Hello SGH

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Remember the JobsDB Careerfair I attended sometime back? SGH responded to one of my applications and their HR Department called me up to go down for an interview today.

Once again, I was there two hours early and I sat at the garden, going through my certificates. I was caught by surprise when I saw so much people thronging along the corridors. I had never seen so much crowd at SGH before!

It wasn’t this crowded when I accompanied my mum for her many checkups last time.

The HR personnel took me to another block where I was interviewed by the doctor-in-charge of that particular department. I’m glad that my previous medical sales experience and Nitec in Retail proved useful. I guess this interview is quite hopeful as the doctor showed me around and introduced me to her staffs who thought I’m the auditor who came to check on them. 

The doctor was really friendly and that put me at ease. I was able to answer her questions confidently and clearly. Unlike the interview at HSBC, the interviewers were very rigid and they had this seriousness look all over their face. I couldn’t answer some of their questions and I even 答非所问 for my mind is in a blank. I don’t even know what I’m talking about and I just wanted to get out of that place as soon as I could.

During the interview, I could feel gases bubbling in my stomach. My appointment was at 3.30 pm and by the time I finished my interview at 4.40 pm, my stomach was growling. Because of the interview, I was too nervous to eat all day. I had not eaten anything since morning until I reached home and had my dinner at the coffeeshop around 6.15 pm.

By then, my migraine was acting up. I couldn’t finish my food and I felt very nauseous.  

Hello HSBC

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Today, I went for an interview at HSBC around Pasir Panjang.

The building was located inside a industrial park and I had to walk in for about 15 minutes after I alighted at the bus stop. I was there two hours early and I waited downstairs while I went through the interview questions in my head.

While waiting, alot of smokers came down for a smoking break. My whole body was ‘marinated’ by their cigarette smoke and I can’t even smell my own cologne anymore.

When the appointment time neared, I took the lift upstairs for my interview.

I’m merely applying for a lowly post but the Vice President and another guy came to meet me. They took turns to bombard me with tons of questions which nearly causes me to crap in my pants. The breezing air-con wasn’t helping much and I was stuttering away.

What affected me the most was that the Vice President looked strikingly like Mrs Wee! The hair, the dressing and even the mannerism! I was flabbergasted when I saw her!

By the end of the session, I’ve got a gut feeling that this interview is a flop but in a way, I am glad that I wasn’t selected.

HSBC is a huge organisation and the workflow is pretty high. Besides, during my brief moment there, the office seemed pretty high class to me. It was way too high class for me to the point that I felt very uncomfortable and out of place there.

The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Day Five

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I went back for my second interview today.

As I sat on the bus, I saw someone smiling and waving to me. At first, I can’t recognise who it was until she got close enough before I realised that it’s Pearlyn. We chatted for a while before she alighted and I continued my journey.

It was still early so I went to the Mac at PS to go through my list of interview questions again. When it was time to make my way to the company, I realised it was pouring heavily outside! Damn, whenever I had my umbrella with me, it won’t rain but just when I didn’t bring along a umbrella today, it started to rain.

Desperate time calls for desperate measures. I went back inside PS and scoured through levels by levels to look for any umbrellas for sale when I spotted a rack of umbrellas outside Daiso. What luck! I immediately grabbed one and paid for it without even checking.

As I walked out of the building where alot of people were seeking shelter, I proudly opened my new umbrella and stepped out into the rain. It was only then I realised how small the umbrella was and it’s just enough to shield my head from the rain. It was a kiddy umbrella!

There was no turning back so I quickened my steps and braved headlong into the storm.

The water was rising fast and the flood at the traffic lights were almost ankle deep. While crossing the road, my whole feet were submerged under water and by the time I waded my way to the opposite side, both my feet were swimmming in my shoes.  

I was just in time for the interview but somehow, I felt I may have screwed up because half the time, I don’t even know what the interviewer was talking about with his heavy Indian accent. It was the most agonising twenty minutes of my life trying to understand what he’s really saying!

Whether I get this job or not, I’ll leave it to fate.


The Adventures Of Lonely Boy – Day Three

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I was supposed to return to school and help out with the CCA Roadshow this morning but I had an interview in the afternoon.

The interview was alright but… I don’t want to dig my own grave by talking bad about my interviewer here. You never know where news might travel to. 

After the interview, it was only about three-thirty in the afternoon, so I walked across the street to PS to have my brunch cum dinner. I walked a few rounds and decided on MOS Burger as it was the least crowded. There’s something weird with my gut these days. I’m only having one meal per day yet when the food is in front of me, I lose all appetite to eat.

