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friday, february 24, 2006

It’s finally over. The 14th have officially stepped down and the 15th have taken over the responsibilities of leading the SC.

Our Course Manager, Mr Steven Low and the Section HeadsMama Lum, Mrs Yeo, Mr Ho and Ms Wong came to attend the Ceremony.

My eyes started getting teary when Wee Kuang said his outgoing speech, evoking all the past memories of our struggles and sorrows when we tried to build up the 14th batch. In fact, most of us started crying.

The Tampines EXCOs seating behind us were so mean as to mimic the sounds of us crying. They are really a disgrace to all the councilors, making a game out of this solemn event!

I have conflicting emotions battling inside my heart, as I crossed over from the 14th to the 15th. As a 14th EXCO, I went on stage to receive my Appreciation Letter and farewell gift with a relaxed frame of mind however, when I went on stage as a 15th EXCO to receive my Appointment Letter, the feeling was dreadful.

I do not know what greater challenges lies ahead, now with a new set of EXCOs working with me. Without my 14th EXCOs by my side, I feel so lost and insecure.

The comrades who once fought shoulder to shoulder, weathered through turbulent storms together, and facing adversities straight in the face for the past year will soon be going their separate ways.

14th ~ 15th Investiture (rehearsal)

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thursday, february 23, 2006

The 5 College Central campuses would be holding their first ever-combined Investiture tomorrow at ITE Macpherson whereby the 14th EXCOs would be stepping down and handing over their duties to the 15th EXCOs.

Most of the councilors will be involved and won’t be coming to school on Friday.  However, Mrs Chew came to me this morning and wanted me to return to school on Friday after the Investiture for CO practice. 

Friday is a big day for the SC and she has no idea how important this gathering is to us as it is going to be our final gathering already. 

The Investiture is expected to end around noon and she allows me to go for the gathering however, she wants me to be back in school by 3 pm.  What good can 3 hours of gathering do?

Furthermore, I haven’t even included the travelling time yet!  So how much time is there left for me to ‘gather’ around?

After I told them that I might not be able to attend the gathering, everyone’s moods were dampened and I felt so sorry for being the cause.

This upset me the entire morning as I tried to think of a solution to solve this problem.  I couldn’t pay attention in class and I was really caught in a dilema.

After serious considerations, I have finally made up my mind and tendered in my resignation letter to Mrs Chew.  I am not quitting CO solely because of this incident.  There are alot of other factors involved.

In fact, I have long wanted to quit, as there are some disagreements that I had with the Instructor.  I even nearly quarreled with my CO chairman over this.  Nonetheless, I hoped to have more time for myself after dropping one CCA.

Dsc00055 Photo0075
Taken during one of the many rehearsals.

Waiting for Investiture

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We, the members of the Students Council
Pladge to fulfil, our responsibilities
To the best of our abilities
For the interest of the Institute,
And the welfare of the Students.

This is the stage where I’ll be standing upon in 21 days time, to step down as Logistics Manager of the 14th batch.
This is also the stage where I’ll be standing upon in 21 days time, to step up as Honorary Treasurer of the 15th batch.

investiture and three meetings

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After school, I represented Bishan ITE to attend the joint Investiture of Dover ITE and Clementi ITE at Bukit Batok ITE (sounds confusing?).  It’s pure torture for me to sit there listening to long-winded speeches and see boring skits put up by them.  I’m struggling very hard to keep myself conscious.

Finally managed to walk out of the auditorium alive and just when I thought I could finally go home early, Mrs Wee called me to go back to school to issue 3 pieces of blazers for tomorrow’s CCA Award Presentation as she has received last minute notification that all attending the presentation have to wear the blazers.

I am already so close to home yet I have to rush all the way back to Bishan again just to issue three  blazers?  When I finally reached there, the time was already about 7pm and Mrs Wee has already left.  How cool is that, huh? 

She told me to come back within an hour and when I come back, she isn’t there?  So much for her integrity and to think one of the person to borrow the blazer is someone whom I didn’t like.

Since I’m back already, might as well attend meeting with the EXCOs.  Three meetings to be exact.  One is the debrief about the training session for the new councilors this afternoon, the second is about the graduation party for the seniors and the third is about the allocation of events to each committee.

