell sitting there at the other side of the room looking at me… Haha! I think he’s suffered a concussion cause he didn’t run or struggle when I caugth him…. But guess what?

When I just when to see in the morning, he’s missing from his cage again…