Hence, I had a staring competition with my Teppanyaki Burger. We stared at each other for a long time but in the end, I still won.

After that, I didn’t want to go home too early to face the four walls so I just walk aimlessly around PS. I went to watch the hamsters at PLC but the staff threw the shopping basket onto the floor near my feet. Not once but three times.

Fine, I’ll leave if I had obstructed you from doing business, PLC. I won’t step into any of your branches again since you don’t like me.

rob (600 x 450)
I mish my robolets…

I had initially wanted to buy a hamster for company but since PLC finds my money filthy, I’ll just have to spend my money elsewhere! (I wonder what the ‘P‘ and ‘S in your core value stands for anyway?)

I decided to get some groceries from Carrefour to fill up the fridge but then, I thought of the distance home and I decided against it. I tried looking for the har cheong mentioned by Ah Blu but I can’t find it.

I guess I’ll have to make a trip to the wet market tomorrow morning already. I hadn’t had a decent meal in days.


results of probation interview

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The results of the Probation Councilors were released today and some of them are now fully pledged Student Councilors.  Speculations were rife about the acceptance of Emmanuel into the SC

I feel they really need to change their mindset about people.  Nasty remarks are totally uncalled for at this moment of time.  Who doesn’t have a past?  Why must we judge a person by his looks or past? 

I’m rather upset and disappointed with some of the senior councilors.  They should fulfill their role as a senior and disperse any negative mindset of the juniors instead of gossiping together with them! 

At least Emmanuel is willing to come clean with us and the most important thing is that he has the heart to change.  All he needs is someone to give him a chance and guide him along.

A very good example would be Darbakh.  Didn’t Mrs Tahir believed in him and gave him a chance to change?  He has quit smoking (at least not in school uniform) and even made it Higher Nitec.

My emotions were stirred by what Emmanuel said during his interview and I am convinced by his sincerity.  Although he can’t promise that he won’t go back to his old ways, but he will try his best to remain in the straight path. 

Hence, the EXCOs have decided that Edmund and I will be his mentor to monitor his progress.  If he didn’t live up to our expectations, we can still remove his tie but as long as he has tried, we will still treat him like one of us.

At least his character is way much better compared than one female probation who didn’t even have the patience to wait for her turn and kicked up a big fuss.  If she can’t even spare a few minutes of her precious time to wait for her interview, how else can we expect her to be committed to the SC?  

Then there are some who were being dishonest with us.  The are Probations who lied about being a non-smoker but we knew that they smoke at the back gate in their school uniform and wearing our badge.  How could we accept such people if they aren’t being honest with us in the first place?? 


interviewing probation councilors

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Today is the first day of interview for the probation councilors.  It started at 4.30 pm and ended around 8 plus…  *tiredness*

We ordered pizza for dinner and the moment the last probation councilor left the room, all of us rush to the pizza like a pack of starving dogs… 

Everyone had a long day and is hungry and tired and four hours of interviewing is no mean feat!  I had more than four cups of 3-in-1 coffee just to keep myself sober…

I slept all the way home on the train and it was almost 10 pm when I reached home. 

Haiz… tomorrow still got another batch to interview…

exco interview

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The EXCO interview today was disastrous.  I think I screw up because I was too nervous.  

I was stammering and I don’t think I could make it. 

My interview lasted less than 10 minutes but Wee Kuang was in there for half an hour!! 

busy holidays

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Today is the start of a week-long holiday but heck, there are so many things to do!

I have to go back to school on Wednesday for an interview for the post of EXCO. I didn’t know how I got selected? I definitely have no leadership or wadeva qualities that can make me one? I mean, look around and you sure can find someone else of a higher caliber than me!

I’m already very busy being a member but if I were to become an EXCO, I can foresee myself dropping dead inside the SC Room out of exhaustion!

Another problem is I’m not even sure if my application for Higher NITEC is going to be approved or not?? I don’t even know if I can pass my exams? *Ponder*

Then on Thursday, I have to go back to school again because of Retail Hub. WE NEED A NEW THEME FOR THE SHOP BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK!!? *kwa kwa!*

We are going to have a jumble sale to raise funds to stock up the shop but… but… what are we going sell leh?

I also have the ES Module report to write for Ms Janet Xavier but I have no friggin idea how to write that report!

Oh man, there’s so much to do?but so little time!!