Four Years On, The Pain Lingers…

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We wish we could have told you,
in words you’d understand,
We wanted you to stay with us.
This wasn’t what we’d planned.

We wish somehow to tell you,
How empty we now feel.
A part of us went with you,
A part that time can’t heal.

We wish we’d once more hear you,
in your softly, rumbling purr,
to hold you on our laps again
and stroke your golden fur.

We wish we had you back again,
to fill this empty space.
But one day we’ll be together
in a far, far better place.

Kristen Sharer

I have decided to compiled all the past posts from the day Dexter fell sick, up to the day he passed on, all together in one post. Since Xanga doesn’t allowed http://www.linkwithin.com, I guess I  just have to do it manually. That’s Xanga for you, folks.

While reading through the past entries, the emotions within me has been stirred up again, as crisp images of the events unfolds in my mind. It seems like only yesterday when it happened.

Not a single day has passed without thinking of him and it grieves me to recall how frail he has turned into during his last days.

I only hope he is in a better place now, chasing butterflies and romping with all his doggy friends over at the rainbow bridge.

The battle:
Jul 25 2005 Health going downhill
Jul 27 2005 Initial diagnosis
Jul 28 2005 The first night away from home
Jul 29 2005 Come home please
Jul 30 2005 Discharged!
Jul 31 2005 Recuperating at home
Aug 06 2005 The follow up
Aug 18 2005 A turn for the worst
Aug 19 2005 Back to the vet
Aug 23 2005 Stubborn boy refuses to take his medication
Aug 28 2005 An update on Dexter’s recovery
Sept 07 2005 Second opinion with Dr Heng
Oct 02 2005 Spending time together
Oct 26 2005 Birthday eve
Oct 27 2005 A turn for the worst
Oct 28 2005 Hospitalized again
Oct 28 2005 The visit
Oct 30 2005 Discharged
Oct 31 2005 The first steps in weeks

Acceptance and Closure:
Nov 02 2005 Farewell, my dear friend
Nov 03 2005 Thanks for the consolences
Nov 06 2005 A little thought means so much
Nov 07 2005 “Dexter where?”
Nov 09 2005 The seventh day
Nov 12 2005 Home again
Nov 13 2005 The scare
Nov 17 2005 Are you there?
Nov 26 2005 A special gift
Mar 31 2007 In dreams he came to me
Jul 21 2007 I misses you
Mar 23 2008 What do you do with a bored 5 year old on a boring Sunday afternoon
Mar 31 2008 Oh noooooo!
Apr 02 2008 Operation saving Dexter

1st Death Anniversary
2nd Death Anniversary
3rd Death Anniversary
4th Death Anniversary
Fifth Death Anniversary

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The Rise of the Chihuahuas…

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There will be a new movie featuring Chihuahuas.

I have a bad premonition about this.

The last time they had a movie about Dalmatians,
there was a demand for these lovable, spotted dogs as pets but after the
craze died down, people started dumping these dogs in the shelters, with a majority of them being put on death roll.

After that, there was a movie about Jack Russell (The MASK), Sibes (Eight Below) and now – Chihuahuas

Will we be seeing a RISE in sales for these small Mexican dogs and the RISE in the number of them being abandoned after the craze has died down?

Do not make the mistake of bringing one home without indepth thought for these tiny dogs had a lifespan of 8 – 15 years. Will you have the patience for a commitment that long? And don’t even think of giving one away as a present! A dog is not a toy!

If you really love these dogs, please do them and yourself a favor: Do not bring one home till you’re really ready for it because if you don’t, what you paid with your money, the dog will have to pay with it’s life.

JRTs are not savages!

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I have no idea why people have the misconceptions that JRTs are fierce dogs or even savage monsters?  Most of the dogs we encountered on our daily walks are the ones picking a fight with us or the ones who started all the aggression.

I was walking Dexter today when we passed by the playground where a bunch of kids were playing with their MS (Miniature Schnauzer).  The moment the MS saw Dexter, he started yapping hysterically non-stop.

All Dexter did was just bark back ONCE in response to the MS and the kids started screaming at Dexter to “shut-up” and “keep quiet”!

EXCUSE ME, their dog is the hostile one and he’s the one that’s trying to pick a fight yet the kids are screaming at MY dog?? 

Obviously, the kids can’t even control their dog well because they are screaming and shouting together with the dog.  This serves no purpose at all as it will only aagitate the MS further!

The MS was making so much noise that kaypoh faces started peering out from the HDB windows wondering what the uproar was all about?

Dexter was not even interested in them!  After that single bark at the MS, he was busy marking the trees and bushes. 

On another instance, there were two ladies with a Shih Tzu walking towards us in the opposite direction. Upon seeing us, one of the ladies hurriedly picks up the Shih Tzu protectively in her arms and said to her friend that “this kind of dog very fierce one”

Dexter was just minding his own business and sniffing at the flowers whereas it is her own Shih Tzu who is the one growling at us and desperately trying to break free from her arms.  The Shih Tzu was the only one creating all the din while Dexter didn’t even take one look at them.  All this while he was busy admiring the flowers (and drowning them with his pee at the same time), oblivious to what is happening!

The friend was rather apologetic (which appeased me a little) but the owner still gave me the your-terrier-will-rip-my-sweet-little-Fluffie-into-a-million-pieces look.

No offence to the Shih Tzu people because I love them too but I was just pissed off by these bird-brain weirdoes who thinks that JRTs are vicious creatures!  Where on earth did they get an idea like that from?

I found a JRT!!

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Family decided to go to the Keat Hong Camp there to have our dinner and after dinner, my mum wanted to go to the nearby temple to pray and while we were walking there, I spotted a Jack? Russel wandering around on its own, marking territories and going around in circles.

Upon a closer look, he was wearing a harness but without any AVA or ID tag at all.

I was?horrified to see the dog wander onto the road because that stretch of road is near a army camp and there are a lot of heavy vehicles moving at high speeds.? We reckon that the dog? might have broken away from the leash or sneaked out from one of the semi-detached houses and we were worried about the safety of the dog as there are a few old shop houses being rented out to Thai workers.

The dog is real friendly and trusting. I cajoled abit and he came up to me for a belly rub! So sweet!! I sms-ed Kris who stayed at one of the houses there and I asked her about her neighbors dogs.? She wasn’t home and she’ll check it out for me once she reaches home.

Meanwhile, I brought the dog home to wait for the news and he actually followed me all the way without a leash!! OMG! This is something that Dexter will never be able to do!!

Kris called and YES, the dog belonged to one of her neighbor!? Apparently, the dog was allowed to go out of the house to relieve himself on his own and actually knows how to go back home!
What a smart dog! I guess I caused a panic to the owners by bringing their dog home but then, its really dangerous to let their dog go out on his own because given his trusting character, he could have been dognapped by anyone!

If I hadn’t called Kris, I could have kept the dog for myself or even sold him away if I had wanted and they would lose him forever!

Anyway, I’m glad that the dog and owners were reunited as Kris came to pick him up.? I hope that the owners got a good scare and learnt a lesson by not allowing the little bugger out on his own again!