By the time I reached home, it is already 10pm.  I have a very tiring day.  I can barely open my eyes and I’m walking like a zombie.  I have spent 3 1/2 frigging hours traveling today and my backache is killing me.  

CCK >> Bishan ~ 45 minutes (to school)
Bishan >> Bt Batok ~ 1 hour (to Bt Batok ITE)
Bt Batok >> Bishan ~ 1 hour (back to school)
Bishan >> CCK ~ 45 minutes (home)


14th investiture

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The Investiture has finally come to an end. Under the witness of the Principal, the in-coming and out-going of the 13th and 14th EXCOs took place after the ceremonious exchanging of medals and Oath-Taking.

Fanny made an emotional speech and that started everybody sobbing. Tears welled-up uncontrollably in my eyes and I had to wipe away my tears. I have never known that she has such a painful past.

After the ceremony, everyone couldn’t hold back their tears any longer and started bawling their eyes out! We all hugged and congratulated each other. I have mixed feelings. I’m proud to be an EXCO but that also means the responsibilities on my shoulder has been burdened more heavily.

I do not know if I am able to cope with my studies or not but I have already accepted the post and its not responsible of me to back out know. Besides, I have not even started my role yet. Will see how I fare along the way…


14th investiture rehearsal

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We are still short of one XL piece of blazer for JJ who will be doing ushering tomorrow and coincidentally, its borrowed by Hana.  The blazer has been borrowed for some time already but it wasn’t returned yet. 

I’m caught in a difficult position.  Alan die die wanted her to return by today but Hana die die didn’t want to come back to return it.  Frankly, I have already informed Hana to return it since two days ago and she said that she will return it on Friday, which is today.  I even reminded her again this morning by sms at 5 am but she still forgotten to bring.

One is my classmate and the other is my upper-study whom I am going to take over.  Who should I help?  Headache siah?  Fanny said that if it wasn’t returned by today, Hana would have to pay $250 for it.

Luckily, Hanna came by at 6 pm to return it but I was having the rehearsal inside the auditorium so I had to trouble Zubaida to collect it for me.  The full-dress rehearsal with the Tampines people ended at 7 pm but we are required to stay back to help decorate the auditorium until 9 pm.

I feel so guilty for not staying back to help with the decorations as I need to rush back home to bring Dexter out to relieve himself.  You see, he is 7 years old already and can’t control his bladder like before.  He is trained to do his biz outside because he doesn’t like to do it on paper. 

Anyway, he has got a bladder stone problem from holding his pee for long periods of time when he was young and will pee blood now if he’s not brought out to relieve soon enough.  The last time he relieved himself was at 5 am in the morning.  That means, he has been holding his bladder for 10 hours already that’s why I must go back and bring him out to ‘release’!

My parents has flown to China earlier today which is why, I have to rush back as there isn’t anybody at home to bring him out.  I didn’t even have the time to send them off at the Airport but well, I guess that is the sacrifices we had to make when we are councilors.  A lot of our personal time and even our studies are being compromised. 

I have been returning home late for the past week and in fact, I can’t even remember when is the last time that I return home early??  (even when classes ended early at 11 am)  I think it’s the norm for councilors to leave the school at 7 or 8 pm and we are used to it already.

time flies

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How time flies. 

Tomorrow, the new batch of councilors will be coming in and soon, the current 13th EXCOs will step down while we, the new 14th EXCOs will step up.  The Oath-Taking Ceremony will be this coming Saturday and now, I’m having butterflies in my stomach already.

Why must we have a joint Investiture with the Tampines side?  We even have to take the Oath in front of them! The combined rehearsal with them last week is embarrassing.  Our Oath-Taking is so solemn and professional but theirs is like one big joke!

Their councilors are so sloppy, wearing all sorts of different colored shoes with long and unkempt hair.  Their uniforms some tuck-in, some tuck-out and some even half-in-half out? *faintz*
Then, when we were taking the Oath, our Bishan 12 newly elected EXCOs sounds way much louder than their 20+ over councilors!

Then when on the stage, they keep talking and shaking their bodies around unlike us all standing there so confident and still.  They can even check handphone when they just walk off from the stage.

I find them really a disgrace to the SC name! I wonder how their teachers select their councilors?  There’s no way that I can associate the word ‘discipline’ with them?